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  1. yeah, I bet he started as a helo guy. Then realized life sucks as an Apache or BlackHawk pilot. The C-12 community is one of the best-kept secrets. At least when I was in the army guard, you got a C12 slot if you were in the good ole club. And by the good ole club, I mean an LTC or COL reverting to a CW2 to finish out his time not doing shit in the C-12 community.
  2. I did both. What I experienced in the army was the product of the times I was in the early 2010s. It was the surge in Afghanistan. Can't hover the helicopter? Can't pass the PT test? Don't know your EPs? Here are some wings... you are now your unit's problem. The only thing that would get you kicked out was a DUI. Going through as a young 24-year-old WO1, it did not try at all. Drinked and partied all the damn time and still got my top choice of CH47s. I thought UPT was way harder than Rucker. But when I went through I was way more mature. I got hired off the street by a tanker ANG unit and had to go through the full UPT. I was the last one to solo in my T6 class, even though I was a 1500-hour combat aviator in a helo. I guess I was just used to taking it slow in a helo. I would joke around telling folks at Vance that I used to do my ILSs at 60 knots... why? because I could. Now, going from Vance to OKC on a Rwy 17-day was a fast and rude awakening. I don't think it's a good metric to compare the two. The army sucks the fun out of everything and will try their hardest to change what should be a good experience into something horrible that will make you want to retire. At UPT, I lived for drop nights and the weekends. Party hard with the bros during those but come Sunday night it's time to hit the books and chair fly. But for your original question, I have the following: ARMY Rucker: Easy - The school program. Memorize a few things here and there. Doesn't matter if you even know what you're talking about, as long as you can spit it out verbatim, you will pass with flying colors.. - Flying VFR. Because flying instruments is very hard for all Apache pilots and MTPs. - The standard and the ability to make it. I had people I graduated with who had no business being aviators. But the Army needed the numbers, so here are some wings. I remember day one at Rucker we had the brigade commander tell us that the flight school policy was "No Flight School Student Left Behind" -I think the flying part is probably way easier nowadays. You fly UH72s in primary (no more TH-67s or OH-58s). The 72 has a pretty advanced flight control system that has studs being able to hover after perhaps an hour or two. Hard -The Army. You will graduate and think you are god's gift to aviation. You are not, and here are some field training exercises and ground training shit to prove it and to make you feel like an infantry guy. Also, here is a two-piece flight suit, a PT belt, and Eye Pro... all of those are inspectable items by the sergeant major at any time, so best be ready. -Being a warrant officer - Oh you think your job is a flying-only track? what a scam... and to prove it, here is some paperwork on stands, safety, and ops that an officer should be doing, but it's easier for the army to make a warrant do it for half the price. -Being a commission officer - oh you want to fly? here are some awards to type and some inventories that need to get done. Nobody will be your mentor and warrants will see you as more of a hazard to the flight since you probably know the ops limits of your computer better than any real helicopter anyway. USAF UPT: Easy -Wearing a one-piece flight suit and finally feeling like a real pilot. -Pulling Gs. Because doing a 60-degree bank in a helicopter is a pretty serious maneuver. Hard -The information overload and the fast pace of things. I remember coming back from a flight at Vance early during T6s. I was tired and beat up from all the U's my FAIP just gave me. I saw a random IP walking straight toward me to ask me what I was doing as soon as sat down in the flight room. Studying I said... Only to hear him say "No your not. We are stepping into another jet so let's GO! You can brief me on what all you need to clean up as we walk to the jet." All finish up by saying that the lifestyle in the USAF is a million times better than the Army. If your post originated as a product of frustration because you're having issues being selected to AD, ANG, or reserves, my advice is to KEEP trying dude. Don't look at going Army simply because the USAF is being too selective. It's supposed to be selective! The army should only be an alternative if age is not on your side. Hope that helps. Cheers
  3. NO... I need the guard to shield me from AD bs shenanigans...
  4. Has anyone here been to the above? Its a 3 day course in Austin, TX. My unit wants to send a few COs down to learn stuff unless someone here can tell us that it's a waste of time. Thanks.
  5. Contact Capt Robert Aycock at robert.aycock@us.af.mil Packets are due next week. Board on 2 March during UTA. Cheers
  6. my ANG base... a tanker base out of all places, no more morale shirts. Some damn first shirt at the wing level complaint and now it's a big no-no. So f@#$ those guys I am wear a scarf as a big F you to these NONers.
  7. whats the regulation that allows the wearing of scarfs. These damn NONers at my wing have our leadership cracking down on any sort of morale.
  8. what guard units out there are saying F!@# off big blue and allowing their guys to still wear Morale shirts out there... What will they come for next? My pickle suit? it's the only thing that makes me feel like a real pilot. I thought my guard unit would shield me from the AD duty BS that trickles down from time to time.
  9. What would your PCSM score be at 200 flight hrs? All I can say is that there are over 150 reserve and ANG squadrons out there. All you need is one "YES". keep on getting after it. Cheers
  10. Biff_T for the win with the great TDY stories. Sounds like a guard crew asking for a 24-hour slip due to an "oxygen leak" while on TDY in Manila. Half the crew was missing or drinking at "unmentionable" places before we had the slipped approved ha
  11. It’s a damn shame to be pushing these young aviators to be flight leads at 500 hrs with a young co/pi fresh out of Rucker while flying Red illumination NVGs training missions. Damn dangerous shit Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  12. We have a company man over here... That almost happened to me as I tried jumping from Army to Air Force in 2019. They were adding 2-3 year commitments to dudes trying to jump ship just for going to a 2-week AFE course at Rucker. One guy got suckered into attending a 2-week advanced course and got hit with a 2 year ADSO. Made a huge deal about it, and tried to get his congressman involved... but in the end, the army sent him to Fort Polk Louisiana to be an LNO. Had to turn down a slot with a C-130 guard unit. I guess I was at the right place and time because they are now forcing dudes to sign a 10-year contract out of Rucker when it used to be 6. I feel even worse for these commission dudes. Their flying days are over because the army is a warrant officers world. Having to continue their existence in an aviation unit but not being able to fly... while doing all the bitch work WOs don't want to do while because of "flying". Somebody needs to write those awards and keep track of those trackers. But remember to color code the trackers correctly, becuase the COL doesn't actually read them. He just looks at colors and the color red is very bad. Green is very good. Yellow is questionable.
  13. Apparently, nobody wanted it. The folks at Scott were hesitant because "whos gonna wana TDY to Meridian". We have a sim building already. It was supposed to house the block 40 but that died a few years ago. MacDill has two sims. Not sure who is getting the other one.
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