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  1. You’re right, sorry. What you quoted called the last three “commercial balloons.” Which, I guess is correct, if you consider a party balloon “commercial.” We’re chasing ghosts.
  2. You want ADS-B on a kid’s party balloon?
  3. Would be awesome if it weren't a year off.
  4. Thread revival ten years later.... Does anyone still do the ACCES patch cord?
  5. Hitting a drone shouldn't have put him in the same piece of sky as the B-17. It may have caused him not to look for the B-17 with a belly check, or further distracted him, but he was already in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, the preliminary NTSB report makes no mention of this (and they would have this data by now). It's likely fake news.
  6. Was he not -3 rejoining with his formation in front of the B-17s? Looks like he was trying to make a rejoin happen with his element and went belly up and never saw the B-17. And is not having mini blocks standard for air show ops? The report says no altitude deconfliction was briefed.
  7. His source is ENJJPT students who heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend. Yes, the entire Ghost story was made up by a gamer on Twitter. It's based on a video game called Ace Combat. No, I'm a fighter pilot with a bit of common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism. Given what you know about the MiG-29 and the Russian Air Force, did such a story really ever make sense? Do you really think a retired Su-27 pilot hopped in a MiG-29 and suddenly had global SA in such an environment and accounted for 69% of the kills? Stop being so gullible.
  8. It's amazing the amount of gullible fighter pilots that should know better that are quick to push the "I believe button" over rumors heard from a friend of a friend.
  9. Or one nerd's Ace Combat fantasy from half a world away gone viral to sell merch.... I've heard it both ways.
  10. Or, it goes to show how easy it is to create mythology in 2022 and people will really believe anything no matter how outlandish. The reality is likely that most of the Ukrainian kills have been through SAMs/Manpads and most of their air force was destroyed on the ground with very few if any air to air kills.
  11. No. There is no chance that any fighter pilot went through the verbal diarrhea in the the 6-9 seconds of the mishap. This is not a political statement. They may have very well had side effects from the vaccine, but this rumor is just stupid. There's simply not enough time to say all of that, nor would any real fighter pilot waste the brain bytes whilst crashing and trying not to die. Don't be an idiot. And if you are a professional military aviator, you should know better than to float bullshit rumors and speculate during an active mishap investigation. That's a foul.
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