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  1. They were sent out. Good luck to everybody.
  2. How did you do on the table reading and inst comp? Something that really helped me when I took the AFOQT is seeing that guys were getting 40/40 on the table reading. This helped cause at first I thought that there was no way to finish it in the allotted time but after seeing others do it it made me push harder to the point were I was consistently finishing it. If you can get 40/40 on the table reading and 25/25 on the inst comp then you will be setting yourself up for a great score.
  3. Oregon said they had nearly 300 apps! They are having ~30 guys send in videos of them answering some questions to narrow it down even farther for official interviews.
  4. Any body else see this in the new BogiDope article and have some more insight? https://bogidope.com/upt/the-state-of-the-upt-pipeline-2021/
  5. Just sent in my ORANG app. Good luck to everybody on here!
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