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  1. Nothing so far. Thinking that they would've notified interview selects by now, unless they miraculously extended their own deadline.
  2. @goodflightcowboy is there any update on this? I too was diagnosed with a possible case of spondylolysis in 2018 due to a combination of high school football and weight lifting. Symptom free for about 3 years until today when I tweaked it at the gym, it feels exactly like the first time. From what I'm reading (page 835) https://www.seymourjohnson.af.mil/Portals/105/Documents/MDG Docs/Air Force Waiver Guide.pdf its waiverable if asymptomatic and less than a grade II. Theres some notes of a study about ejections in there too. Huge knot in my stomach like yourself, knowing a waiver is basically required at this point.
  3. For the 194th, June is their plan with visits possible in June or July
  4. Great news about the 144th, guess my blood pressure will be going up again as I feverishly check my email along with @Checksix this week. For what it's worth, I've had two consecutive fighter POC's mention in my feedback emails that increasing ratings and hours is a good way to make an application stand out, I'm wondering that with the growing number of applicants each year that flight experience is going to carry more weight.
  5. TBNT's out from Oregon. Good luck to those selected, at this rate we're going to see 400 apps go in next year...
  6. Any further news from Idaho? This is my first application with them, not sure if they send a TBNT email or they roll with the “no news is bad news”
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