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  1. A post of clarity in a sea of sport-bitching. I like this thinking. Here's my problem with the discussion. Roe found that abortions were legal until 28 weeks, because that was the court-defined point of "viability." Ok, let's use that term/idea as the consistent standard. To be logically consistent, pro-choice people should now be for restricting abortions after 22 weeks, because medicine has improved since 1973, and the data shows that babies are surviving at 22 weeks. Hell, one was just born at 21 weeks in MN, albeit it was a miracle. The standard Roe sets is a sliding scale.
  2. Pretty simple. He’s using a parallel example of Mars to show the error in your/society’s whimsical definition of “life.”
  3. They don’t hire off the street. Research a little further though and you might find squadrons who will.
  4. Yep. The LT did an okay job in my opinion. He was a little testy at times, but who could blame him. That cop going for a felony stop over a new car without plates? Plus “evading the police” if he was (as described to me) going 35 with blinkers on to find a well lit area? Total prick. He’s a bad lemon, and he’s been fired. That other cop was trying to help somewhat, which shows the force isn’t all bad. The LT is about to have a big payday, the asshole got fired and no one was shot. Win-win. Side note: the rush to make it a racial issue on social media was funny, until they real
  5. I've taken part in use of force scenario training a few times, and each time I had my eyes opened a little wider to what law enforcement deals with. If your local department ever offers it, please take up the chance. In the first scenarios I ran, the Taser was strategically placed to be different than the firearm (chest mount). I saw people choose the wrong use of force that day, (wanted to shoot someone that could have been tased) but never saw someone mix the weapons up. However, I guess all departments don't run things that way, and its possible to have a setup where one could mix up t
  6. https://www.professionalmilitaryeducation.com/the-importance-of-military-education/ I found this podcast pretty interesting, partially for the military history aspects (added books to my list) but his take on the politics of today, and how the military is being involved.
  7. FFS, I knew RATM was left, but honestly didn't know it went this far. I'm not one to "cancel" folks, but I had to wipe all their songs off my stuff after watching that video.
  8. Same issue for me in Firefox (Windows) and Safari on iOS. The insecure message Huggy mentioned sounds like an SSL issue.
  9. @BadGuySplashBit of a thread revive, but I feel like it's relevant. I've been working a night-shift job for the last two years, and it's slowly eaten away at me. I'm finally at a point where I can't do it anymore. So, I'm kind of in your shoes. I need that reset that I talked about in my previous post. I can't remember the last time I was able to sit in the sunshine (God how I miss the sun) on a weekend and just relax. I haven't done any of my favorite hobbies really either, and I've just fallen into a malaise. My FC1 is approved, and the paperwork is sent off, so UPT is a reali
  10. Gents, What's the seasoned veteran's take on having a girlfriend come with you to UPT? Previous threads seem to focus more on marriages, with a few posts warning that a bad relationship can destroy someone's chances for a particular platform. Pretty sure @Duck said he'd seen bad relationships move people from the top of the list to the bottom. Trying to sort out my affairs before I head that way, and my girlfriend appears dead set on tagging along from day 1. I'm not confident enough in things to get married beforehand, as I don't know how she'll take the AD AF lifestyle. I've sugges
  11. That’s correct. Hasn’t happened before though.
  12. This just makes my head hurt. Yep, he can run for Congress. He also could be named Speaker if the delegation were to vote him as such. The current House/Senate rules don't allow for impeaching two people at the same time. So there would be two trials. If they impeached Biden and had him removed, Kamala would immediately become President. She would then nominate a VP candidate, subject to confirmation by the House and Senate (simple majority under the 25th amendment, I think). The same process would occur if Kamala went first. Biden would nominate a VP candidate for confirma
  13. I can't directly address your points, but I will say that AFRS is incredibly chaotic right now. There's backups on top of backups when it comes to training/selectees, and that's forcing them to slow down the intake of new people. You could just be hitting the system at the wrong time. Either way, keep pushing. MEPS is a fairly low hurdle, so with enough effort and timing... you should prevail.
  14. He’s dead on with the MEPS “owning your file” thing. I dealt with that a number of times. Though, the ANG/Reserves/AD seem to play nice with each other, just won’t be on a timely basis. Other services? Complete clusterfuck. I had a buddy who tried to apply both Navy and AF... and while possible, MEPS did not like that at all. Each service would “take back the file” and force him to write a letter saying why he needed it transferred back. I had my first FC1 done as a civilian without being selected by any board in 2015. That avenue was shut down about 6 months afterwards. With the way
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