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3 hours ago, Av8 said:

Totally just googled what "terse" meant...I've heard Oregon is big on guys visiting/being around the unit. Tough to do in COVID times, but could help for future applications

They are, though I’m not sure it was an option this year. I never heard back when I asked. 

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Has anyone not received word from Oregon?
I have not, assuming that means we didn't get it because invites to submit videos went out, and so did tbnt emails. We must've fallen through the cracks since there were probably 300+ applications.

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18 hours ago, SpaceCowboy91 said:

Anyone hear word from Fresno 194th F15?

New Orleans 122 F15?

Montana 186 C130?

I’ve got apps in at both the fighter squadrons, nothing yet. I keep checking my email like a mad man for the 194th though haha. They said either an April or May board with interview notifications going out two weeks prior. So it could easily be mid to late April for the 194th if they in fact run a May board.

I wouldn’t expect anything from the 122nd yet since their deadline isn’t until May 15th. 

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Great news about the 144th, guess my blood pressure will be going up again as I feverishly check my email along with @Checksix this week. 

For what it's worth, I've had two consecutive fighter POC's mention in my feedback emails that increasing ratings and hours is a good way to make an application stand out, I'm wondering that with the growing number of applicants each year that flight experience is going to carry more weight.

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4 minutes ago, ZR-1 said:

Did anybody else reach out to New Orleans F-15s about rushing, submit an app, and then hear nothing back? Trying to get details on rushing.

Something like that. They never responded to my initial inquiry about rushing. Followed up today, but if I don't hear anything then I'm just gonna submit my app on Tuesday and ask to come to the April drill. 

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11 hours ago, SpaceCowboy91 said:

Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet for contact info each ANG/AFR unit?  I was going to start a shared excel sheet and list dates of meet and greets etc.  Try to prevent squadrons from being bombarded with similar emails.

There’s an excel sheet in the AFRC Pilot Opportunities Handbook that was updated fairly recently with POC info and the date of the last update. I’m not aware of a public one that exists for ANG units though.

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On 4/16/2021 at 10:33 AM, StevenL7 said:

Has anyone heard back from the 122FS yet about visiting and/or them receiving your application? Also any updates on the 194FS board or is it still on for June? 

For the 194th, June is their plan with visits possible in June or July 

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