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  1. Do you know if this was Guard or TFI?
  2. Oh, gotcha. Shows you how ill-informed I am haha. I’ll keep on digging, thank you and best of luck to you guys!
  3. Congrats to all of the recent selectees! How long ago did you guys start this process? I‘ve yet to even get a response from a recruiter so I imagine I have quite a long road ahead of me.
  4. Absolutely apply anyway. Make THEM tell you no, don’t tell yourself.
  5. When I checked this about a month ago it still said 29, so glad you chimed in with this. I agree that’s pretty definitive, thank you!
  6. The most recent one I can find is dated 25 May 2018, and it still says 30 is the limit for UPT. Here’s the source doc: https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_a1/publication/afi36-2105/afi36-2105.pdf If there’s a more recent version I’ve yet to find it.
  7. Hope it’s alright if I bump this old thread. I’ve read multiple different comments on here, Facebook groups, Reddit, etc. that the new age policy does NOT apply to civilians. Others say it does and is a blanket policy for everyone, civilians included. Can anyone clarify, or provide any sources or additional information?
  8. Well, here we are two years later and I've finally retaken the TBAS. PCSM went from 71 to 93, same flight hours bracket (~50).
  9. If you mean the TBAS I’m pretty sure there’s not. Thought I read somewhere that a waiver is not possible for an additional retake. If I find a source I’ll post it here.
  10. Nope, I don't think they posted it. Might need to contact the POC and find out.
  11. There really isn’t a standardized process for sending packages as each hiring board is a little different. Normally each unit will specify exactly what they need. Mostly all the same stuff (resume, cover letter, scores, transcripts, flight certificates, etc.) but you’d need to find out for sure before submitting anything. Squadrons will typically have an application guide on the unit website detailing everything that’s needed and in what order. BogiDope will also often provide this information with each job posting on their site in the form of a PDF attachment. Here’s an example. Let me know if you need help!
  12. Surprised to read this. I assume he was prior service?
  13. I've found this article particularly detailed and helpful for what to expect on the TBAS. I recommend giving it a read and viewing the images if you haven't already.
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