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  1. Doesn't appear to have worked, but I have always had this backward thought that maybe by trading heavily with China, they would "see the light" slowly over time, thus preventing a large scale conflict and aggression by intertwining their economy with the west. When they abolished term limits, it was game over. Only reason someone abolishes term limits is because they love power. What do people who love power do eventually? They conquer shit. Playing nice with the bully didn't work. If Aussies can see the writing on the wall...time to arm up.
  2. I believe there are two books with the same title, and very different story lines. Likely an ordering mistake, and some mom blowing it way out of proportion. Are you like some Chinese guy half way across the world trying to incite division and fracture america? Just curious. If not, I'll take this "faggot" covering my ass any day over you dude.
  3. In the end I think most humans don't like to be told what to do, doesn't matter whether the agenda you are trying to push is good or bad for whoever you are trying to push it on, and it doesn't matter whether they are smart or dumb. Your thought logic is that people should be free to make mistakes and learn the hard way. Totally agree. Problem is on a national "big decision level", some mistakes can only be made once and there are no do overs. We are (for the most part) a majority rules system, and the majority isn't always the smartest half. Is COVID one of those big decisions? I don't think so, those most vulnerable have access to the shot. Those who don't want it most likely will make it if they get COVID, if we lose a few stragglers, oh well.
  4. Just that a nuclear sub with a COVID outbreak is probably a much bigger problem than the Redsox playing with half the roster.
  5. I think there are two separate arguments getting blurred. There are some in the military who don't want to be vaccinated, which is different than civilian gen pop people who don't want it.
  6. Country is split 50/50 on politics, and has devolved into basically two camps, both with the mentality of “if you aren’t with us, you’re against us”. This leads to people digging in their heels to stand their ground, right, wrong or indifferent, not based on their actual belief on the issue at hand, but based on how the issue has been tooled to meet the needs of their party. Talk to a Biden supporter about Trump, they’ll be all “f*ck Trump”. Talk to a Trump supporter about Biden, same deal. That right there is the crux of the issue, you have people so afraid of the other party and being labelled a dem or republican because of what other people might think about them. Same tactic that has been used for centuries to turn one group of people against the other is just being employed by both poltical parties. You can see it in the blatant hypocrisy that is rampant, which there are so many examples of, to list them would make me vomit. Edit to add: I wholeheartedly believe only way it will get fixed is a 3rd political party entering the fight. Would take a very strong leader, and significant republicans and democrats BOTH breaking off and saying enough is enough. A party where responsible gun ownership doesn't make you hate guns, wanting a secure border doesn't make you a racist, clean domestic energy (not from the middle east) doesn't make you tree hugging nerd, etc.
  7. Looks like you figured it out. Most people don't ever need their seat belt or a helmet....until their brains are on the highway. Most people wear seat belts and helmets because the large consensus is that the trade off/inconvenience is worth the gain if something goes wrong, knowing full well it likely won't. It isn't my job to feel bad if someone chooses to disregard that. Maybe most people don't need the shot....until their the one getting packed into a box because their lungs imploded. Not my job to feel sorry for the guy with his brains on the highway...or the Idaho Joe in the ICU who coughs himself to death.
  8. Agree with brabus age chart and /or underlying conditions would give more context. I don't think it will matter tho, there is just a portion of the population that does not what the shot and wants to roll the dice. Some people want to roll the dice and not wear a helmet on a bike or a seatbelt. You gotta let them do them at some point. If their brains end up all over the highway, you can't feel bad about it, that's what they chose. Torqued, while I disagree with a lot of what he says, does bring a valid concern that even with an effective shot...drug companies are maybe going to try and milk it? Me thinks the FAA and the insurance companies are going to be all over that like a hawk tho. Insurance companies don't like paying for stuff unless it's actually effective/needed.
  9. What in society is not open right now? I do think there is validity to what you're saying, basically those who want the shot can get it, those who don't should just go mask free and if their gunna get COVID, get it over with.
  10. Long term you may indeed be right. There is something to be said for from an immunity standpoint would we have been better off all catching the same variant of COVID quickly with natural immunity. Like you said, who knows. The problem with that plan of action tho was the hospital capacity isn't/wasn't available. If this was just the common cold people wouldn't be stuck in the ICU due to COVID. Maybe from a population standpoint this was indeed the better move, but from an individual stand point not so much if you were the one who ended up getting rocked by the virus. If it was possible, it isn't, maybe the best thing would be to have every human lock themselves in a room for a few weeks. I don't know either dude, if there's a variant that starts cracking through the current vaxs defenses significantly, that is going to really suck for everybody. Let's both hope it doesn't happen.
  11. We're cool, not trying to offend you either man. Sorry if it feels like I am saying someone who didn't get the shot's life would be easy to cast away/is worthless, that's not what I am intending to say. 1) So I am onboard with you on the argument if she's vaxxed, what is the problem than? She should be protected if the shot is so good like the drug companies/CDC/FDA supposedly say it is. We have talked about this, travel nurse salaries are insane right now. If she get's her booster (if it is recommended) I am fine with her going to work and taking care of vaxxed/unvaxxed people with the same level of care. The issue is only if there is a mutation that renders the shot ineffective, do I send her in to work? Am I going to send her into a hospital that is getting lit up with some new form of COVID to care for people who did not at least try to proactively defend against COVID? It's a crummy thought but it is very possible scenario. For humanity's sake let's hope this winter isn't a shit show regardless of anyone's vax stance. I am sure both you and I would rather be talking about anything else besides this issue. 2) I don't think saving/taking a life boils down to just vax status. Like you said...there are so many factors. But if all else is equal and hospitals are full, who do you save? Now if someone verified HAD COVID, and didn't get the shot, yes I concur that person is no different than a vaxxed person, so if you are a reinfected vaxxed person vs. a had actual COVID before the shot was available and got reinfected, same difference to me when you show up in the hospital. I think we're on the same page here. If you have never had COVID and won't get the shot, I think you're making a poor call. 3) What isn't the same difference is saying that getting REAL COVID is a "better" first time way to get the antibodies than the shot. This is very much a YMMV situation I guess. My friends mother in law didn't get the shot, ended up in rough shape in the hospital. Her Dad had already died from a heart attack too when his wife was little and was an athlete (heart defect), mother is fit. I got the shot, and was tired for a day. Was it worth her maybe not making it just to get the antibodies the natural way? Was it worth a 24 year old daughter potentially having no parents left because her mothers first exposure to COVID was the real deal? I don't think so, thankfully she recovered but damn, what if she hadn't? At the end of the day tho that was her decision, and I respect her rights, even tho I think it was still a bad decision. Immunity drops off over time, seems to be agreed upon not matter if you had the shot or real COVID. The difference is getting the antibodies by the shot isn't nearly as risky as getting them by going out and getting real COVID, at least per the FDA/CDC. Her getting real COVID landed her in the hospital. I sat in my bed and watched Netflix. If the damn thing didn't mutate I don't think there'd be anything wrong with stamping COVID out long term via a combo of natural immunity and vax. But it seems to me like in order to get rid of it you gotta squash it real quick by having everybody immunized at the same time. If it's only half the population that's immunized at a time, be it natural immunity or vax, the virus will just keep festering and mutating. Could we get everyone immunized naturally at once by spreading COVID rapidly? Sounds nuts, but I do think that would work, but we might lose some people. The shot seems like a better/safer way to do it. The border thing was just an analogy...that sometimes we cannot save everyone, even if we want to/they deserve it. Handshake.
  12. My asthmatic GF is a soon to be nurse. Nothing hypothetical about that. She'll be exposed to the hospital environment all this fall, nothing hypothetical about that. So for me it isn't just a keyboard warrior issue. Should I send her into work to care for COVID patients, vax or unvaxxed? What if she gets it and can't pull out of it? Am I going to feel responsible? Would I feel better if she got sick trying to save a vaxxed person over an unvaxxed one? Not a surgeon, neither is pawnman, neither are you I'm assuming. And guess what, you aren't the CDC or the FDA who are telling you the shot is safe and effective. Nice appeal to a surgeons technical authority while also blindly ignoring the ones that are inconvenient for you. And nope, won't decide who lives or dies. At least I could decide tho. You'd just sit there with your "I don't know, let's help everyone" pants on. Let's open the borders than, every South American is a human just like you, let's help all of them get the American dream. Also...way to go with the condescending tone, nice civil debate turned hostile.
  13. Applaud your indiscriminate empathy but you cannot hide behind "my action is no action/I don't know" if you are a leader. If there were to be another harsh outbreak, and hospital were to be over run, decisions have to be made. Do you save someone who at least tried to save themselves? If you had two car crash victims come in, identical traumas, your the only surgeon on staff, do you save the one who wore a seatbelt or the one who did not? I do want to point out that there are two "no shot" groups. I think there is a group who is legitimately scared about the shot not being tested enough. I empathize heavily with these people, they are just trying to stay safe and make the correct call like anyone else. The other group is trying to prove some political point/live up to some tough guy ethos/fvck covid I ain't no bitch. Some people are just difficult for the sake of being difficult and it has complicated this entire process.
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