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  1. http://airtim.es/0SS7oBo?fbclid=IwAR0V5EZBcqEbE1NHgL37Ub0DCv2Yu-hUJxjmAKaos3MI9H-SQn9Bjx7W8aM “Kendall signaled the service could return to a more aggressive approach, where it will push lawmakers to approve the retirements of “aircraft that we no longer need and that do not intimidate China.” “In an August interview with Defense News, Kendall said the Air Force was considering bundling aircraft divestments in a single package, which would allow the service to make cuts without having to debate every proposed retirement individually.” “These older fleets are “consuming precious resources we do need for modernization,” Kendall said at the conference. While it’s understandable that lawmakers try to protect their districts’ economies, local political interests are coming at the expense of national security priorities, he added.” ”It was a frequent occurrence during my confirmation process to have a senator agree with me about the significance of the Chinese threat, and in the same breath to tell me that under no circumstances could the — take your pick — C-130s, A-10s, KC-10s, [or] MQ-9s in that senator’s state be retired, nor could any base in his or her state ever be closed or lose manpower that would cause impact to the local economy,” he said.” “Kendall asked the audience to imagine a headline in a Chinese newspaper where the Chinese legislature’s representative in Hunan opposed the retirement of J-10 fighters until the J-20 had been fielded.” “Can any of you imagine that headline in the South China Morning Post?” he asked. “I cannot.”
  2. Our Wing Vice is always an AD O-6.
  3. 18 AF/CC: I am proud of our aircrew who made tough calls in uncharted circumstances. You epitomized “mission type orders” and why empowered Airmen are so important. OSI is involved because of the tragic deaths of foreign nationals. This is normal anytime fatalities occur. I am not aware of any Q-3s for the crews involved. Thad Bibb
  4. Evacuating? https://www.airway1.com/afghan-a-29-super-tucano-aircraft-shot-down-by-uzbekistan/
  5. Change the narrative a little and it still fits what’s happening in today’s USAF.
  6. I’m not sure about others but for United, once you get a CJO, it’s good for one year. Once your application is submitted and there’s nothing to fix, people are getting an invite for the Hogan and if pass that, a call for an interview pretty fast (1-3 months). United wants to hire 2200 pilots by the end of 2022.
  7. Noted…. Definitely not “news”
  8. The way I read the article was that it wasn’t stated publicly but behind closed doors on the phone and it was overheard and re-told by a staff member. I don’t think the Commandant would ever say anything like that publicly either but I could believe it over the phone and in his office.
  9. I couldn’t find anything to debunk this article. Not sure if true or not but if it is true, we’ve got a fight on our hands!! https://realrawnews.com/2021/08/marines-rebuke-def-sec-no-mandatory-vaccinations-for-my-marines/?fbclid=IwAR2ejYDzk7qfXg3sVXRp-L-BCVHbqknKLUERRcTGG_LURzoTvjhqkaQP-Yw
  10. https://othjournal.com/2020/04/16/beyond-advice-operationalizing-the-light-attack-aircraft/amp/
  11. Tank


    We’re the same but use All State Insurance for our auto and a local company for our home owners insurance. Use Schwab for all investments. My wife uses Eglin FCU for her business accountants and we still use USAA for general banking (checking, savings, credit card). No complaints…
  12. Special 100 year blacksnake paint scheme from the Fort Wayne, IN ANG unit.
  13. POTUS requires vaccine for all federal employees… Does that include all military now? https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-07-29-21/h_6ce902c24f666475efe79fba275e7c02
  14. Better question… Why are you searching Afterburner’s website? Needing something more “tactical” than the airlines?
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