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Lighten Up Francis!


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20 minutes ago, arg said:


Even better if she knows how to make a good turkey sandwich!

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12 hours ago, ClearedHot said:


In UPT, I Launched out in a T-38 as #4 in a 20 second trail departure in crappy weather to about FL200. Broke out on top, picked up a visual on #3, plugged in the blowers and started climbing to catch him. After some time climbing and approaching the top of block, my feeble brain comes to the conclusion something ain't right about the time I vis ID "#3" as an Evergreen International 727. Oops. Rolling the jet on its back, I see the other 3 jets about 4000 feet below me and I'm hoping they didn't notice as I rejoin. All my IP said was "Nice recovery."

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