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  1. I'm also wondering if anyone else is going to Denver?
  2. Always try to talk to an officer recruiter although that might not exist there. Yeah word on the street is many units do not publicly list their boards, I know the 144th FW only listed on their mil page.
  3. I don't know where is a good place to post this but I've found myself wanting to chat with other aviation enthusiasts that have a sense of military humor. I'm not military but a good friend of mine who was in the military took his own life on the day the US pulled out of Kabul. The timing of it all just has been hard. I'm an aviation enthusiast, engineer, have a PPL; it's just not the same talking to normal people, I have plenty of those
  4. So on Form 24 and the AFOQT section, the category breakdown is Pilot, Nav tech, AA, verbal, Quantitative. However my AFOQT scores from the website has different categories, it's Pilot, CSO, ABM, AA, verbal, Quantitative. My question is what do I put for Nav Tech on my AF Form 24?
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