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    That should be added below the base name on every AF base front gate!! Glad I'm not losing my mind about AROWs as well. Hope this speeds things up. Only in the AF could we spend $100 Million on a half-assed computer program to replace a clip board and photocopied form that had worked for 50 years.
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    "The Air Force takes a balanced approach to maintain core capabilities and is committed to providing the competitive military compensation necessary to recruit and retain high quality and experienced Airmen..." Is this a satire document?
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    They are selected during their Junior year, slotting them to the next FY. And I meant I guess they were looking for a correlation.
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    I told this story 2 pages ago. Style points 4, Situational Awareness 0
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    This made my day. So true. Big Blue is so fucked and 99% of the O-6s and above don't give even the slightest shit. Run fellas. Fucking run!
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    Pretty sure I remember him self-IDing as a troll last spring sometime.
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    Yeah but I tell stories better. Crawl back into your hole before I share the one about you getting hit by a taxicab in front of the Venetian and limping around the Red Flag building for the next week.
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    Like I said, I know you won’t believe this...
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    He's a SSgt who appears to be giving instruction to the selfie queen...
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    IIRC, PCSM is the only indicator which had a correlation to success in UPT. GPA can vary widely from university and program.
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    Given the email investigation and the frustration with the dossier/FISA warrant, the FBI is being dragged to center-stage of politics despite their best efforts. I think the Senator sees the report dropping just prior to the election as continuing down that path, which is not a good idea. The GOP is already prepping their constituents to discount whatever Mueller presents, regardless of content from their messaging about "collusion isn't a crime" as well as trying to undermine trust in the FBI. It's working well as I can see here. I can see Caseys concerns, but given what I've read about Mueller's reputation as business-only, political considerations will have no bearing on the investigation. He will push out his report when he is well ready, regardless of anyone's timelines.
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    It'll leak, because somebody thinks they are being righteous or because the (D)'s have the red telephone to the NYT anyway and hell, they would and have.
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    Political considerations should have zero bearing on a criminal investigation. Then or now. Regarding Hillary or Trump. I keep thinking of that blindfolded lady holding the scales. If someone is a crook, then the election be damned. Book 'em, Dan-o...
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    I remember the ramp at MacDill being loaded with F-16s and a bunch of other iron back in 1994 prior to the Haitian Vacation.
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    MacDill would be great...it's almost like we've done that before... BRAC almost took the base out completely. Noise complaints and civil traffic killed it for F-16s years ago
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    Invites for the meet and greet for Fort Worth have gone out.
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    He was my OG when I was in Nav skool. Even then, on an AETC base replete with HQ queep, it was obvious he had his priorities straight.
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    Ditto. I don't know if this generation of AF "leaders" / other public officials (very last boomers / oldest Gen X'ers) desperately trying to seem cool realizes that Millenials can smell their cheesy lame attempts at "connection" a mile away. My oldest is amongst those oh so ironic sensing cohort and I may be naive but I have her respect by not attempting to be just like them, you know young kids, but I act like an adult, reasonably mature and not ham handily trying to emulate their idioms, mannerisms, humor or fads. Unsurprisingly, I am treated well by her and her friends because more than anything people respect honesty. This goes not just for AF leadership but other public officials: people (especially young people and those serving in a defined hierarchy) want to respect the person in charge more than they want to identify with them on a personal level. You can't respect someone that is not genuine and honest, you may not like someone but if they can have your respect and loyalty if they are honest, capable and moral. Give them reasons to respect you rather than reasons to like you.
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    false. the air force has been very successfully producing pilots...for a long time. production is not a "significant part of the problem". that type of thinking IS the problem. if a water pipe in my house breaks i don't call the water company and tell them they need to pump more water to my house. "you're not producing enough water!" it's ridiculous when you think of it that way. someone needs to stand up with some cojones and say "no we cannot fix this with production. production is not the problem. and we will make unintended problems trying to increase production on 50 year old aircraft or cutting syllabus sorties." but that's not built into how we think in the military. every problem is "solvable".
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    Nah, it’s totally Congress’ fault that I spend 40 hours a week on OPRs, awards, decs, making trackers, making trackers to track the trackers, making slides, staff meetings, responding to every single made-up tasker invented by some level of leadership, CBTs, SAPR training, commanders calls, FOD walks to make Mx troops feel validated, planning parties, attending parties, planning retirement and promotion ceremonies, forced attendance at awards ceremonies, mandatory PT sessions, forced mentorship sessions all tailored at building the next Chief of Staff which nobody wants to be, getting non-vol’d to watch other dudes dicks as they piss into cups, sitting Sup, sitting SOF, and any other 60-90 completely valid tasks. Oh , plus the 15 hours a week that I actually devote to flying related stuff. It’s kind of like a hobby of mine. But this is all due to Congress and funding. Nobody would think that any of this crap is self-induced. I trust my overlords to fix the problem they created, and cannot identify.
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    Haha, busted! I did spend about an hour this morning refusing to get out of bed, granted most of that time was checking out CFB scores. Serious question - is 1000 AM by the pool too early for a third Mai Tai?