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    That's why I refuse to use EFBs and only carry paper TOs everywhere. Kids today are so spoiled...🙄
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    Bingo, how low can we go? Long haired surfer/sailing dude from Hawaii, 2.3 GPA, 2 yr ROTC program an after thought, UPT DG, Phantom driver, ret DAL. Who would have thought. Ayz33, don't sell short Homstar's remarks about chair flying. I locked myself in a room and chair flew each and every flight for hours while classmates were out playing water volleyball.
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    Fit to float... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I did consider guard/reserve. I know the last decade has been great (anecdotally) for getting AD orders making getting an active retirement feasible. But there's always the risk that that pot of money dries up. Tricare and joining the check off the month club were also desirable, with a known end date to achieve it. But the chance to see and do different things was also a strong draw for me. I think I've been fortunate to have what I think were some interesting opportunities, and the ability to move on before getting ground down and unhappy with what I was doing. Plus I don't really see people beating down the doors to go to the assignments I'd like to go, so it may be a win/win for the AF filling a billet and me getting to do something I'd like to do. I guess the risk I take is if I don't make O-5 and the pilot manning crisis for my year group magically fixed itself and continuation isn't offered.
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    So got my MRI results. Degenerative disease from C4-C7. My specific symptoms were pain in my neck, arms and face while driving. None while flying or exercising. Yes I have had a stress test for cardio. Results were negative. I guess it will be more PT and a neuro consult. Oddly enough I went to a “float spa” last week. Tons of salt in a tank float for 60 minutes in the dark etc. I was pain free for about 4 days. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It seems like everyone is colluding with the Russians these days.
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    Dude, there are absolute great-dude meatheads who weren’t very serious about their studies in skool who are Fighter WIC instructors. Some things click with some people that you wouldn’t expect.
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    I guess put me down in the minority. Signed the bonus this year since I've just got 7 more years to go to retirement, and have made the decision to push for retirement. Probably going to be a terminal major, so it's refreshing as the VML comes up to focus on finding some interesting flying vs trying to play the game. It's still interesting work, and the flying is still good. Plus life's much better when you stop caring about promotion and just try to make what you can better while notching the BS.
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    Still better than the theatric spectacles our Congress is used for at times, like having Comey testify or the Kavanaugh hearings. I think at least the house of Commons functions pretty well as parliament is concerned but there are some serious concerns with the house of Lord's.
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    The ART to AGR conversions in AFRC are just getting started, and should be in full-swing within 12-24 mos. As an AGR, you'll see identical pay/bennies - and still be eligible for the 35K bonus, plus AD retirement at your 20 year point. Lots of info myPers, just sayin'. https://www.afrc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1755395/chief-of-air-force-reserve-approves-changes-to-the-active-guard-reserve-program/
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    Some are always looking for a way to shortcut the process. It takes far more effort, discipline, focus, and time to put yourself through the visual learning process inside your mind than it does to rely on the visuals generated by a piece of technology in front of your face.
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    Looks like Idaho ANG is up on BogiDope.
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    Uh......... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Bendy, I think you make great points, but the AF has been heavily investing in training for critical events for a while. VR and the Oculus bring the cost down for sure, and probably has a place in training. But the AF has invested tons of money into simulators, something a lot of companies couldn't afford to do until the newer VR technologies came along and made that kind of training cheaper. The T-6 OFTs are pretty amazing, plus a full cockpit mockup with working gauges is a pretty amazing training tool, and probably a better training tool than the Oculus probably could ever be, at least in the near future. Visual displays, tactile feedback, etc. Just expensive, and expensive to operate.
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    I agree with this wholeheartedly. Nothing replaces reps in the jet. But chair flying in a VR environment is a gazillion times better than the eyes-closed or poster flying I did. And it can prepare someone to take reps in the jet more efficiently. If I don't have to explain the nuts and bolts of a pattern because you already know them, I can focus on getting you to land and go around single engine and 0-flap, etc.
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    Teachability (willingness to learn), and dedication to study and preparation. Like someone else said, you can teach a monkey to fly with enough bananas. The smart ones know that they get a finite number of bananas in the jet and that further bananas have to be earned in chair flying (and other forms of preparation).
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    I'll agree that we can't be afraid to try new things to improve training but I think the criticism VR is getting is because that improvement is being focused on reducing manufacturing inefficiencies rather than on improving the final product. At least that's the perspective I've been seeing.
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    I went through Sheppard with several guys that were Academy DG’s, who then went and got Masters at MIT type schools, aced that, then got to UPT and either washed out or graduated bottom of the class. Sometimes collegiate performance translates to piloting ability. Often it doesn’t. I put zero stock into someone’s pedigree when I make my assessment.
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    We should have listened to those 90 year old sim instructors who said this was going to happen when we got rid of the “fix to fix” Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Recently hired at the 76th FS board and yes, I did complete my PPL before I got hired by the Fighter Squadron; I’d highly recommend seeing that through. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Thought I'd recap and follow up with everyone. I've been super fortunate to have met some awesome people who have contributed to my success while I continued to pursue my passion for flying fighters. Not only did I finally get sworn in, but I also landed a fighter slot. Case and point, don't ever give up.
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    If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying
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    Chair fly every flight ahead of time. Know that even though ELPs aren't in the syllabus anymore, you still need to know how to do an ELP.
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    Study study study. Study alone and study together. Attitude is everything, walk into the flight room with a smile on your face eager to learn. You will be criticized, a lot, learn to take it and make yourself better. You’ll be good at something your classmate is not, help him out. Don’t be a BF. Unwind on the weekends, grill out and drink at someone’s house. UPT was tough but hands down one of the most fun times of my life because my job 100% was to fly and help my bros out. Also, realize that you’ll love whatever aircraft you end up getting. Best of luck, you’ll all do fine.
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