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    MX is asking for a pilot to go get it, otherwise it's an OPS CNX for the morning go.
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    Hey folks, Big news today. The AF has officially adopted a new (more lenient) color vision policy that is more in line with the Army and Navy. Waivers are now available for ALL flying classes, including pilot applicants, as long as your CCT score is at least 55 with each eye on all cone types (i.e. red, green and blue letters). If you have recently been disqualified for color vision and you think you meet the waiver criteria, PM me and we'll see if we can get a waiver put in on your behalf. This will certainly be no problem for anyone recently DQ'd at Wright-Patt. If it was at a different location, there may be a little more legwork, but it should be do-able. If you are not sure whether you meet the waiver criteria, I'm happy to look into your physical and let you know.
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    From the testimony: “This budget boosts pipeline capacity, expands pilot training and addresses experience shortfalls, continues incentive pay and bonuses, improves administrative support at the squadron level, and funds flying hours to executable levels.” Continues, not increases. I refuse to believe that Air Force leadership doesn’t understand market capitalism. I also refuse to believe that they can’t see the immense cost savings involved in not having to train replacements to backfill departing pilots. I really think it’s as simple as bureaucratic pride and not wanting to cede organizational control and influence to the line pilot peons.
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    Well that’s the response you are going to get when you gather ten junior grade mouthpieces to testify before Congress that “it’s not about the money.” You would need an “inception” to remove that mindset from Congress at this point.
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    I like how '09 got fucked every-single-way for any promotion outside Lt. Also...what's the difference between opportunity now...and opportunity for '08s and previous if they're going to cull at SAF level?
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    If you’ve got access to SIPR you know your first point is complete bullshit. If you don’t want to go do the research on it I can’t help you. You’ll just swallow more anti-Trump hysteria talking points like BQZip’s mom swallows.... well that’s self explanatory, Germany signed a 2014 agreement and still hasn’t met it, though they will now that Trump has publically taken them to task about it. Obama had an empty piece of paper from the “No Action Talk Only” group that ran out of bombs while asking us to shoulder the load from behind in Libya. Trump also put in those Congressionally mandated sanctions, just late... along with more of them. And you completely walked away from the Ukraine situation because while Obama was sitting around denying who those little green dudes were, now we are actively selling Javelins to Ukraine... which might actually make a difference with all those “rebel controlled” T-72MBs and BMP-3s running around. Again for all the bitching and bullshit that’s been built around this idea that Trump is literally being puppet mastered by Putin we sure do spend a lot of time doing shit to actively piss them off. That part (like how close we came repeatedly to a shooting war in a certain AOR) always seemed to gets ignored by people making a big damn deal about Trump saying “congratulations” to Putin in a phone call that Obama also made in 2014 saying congrats.
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    In service recruiter? Isn’t that the active duty counterpart? Then there is a guard recruiter. They work together I thought. It takes 2 recruiters. The guard recruiter should know how to put you in touch with your local in service recruiter.
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    Also multiple rounds of sanctions despite the left repeating that "he hasn't implemented the sanctions congress passed" (He has.) But, Obama said "knock it off" to putin once so he wins.
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    I see your point, so to rephrase... closing the door to the airlines by lobbying for the elimination of the 1500/750-hour rule and for increased national pilot training throughput is a shrewd move.
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    -Oct 2017 hired by reserve unit. -Nov MEPS -Feb FC1 -Feb - Waivers for age/commissioned service signed by NAF/CC -Mar AFRC board -Jan 2019 UPT Caveat - AFRC apparently only has fighter slots at Sheppard...none at other UPT bases. AFRC had a May ENJPPT slot for a Jan board select and apparently no more ENJJPT slots until 2019. So I guess it depends when in the year you finish the AFRC board and what their T38 track availability is. Perhaps that varies year to year.
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    Having to pee really bad is technically a physiological issue.
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    Sfo’s Are a 50/50 proposition at best. The Air Force knows it. There are lots of vipers .... glad the pilot got out.
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    Ugh.. that made me throw up in my mouth.
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    The official guidance on this has changed very recently - like in the last couple weeks. Studs assigned to ADAIR will now complete the F-15E track in IFF (not the F-22 track), and will be "assigned IAW the needs of AFPC". The email traffic made it clear that UPT to ADAIR assignments aren't a guaranteed F-22 follow on.
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    Absolutely not saying this is the reason, but I've seen a lot of guys get too comfortable with too high of energy states during SFO's. Not the end of the world when you have two departure end cables, but suddenly you need to divert to a civilian airfield and you could have problems. Again, not saying that is what happened here, the SIB will tell us, but an emergency divert to an airfield like this is something to keep in mind next time you practice an SFO.
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    It's a lie. Being a fighter pilot won't get you that no more.
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    Wilt Chamberlain right? The dude who played for the Lakers and Harlem Globetrotters? This was when he signed his contract and told the world how good he would be.
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    As much money as that looks like, it’s way less than training their replacements.
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    6,000 per month x 12 months x 12471 pilots = $897,912,000. Also know as $900 million or just shy of $1 billion. No way in hell Congress approves this or even half this amount for more senior folks. This kind of additional pay is game changing. I had a conversation with my wife along the lines of, "I know we talked about airlines but what if I stayed in and earned $192K/year?" Granted that conversation ended with "Haha - it'll never happen!"
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    My dad was a pilot but my Mom thought we would butt heads if he taught me to fly so she arranged for a close family friend who was a senior Pilot at Delta to be my first instructor. The guy was a legend who did many incredible things in his life and wrote books about his adventures )sailed a six foot boat across the Atlantic by himself.) I really looked up to him until the day after I soloed. I was in his hangar on his private flying ranch when he pulled me aside and said "you needed to get that military flying thing out of my system and get a real job." He went as far as to show me his paystub which was incomprehensible money to a kid in 1986. I was kind of taken aback, when I looked around the guy had several planes, cars motorcycle and boats, he obviously had a lot of money but he did not value military service. Oddly I ran into his years later when my hometown made a big deal about getting some medals in Afghanistan, he was all smiles and handshakes, "you done good kid!" I never looked at him the same. As for Huggy, how about as a dedicated American who served his country he also taught his children about service, sacrifice, and something more than the almighty dollar. As a senior officer I routinely met with folks who decided to get out. I never required a meeting if someone dropped their papers, most of the meetings were requested by folks I had mentored and decided to get out or through chance interactions. My first statement was ALWAYS "thank you for your service, what can I do to help with your next chapter." As Huggy noted, giving any period of your life to military service buys my everlasting gratitude, you have done more than 99% of the population and I am honored to shake your hand if it was 2 years or 28. In my humble opinion, Huggy is a fucking hero and though we are not close friends, I dare say his family has done just fine, in spite of his 28 years of service.
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    Have they eliminated SFOs out of the B course syllabus, or is that on deck for the next iteration?
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    Really? Why so emotional? Only affects me $5k/year, but worth asking. Thanks for contributing zero.

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