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  1. My info only seems to be tangentially related to yours, but here goes. I reported to a base hospital back in 2010 when i was enlisted with a problem. I had pain one time when urinating but they didn't find anything. Never had a problem again. Forgot it even happened. Fast forward to flight physical (ROTC pilot slot) in summer 2018..they had that record on me, of course, so I have to pee in a jug using the urine from a single day aka the first pee of the day goes down the toilet, and the rest that day had to fill a large jug, maybe a gallon. They tested the jug contents for who knows
  2. Any recent drop nights to speak of? It's been quite dry in here
  3. You mean like this? https://warontherocks.com/2019/01/rebuilding-the-forge-reshaping-how-the-air-force-trains-fighter-aviators/
  4. Anyone have experience owning one and going through a PCS overseas? I'm looking into buying, but the chance of being sent overseas for a first assignment and the support/lackthereof in EU or Asia is something I'm aware of. I've done some googling, but looking for personal/modern experience.
  5. I'm a big Lulu fan. Workout shorts (forgot the model name) and the ABC pants are my favorites. I have a friend who works there so I never knew about the military discount, but that will be good to know when they don't anymore.
  6. For anyone else still wondering, was notified a few days ago that DC has not yet made a decision from their recent board. If i had to guess I'd say it won't be long now that the holiday season is through
  7. You still have to go to Wright Patt for your FC1 (I think i read once that someone got theirs elsewhere). They'll have your records, but many of the tests are tests not accomplished at MEPS
  8. I got nothing back from them since my application in February, until Wednesday and today. No first round. It seems like others may have already had some sort of interview?
  9. I'd say that you have a strong advantage with being a crew chief at your unit, assuming that's the unit you're shooting to join. Flight experience looks solid. However, your scores are well below the averages fighter boards are seeing. I would really consider studying your ass off and retaking it, even if all your eggs are only in your unit's basket. It's my opinion that if you were to look at other units outside of your own, you'd be fighting a much harder battle. How are your letters?
  10. Hemingway once saw one near Havana
  11. Nice! Guard fighter unit w/ no private? Must be a stud
  12. Most/all fighters are that way nowadays. 150+ for most I'd wager
  13. So you were picked up and your unit isn't helping you but referred you to a recruiter? I thought you usually swear in before going to Wright-Patt and certainly before OTS. I'm pretty sure you don't set up the WP visit on your own and they should be getting your OTS dates for you
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