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  1. Yes, bring the bottle to the social event and make sure your name is on it in some way. Like @Guardian stated, if you can add some personal flare to it then all the better. Best of luck!
  2. It absolutely matters, even if they say it doesn’t. If they’re inviting you to interview they are giving you a chance to land your dream job (if that’s what this is to you). Getting a nice bottle is an easy way to show how much it means to you and they do notice it. The extra money you spend will be worth it when you get a “nice bottle, man” comment versus getting roasted for bringing something bottom shelf. If you want the job, put yourself in the best position to land it.
  3. Did you have January dates before the whole recruiter thing happened or did you just drop those? I'm currently waiting on dates myself and know some bro's who just got the March class so I was thinking January was full
  4. @nunya perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the help!
  5. Appreciate the response, I knew about this but I wasn’t sure if that only applied when you have active orders like the ones you get when you report for pilot training
  6. Hi all, I tried to find info on another thread about this but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was lucky enough to be picked up by a Guard unit and have been going through the post-hire process to include MEPS, FC1, and going to drill each month before training. I was hired out of state and have been taking PTO from my civilian job in order to attend these things. Am I required to take PTO from my civilian job if I am fulfilling a military related obligation? After a couple google searches I found some info on it but am not sure how it would affect someone in the Guard let alone someone enlisted for the purpose of commissioning. I’ve been burning through quite a bit of PTO, which is worth it to me, but it would be great to know if I can avoid doing so. Any info is appreciated, thanks!
  7. They're doing one more rush weekend this friday/saturday. Assuming they will make selections after that
  8. Thanks y’all, just wanted to clarify. Best of luck rushing!
  9. @julietecho13 and @Oxcart you are both prior service correct? last update I had was base visits are not open to civilians.
  10. That's what I figured, Portland actually had Mb listed though so I always watch for that. I guess a better question is has anyone submitted an app over 5Mb and gotten a 'received' notification?
  11. This might be a goofy question but hopefully I can get it answered here to avoid bothering the POC with it. For Fresno's app it says the package must be consolidated into a 'PDF file less than 5mb in size'. Anyone know if this is megabytes (MB) or megabits (Mb)? Not trying to have my app not make it through by missing a small detail like that.
  12. Yeah definitely an interesting timeline for that one. They were super delayed due to covid, ops tempo, etc. and pretty sure they only reached out to those selected for zoom interviews, and that was 9 months post deadline
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