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  1. Thanks of the info fellas—never fun getting no’s but certainly feeds the motivation machine. On to the next indeed—y’all hang in there and best of luck to those interviewing!
  2. Feel free to PM me—happy to help here!
  3. Copy—thanks for the heads up! Looks like no dice for me then, but congrats to those selected for an interview!
  4. Yeah man, I get that 100%! And I did apply to the 158th as well! And man, I HATE that I missed the meet and great, but no shock it was uber competitive. I was actually the unlucky recipient of multiple flight delays, and the only other flights that could get me to Savannah would have gotten me there after the event was over. It was tough, but the Captain I spoke with about it was super, super cool. I've always heard that C-130 guys are an awesome group, and he certainly proved that. Best of luck to you brother--hoping we can all get some good news soon!
  5. Thanks for the heads up man--hoping some of us hear something for either one soon!
  6. Anybody hear anything from the 77th out of NC, or perhaps the 117th out of KS? Thanks for any intel y'all may have!
  7. The advice I’ve heard from pilots at meet-and-greets is that it won’t necessarily win you an interview, but you can certainly lose one there (be respectful to everyone you meet, don’t get blackout drunk, etc.). Also, you go not necessarily just to try and leave an impression but also to get a feel for if the unit fits what *you’re* looking for. I’ve heard from multiple squadrons I’ve visited that you’re feeling them out while there, too. My 2 cents? If you’ve got the time and funds, and especially if it’s a squadron you’re really high on, go. Simply passing the bro check and having folks instantly put a face/convo with name can only help! And nothing from the 77th here yet…hopefully we’ll all get some good news soon, though!
  8. Same—hopefully someone here did get some good news; best of luck to anyone who did and let’s all stay on the grind otherwise!
  9. Anybody got word out of the 77th in Goldsboro yet?
  10. No doubt brother—I appreciate the insight and encouragement a lot! Definitely great to hear, and I’m certainly not letting the age factor keep me from pursuing the dream! Doing a lot of rushing this spring and summer, so hopefully building some great, genuine connections to build on. Thanks again for the intel and encouragement!
  11. Yeah man, it was a great visit, but maybe this is a hint that I may need to think on how I present/interact at them; gotta learn and grow! And I'm also a few years past the 33 year-old mark with a PPL in progress, but not done yet (should be done next month--just need to wrap my solo XC hours next week and then schedule my check ride!), but still--those are two big knocks on me right out of the gate. But, two of those things noted above are fixable, and while the age may not be, I know from personal experience there are units willing to bring on old dawgs like myself! So, just trying to stay positive, visiting everywhere I can, applying everywhere I can, and I've got faith that the good Lord will place me where I'm supposed to be... ...and I believe the same for y'all, too! Hang in there--hope we can all share some good news here soon!
  12. TBNT received from the 171st--best of luck to those who may have gotten an interview! Everyone else, keep your chins up and keep grinding!
  13. What's up y'all! Still no word on my end from the 171st ARW, 121st FS, or the 77th ARS. Definitely would seem it's down to the wire for the 121st, giving their stated timing...still hanging onto the positive vibes and potential! Hopefully we can all hear something soon from the 171st ARW and/or 77th ARS. My guess was that this would be the first week we'd hear anything from the 171st ARW, and didn't really have a feel for the 77th ARS, tbh. So, potentially still relatively early in the process for those, so keep looking at that glass half full. Best of luck y'all!
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