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  1. I’m 18 fighter squadron applications in so far, with zero interviews. So I feel your pain! Your background is stellar, so I highly recommend bogidope prep if you haven’t already! When rushing I met a pilot who applied 56 times to fighter squadrons with zero interviews, got one interview and was hired. I think in our situation it’s a numbers game, every application is another set of eyes on your app. That set of eyes could be the one that leads to an interview which leads to your dream job. You never know when you’re one application away! I agree with the personality meshing mentioned earlier, rushing is an inherently awkward experience so it’s often hard to judge how well you mesh. Especially when there are a large number of applicants visiting at one time. My advice is to just be yourself, don’t change or act differently just for them. If it’s meant to be you will find the unit that’s right for you! cheers and I hope we see each other in UPT one day!
  2. Interview Notifications and TBNT went out today for Sioux Falls. Congrats to everyone selected!
  3. As a 28 soon to be 29 year old applying and rushing to every fighter board I can this post just made my day! Congratulations, well deserved and couldn’t be happier for you! I know the feeling being an older candidate wondering what your odds are, I’m going to keep pushing so I have no regrets later in life! Can’t wait for covid restrictions to lift so I can start visiting more units.
  4. I know you mentioned as of now you have no preference of location/airframe, but do you think that may change in the future? From what I can tell as a civilian looking in the AD side of the house involves a lot more moving all over the world. I guess it depends on your personal goals if you don’t mind being moved around well into your 30s. If I was in your shoes I would crush the AFOQT, rush your most desirable units, apply everywhere, if after a year of that no bites then I would start to consider AD. For the AFOQT make sure to study those time tables a lot!! I studied very hard but didn’t study the time tables because I didn’t think you could study them. Needless to say it did bring my pilot score down to an 88. Hope this helps!
  5. I’ve got apps in at both the fighter squadrons, nothing yet. I keep checking my email like a mad man for the 194th though haha. They said either an April or May board with interview notifications going out two weeks prior. So it could easily be mid to late April for the 194th if they in fact run a May board. I wouldn’t expect anything from the 122nd yet since their deadline isn’t until May 15th.
  6. From my understanding being “exempt” just means that time spent doing those things don’t count towards your five year USERRA “clock”. However you still have full USERRA protections.
  7. About a month ago I saw their Facebook post for the monthly newsletter. In the bottom left corner it talked about a board deadline of March 1st but only for members within the wing. I called the squadron to ask and they did confirm it’s only for 138th wing members or those who applied during the last board. They didn’t specifically say you had to already be selected for an interview though. At least I don’t recall him saying that. However if you didn’t apply for the last board (myself included) it seems like we are out of luck for this round unfortunately. Hope this helps!
  8. You too! It might be worth sending an email to the POC or submission email address to confirm they got it. With them hopefully hiring a primary/alternate to two squadrons I’m looking forward to four of us getting picked up!
  9. March 4th to 10th is when they will send them out for the 123rd according to the POC response when I submitted my app. No clue about the CPW board sorry.
  10. Absolutely not! In fact I think it shows a good quality, that you’re willing to relocate across the country to serve in that unit. Myself and I’m sure many others are applying to every single fighter unit in the country. The only advice I would give is to make it clear in your cover letter that you plan to relocate and move there. If you can also mention a family tie or something you like about that particular area even better. If not, no worries, a simple “I would love the opportunity to move to “insert state” and serve in your squadron would be fine.
  11. That’s Great news!! Just to clarify does that apply for all the score categories?
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