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  1. They just cancelled the airshow at Laughlin AFB for this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Got it waived, just emailed the Assignments Team. They had it from my package. Word on the street is they might move it back to IFS, so I pulled the trigger.
  3. See that’s what I think, but buddies at UPT who went to IFT recommend it like crazy. While they recommend it, they say that after a month in UPT everyone is on a level field. (I think they just liked the per diem to drive from Columbus)
  4. I already popped off an email. If I didn’t have a conflicting schedule, I would prefer to go actually due to it being “training” now and not “screening”.
  5. Yeah it’s more than two months out. Surprised they’re sending me with a PPL.
  6. Got an MFS and IFT (have my PPL though) RIP today.
  7. 76 pilots (7 ENJJPT), 6 RPA, 15 CSO, 15 ABM.
  8. Did you find out why it excluded you from UPT? Would you of been eligible for RPA?
  9. That sounds super shady. In that same motion, would you still be bound to accept a job you didn’t want or be ineligible?
  10. There has been some talk (at least at my wing) of waiting to tell members until officially releasing on the 7th. This is part of the new 7 day Commanders Advanced Assignment notice.
  11. Looks like those original numbers kind of came close.
  12. Maybe only rated guys found out. My wing says the results are with FSS but can’t release them.
  13. When someone gets told, could they do the rest of us peons who have absent (TDY, leave, deployed, never met them, etc.) commanders a solid and tell us how the results look at least? Literally have no idea how anything is shaking out and I had a feeling they’d do this 7 day stuff.
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