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  1. Did anyone here apply to the 143d airlift squadron?
  2. Interview invites are out for the 155th ARW!
  3. Interview invites are out for the 180th AS in St Joseph.
  4. Congrats on the interview! I sent my application late because I had no idea they were hiring. Are you Civ? Prior? Heard rumors they tend to hire from within.
  5. Got confirmation of receipt for my 157th FS application last night. Didn’t hear anything about a meet and greet, the email just said interviewees would be notified early October.
  6. Did anyone apply to the 327th? Sent my application and a follow up email but haven’t received any confirmation yet.
  7. Did anyone apply to the 328th ARS or the 129th RQW? I didn’t get a confirmation from the 328th and I submitted late to the 129th so I probably won’t be considered unfortunately..
  8. I am currently serving as an enlisted aircrew member, looking to make the jump to ANG/Reserve pilot. Here is my obligatory "what are my chances". 25 years old AFOQT: 92/65/39/57/26 PCSM: 83 (97 at 201 hours) PPL W/ 50 Flight hours B.S. Business (One semester left) GPA: 4.0 My AFOQT scores aren't the greatest but I'm a little hesitant to retake and do worse. I don't have a preference towards fighters or heavies, I will fly a box with wings if it sends me to UPT. Have about 1.5 years left on my active service commitment, but I figure its best to start applying now. Is it possible that since I am already an enlisted flyer and have been to SERE, that I might be better off since its one less school to send me to? I'm considering applying active as well but I would much rather get on with a unit as a part-timer and have more control over location.
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