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  1. https://taskandpurpose.com/opinion/defense-secretary-lloyd-austin-must-resign/ Well written article.
  2. Re the Spartacus letter: The dude sounds smart and educated on the medical stuff. This thing seems very well researched. Not like some rando Qanon dude hanging out at some flat earth conference and educated by facebook. I found the letter fascinating, but then the wild conspiracy stuff (mind control type stuff) kind of raised my BS flag for those parts of it (sure hope it’s BS, otherwise we are effed as a society). The first part though…hard for me to argue with and was very interesting and informative. I kind of wish it stuck to that and didn’t stray into mind control stuff. I trust internet fact-checkers as much as I trust biden, fauci, cnn, or the tollybon. But I found this to be interesting as well as a rebuttal in my quest for enlightenment. https://www.newswise.com/factcheck/anonymous-spartacus-covid-letter-riddled-with-misinformation-baseless-claims-about-global-conspiracy/?article_id=758009
  3. These are nothing like the RR 757 engines. These RE BR700s (F130 mil designation) are the same motors as those found on G5s and globals (and 717s), among other applications. They seem to work pretty well in those applications from what I understand, and 1) are already in the USAF inventory and 2) have a ton of proven historical data. The GE options were the CF34-10 or the newer passports. The former is meh/older tech. The latter (passports) should be pretty solid (powering the new large globals), but don’t have a lot of history as they are fairly new. I think the passports are made with the same or similar cores (or at least tech) to the CFM LEAPs on the MAX/NEO. Should be a good motor, but not a lot of data on them. The pratt option was the motor that powers the gulfstream g500/g600, the PW800 series, which is the same core as the geared turbofan Pratts on the A220. Gulfstream made a big move switching from RR to pratt for the G500/600. They look like solid motors. But, like the passports, are relatively new. The new tech motors often have hotter temps and tighter tolerances, and that can mean a bit more finicky maintenance. As a datapoint, the on wing time of the CFM LEAPs on the NEOs has been underperforming targets and they have needed to get overhauled earlier. That was one of the big reasons frontier switched from CFM LEAP to pratt GTFs for their future NEO orders. And the pratt GTFs had tons of issues when they were launched as well. Trusting either of those cores to be integrated with the buff could be asking for trouble. The latest and greatest/most efficient motor isn’t always the goal of military (or cargo) planes. I think the USAF probably made a good (conservative at least) choice picking a tried and true, reliable and fairly easy to maintain, already-in-the-inventory, not entirely dated technology engine. The marginally better/newer bizjet motors that don’t have much historical in service data (and none in the military) probably didn’t offer enough of an advantage to be worth it. I think it was a decent choice. just my $0.02
  4. I’m not as focused on the credentials or her position as much as I am the content of the affidavit. The credentials and position really only matter because she’s ostensibly not just some lunatic anti-vaxxer extremist who read some conspiracy theory about these vaccines on facebook. This is a medical professional, educated on the science and the relevant topics, with nothing to gain, who has listed both experiences and the science backing her claims and making some interesting points. But sure, kinda like a gym teacher whistleblowing about school lunch. And very similar to a misdiagnosis of tendinitis for a bone tumor. Because one flight doc misdiagnosing something that is exceedingly rare like a bone tumor that presents similarly to something a lot more common means all flight docs aren’t good doctors and not qualified to give medical opinions (or in your case, not qualified to be listened to about them, anyway, because of your past misdiagnosis). Sure.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DqZQNMGgd5qEB9LaNTU2_QXGNBACM00l/view Army flight doc just threw a vax grenade.
  6. Of the over 600k abortions a year in this country, how many fall under that or other rare instances like that? Carveouts where there is risk like that is one thing, and I don’t know many people who would be opposed to abortion in those circumstances. But using statistically rare circumstances like that to justify mass murder of innocent babies, most of whom don’t fall into rare medical circumstances, is ludicrous. Also, I know you said "before" 12 weeks, but 12 weeks seems like a pretty long time to make the decision, with significant fetal development occurring by that time… “the fetus is now fully formed, with all of the organs, muscles, limbs and bones in place.” It’d be tough for me to murder a baby at that point. But I understand the counter argument of risk to the mother. Not judging. Haven’t been in that situation.
  7. I also wonder what their NVG capability is now.
  8. Elections have consequences. “The buck stops with me.” Can’t forget the spineless generals and secretaries of defense/state and heads of CIA who allowed this plan to proceed either. They have some culpability as well. Heads need to roll. Lots of them.
  9. Front page of CNN. Absolutely skewers Biden. What a disgrace. I have no words…just a lot of raging emotions. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/19/politics/joe-biden-presidency-under-scrutiny/index.html
  10. https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2021/08/16/our-military-is-a-woke-joke-n2594151 that will just about cover the flybys
  11. https://www.facebook.com/aviationinaction.co.uk/videos/283977719460520/ tribute video
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