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  1. **Update** AFOQT/TBAS: July/Aug. 2018 Sponsored: Sept. 2018 MEPS: Jan. 2019 MFS/FC1: April 2019 AFRC Sponsored Board (submitted): May 2019 AFRC Board Results (hired/acquired): June 2019 OTS: Jan. 2020 UPT: April 2020 - May 2021
  2. As stated above, definitely keep that in mind, however, myself and one other guy that got hired with me were both the eldest in our group. I'm 30 myself, but age wasn't really a factor... Standing out is what can and/or will make the difference. If they like you a lot, you fit in and are not weird dude/dudette, they'll go to bat for you. Good luck!
  3. I would make the most and put as much info as you can. Focus on putting in pertinent information (obviously), like your objective, work experience, education, scores, etc. I had a place for my hobbies and skills as well. i.e. Computer hacking skills, nunchuck skills... Lastly, put a picture on your resume, helps to put a face to an application. Hope that helps, good luck!
  4. So how does that work? Do folks just get released from training/duty (go back to their respective workplace(s)) until it's time to return or will they go to their sponsoring unit, even though they aren't technically gained until after UPT graduation? Also, as a reservist, will there still be a requirement to do my weekend drills during that timeframe, if so, with whom? (340th or Sponsoring Unit)
  5. I'd opt to say shooting may lose it luster once you start raining 30mm hate!! BRRRRRRRRRRTTTT
  6. What if you're only... midway underway? Asking for a friend.
  7. @Terminator5lf send it 🤙🏼 Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. To tac on to what the others mentioned... I was already sponsored by a heavy unit, but my situation was a little unique. I had wanted to be a fighter pilot since I was a teenager, but things didn't work out, so I (very graciously) took what I had available to me until another opportunity came up (long story). As for what you said, it's not an absolute bust if you "wouldn't mind flying a Herc or C-17"; as a super nerd, I'd be down to fly a Space Shuttle if I had the chance, especially if it had the GAU-8/A Avenger If you do say what @N730 stated along the lines of, "I've always wanted to fly the Herk since I was a wee little lad", then maybe your interviewers would think you're heart isn't completely in their fighter/attack mission. The folks at your interview will snuff you out if you're not genuine; that's the most important factor I'd say. Be yourself and evaluate why you want to be a fighter or attack pilot and what mission speaks to your identity/calling/(insert whatever here). Just as importantly, you're not just hiring for the position, you're hiring into the unit/family. Unit cohesion is key and "fitting in" with the right unit plays just as importantly a role as having the fighter pilot aptitude. Remember, they are hiring someone for at minimum 12 years... they're gonna want to be able to put up with you for the long haul. As for your packet, it looks way better than mine did, but I count my blessings cause I have a great network of friends/family who have helped and supported me through this process, especially in tailoring/reviewing my packet. Now, for your B/B+ GPA, I was in the same boat, and frankly, my unit didn't ask about it (Electrical Eng. - 3.1 GPA); so I think you'll be fine. As what others have said, throw that packet out there, compete and be yourself., you should do just fine. All the best! 🤙
  9. Age cut-off is 33, you don't need an age waiver so you're solid. As for what the others have said above... Let the board tell you "no", so throw you're app at anyone and everyone that you wanna fly with/for.
  10. I believe it is required for all personnel... check out these forms [https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_sg/publication/afi10-250/afi10-250.pdf] and here [https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_sg/publication/afi44-170/afi44-170.pdf] Once again, this question may be best answered in the Aviation Medicine forums.
  11. Understood you want to be an Officer, however, your initial post gave the impression you were concerned with having college paid for, not necessarily a medically focused question. As for "being told" vs. what is stated on the CA National Guard webpage, I'd opt to go with what's in writing. By the way, nothing I've researched states you need to be a 5-level AFSC to go to college; the webpage specifically states: "Be an active member who has served two (2) years in the California National Guard, the State Military Reserve, or the Naval Militia;" Lastly, It seems you've done your homework, so roll the dice on MEPS then. As for 422/IMR, I believe it is for current military members who are scheduled for a medical readiness review. [https://www.sheppard.af.mil/News/Features/Display/Article/639304/individual-medical-readiness/] So unless you are already in the armed forces via ROTC Graduate or Enlisted AirNG, then I don't know how you'd bypass the DoDMERB. Maybe someone else can chime in... Now, if you have a question regarding medical disqualification and how to receive a waiver, it may be best answered in the appropriate forum(s).
  12. Just out of curiosity but why pursue both at the same time? If you are hoping to get the medical waiver and then go for the AFROTC scholarship, then wouldn't the age requirement (without a waiver) still prohibit you? From my limited knowledge and internet searching, the cut-off is commissioned by the end of the year of your 31st birthday, should you go the "enlisted route". [https://www.afrotc.com/what-it-takes/enlisted/]. As for California AirNG, they have the California National Guard Education Assistance Award Program (CNG EAAP), which states you must have been an active member for at least two (2) years, [https://nationalguard.csac.ca.gov/]; a program similar to Tuition Assistance in the AF Reserves [https://www.afreserve.com/benefits]. Might be beneficial to look into both options quite frankly, however, expect to take some time off in your studies when you enlist (Basic, Tech School, two (2) year minimum active service, etc.). Lastly, depending on your major, you may be eligible for a scholarship regardless of age - for instance Pre-med, Nursing, etc. - through the HPSP program. Hope this information helps.
  13. Nothing yet, unfortunately. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. Now that is too damn cool !
  15. Figured as much. Mentor of mine did say that I should learn to balance some "me time" (gym, reading, nose picking) from time-to-time. I've looked around and seen a few Jiu-Jitsu academies, but I am definitely more curious if there was any community involved much on base, especially with regards to some "uncharted" places like Laughlin 😏 Who knows, maybe in my free-time I can teach some of my classmates how to choke people out in case the Bar-Hop Op goes south...
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