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    Don't jump the gun. Ops and MX have to get full on married again, consummate the union, and buy a dog before we get to the complaining about needs not being met and getting divorced again.
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    Cuz I haven't seen it said recently here: Don't take the bonus. The USAF cannot be trusted.
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    Ok douchebag, I’m not trying to be cool. I entered this AF in the late 90s and by “operator” I meant pilot or operations vice pencil pusher. Punch yourself.
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    I don’t plan to take part in this musical chairs uniform game. My unworn ABUs will remain hanging in a dark corner of the closet. The OCP can stay on the shelf at the BX. And I’ll keep wearing my 1 piece flight suit to work until I retire
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    I don’t know about you people, but wearing a bag is one of the few things (other than flying), that I love about my job. I’m simply not interested in wearing OCPs or any other wannabe army uniform. I’m probably an elitist, and that’s totally fine. But I don’t want to look the same as a finance officer. No thanks AF, I’ll keep the bag. I like being a zipper-suited sun god.
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    No. The Navy wears brown boots with green bags and it looks fine. Green boots are the worst!
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    I think it’s funny Bashi talks like a 12 year old playing Call is Duty whilst drunk.
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    At least Bashi has a sense of humor to go along with the doldrums he brings 🙂
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    Stressed out about making major I guess
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    I can apply for retirement this Christmas. I ordered name tapes yesterday, and tried a set on for purchase on Monday. I know you pajama wearers don't care, but all the rest of the folk I've personally talked to are super hyped. I can't frigging wait to get out of this gray abortion of a uniform. It never fit right, wore right and the shoes were starting to get them pressed and cleaned. I went through OTS Mar-Jun in the old heavy weight ABU's and hated life for how rough they were to do anything in. OCPs seem to fit the same as BDU's, which is fantastic. Plus...PATCHES MOTHER FUCKERS! Finally some unit pride and options for morale/friday patches.
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    I’m guessing it’s the pre-op hormones they have him taking.
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    Bashi, what’s going on in your life man? You’ve been a negative Nancy for a while man.
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    How's life over there in the pilot group? Because at my wing, we have an Operations Group.
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    JTFC. Who cares. In reality 90% of the USAF should wear nonner-blues as they make the arduous trip between the coffee maker and their computer. Flight suits for flyers, OCP for SF and if anything a special utility uniform for mx and people who actually do some f-ing work with their hands. The USAF needs to worry about “utility” for a uniform the same way my 5 year old needs to worry about calculous. How many pockets do you need to check email?
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    If you had been paying attention, you would understand that Bashi would have preferred the installer commit ritual seppuku as a demonstration of gratitude for your service. You would then pay full price, but still use a dial-up modem. This way everyone bleeds for Lady Liberty!
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    Jeez, of all the things to bitch about, this is pretty low on the list... It doesn't bother me that someone with three months of service is leaving San Antonio and getting to board ahead of the boatload of retirees who did 20+ years any more than it does someone in uniform going to the head of the line during one of my rare visits to the commissary. Those perks were offered to us when we were in uniform, and it was our choice whether to use them or not. Nor do the free tags bother me, and you see a ton of them here in "Military City USA" (as S.A. likes to proclaim itself). If the state wants to offer free tags to certain individuals, that's their decision. At least the recipients did something to earn the perk, unlike many other government benefits. However, I will agree on the overhead bin issue. I am getting sick and tired of being told I need to stuff my small backback under the seat in front of me because some buffoon who is bringing half of what they own onto the plane needs to stick their obviously over-the-limit sized roller bag into it because they also need to jam their backpack under their seat. Tough shit, if the airline isn't going to enforce their own rules I am not going to reduce the meager legroom I am already getting because someone can't check their shit like the rest of us! When people thank me for my service, I just smile and thank them back. They are trying to be nice and I sure as hell am not going to piss in their Wheaties for it. Only a complete jackass would do so. Such gestures are getting less and less common in our society these days, so if someone feels compelled to show a little appreciate towards a servicemember than I for one will be grateful to them. Cheers! M2
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    "Raptor, may I touch you on the throttle?"
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    Until you wind up at a base that some jackass tells the Wg/CC that he doesn’t own any ABUs (fill in the uniform) because he wasn’t paid to get them. Then everyone on base gets to show up for an ABU inspection. Fun times.
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    He is truly a solid dude. Despite CSAF personally celebrating Tom's efforts to reduce queep, transform social media interaction, and increase readiness...HE WAS NOT SELECTED FOR PROMOTION. So the status quo will continue and the nutbag bean counters will continue to thrive as GOs.
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    an "operator". lulz. love it. you got your subdued c-17 SOL2 patches on or wat? get at me son #C-17_Delta_Force #Bitch_I_Operate don't take it personally bro i'm a few whiskey's deep at 2 am....its all good but for the record youre a pilot. Not. An. Operator. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a pilot too. Shots x69