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  1. How many died with it vs of it? The stats are flawed. It's much less than 849k.
  2. 91% less deadly than a variant that had a 98%+ survival rate.
  3. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-covid-hospitalizations-up-about-33-deaths-up-about-40-over-past-week-cdc-2022-01-12/
  4. How many? What's the percentage per infections?
  5. You are comparing "covid so far" to Omicron, which is a much less lethal (almost not at all) variant that lives in the upper respiratory system. It is a common cold.
  6. Great question. No one cares because it's not politicized.
  7. 2000 Americans died with it or of it? Which variant? How many Americans died yesterday of other causes?
  8. Due to Omicron? Prove it. It's an upper respiratory variant.
  9. It is, because it's a common cold. It doesn't require near the hospitalizations as any other variant. This is how it burns itself out. Time to stop this insanity.
  10. Has Omnicron actually caused that (verified?) I had it a week ago. Everyone I know that's had it has had the same symptoms. Two weeks earlier I had an upper respiratory infection that was exponentially worse.
  11. How many people are truly unvaccinated (no natural immunity)? The fact that natural immunity from previous infection is not in the discussion just shows the level of intellectual dishonesty from the politicians. I had two shots last year. I just recovered from the mild cold known as covid last week. I am considered unvaccinated due to lack of booster. Why?
  12. The NFA should be abolished along with the ATF.
  13. And you would have gone to jail. Good thing you're not a cop then, huh?
  14. Tell me you don't know anything about this case or law enforcement without telling me you don't know anything about this case or law enforcement. For starters, as pointed out, he did not point or aim his weapon at anyone other than the people he shot. Second, as a cop, I'm not shooting the kid unless he threatens me or someone else with the weapon. It starts with loud verbal commands and escalates from there. It is not my job to judge whether he shot in self defense or not. Unless he's an active shooter (he was not), or threatening me or someone else (also not), there is no justification to use deadly force against him. Your take is bad and you should feel bad.
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