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  1. Local reports say the plane had been used in a parade as a float, and the pilot decided he would take off from the street to get back home. Luckily, the pilot was not injured in the crash, but the crash caused the street to be closed for several hours. https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/03/plane-crash-texas-highway-video-streetlight/ Brilliant
  2. Resume’s are job specific- LinkedIn is no longer a thing (other than like other social media sites, mostly used to look at you and disqualify you for some dumbazz reason). USAJobs (govt jobs) require a whole different approach to application, need to use govt speak. And job specific. It’s the govt..nuff said! Many have asked, Yes I do resumes - easier and far below Career Pro Global. - just look at their reviews
  3. Apply now for the waiver. Should be fairly simple and approved. Worse case, transfer to AFR/ANG billet and do nothing for 6 mos and retire with 3 yrs TIG - don’t retire as a major
  4. Correct.. caveat - I wouldn’t “buy it back” while still married with “commingled” funds/accounts because any sleaze divorce attorney would pounce on that. lastly - once you begin a civil service position, you have three years to “buy it back” interest free. After that three years, interest accumulates annually.
  5. Mil Ret/Civ Svc Ret/VA disability (tax free)/SSN at 62 = 4x once/mo club rest of your life. Your mil retirement is governed by law and your original post talked about having 19yrs AD, so she will get half’ish of that (assuming you’re still married). You will get the other half of that full mil retirement. Buying your mil time just gives you additional ret credit within CivSvc/FERS. The civilian piece is completely separate and if you buy it it’s yours only, again, assuming you’re no longer married. She has no claim to what you build in civil service if that’s what it sounds like you’re asking. Unless of course, you’re married and start civ service with her in tow, then she could claim a portion of the time she is married to you while you build a new civ svc retirement, however that’s all negotiable in divorce court, no law to her entitlement of that. just remember, if at any time you elect a “20 yr AD” retirement, you can no longer buy that 20 years towards a civ svc retirement unless you forego your AD ret. You MUST buy back mil time prior to civ retirement and retire title 10 reserve retirement to collect both in full...it’s a pretty good gig (4x). If you had 19 AD and did that, you would certainly pick up enough points to retire (7200) at anytime if you decided to blow off the tech gig at some point and go fly elsewhere or live off your bitcoins. And you would have most likely been promoted another time or two. No different than any AD 20 ret. It opens up a lot of options....last point, you don’t have to buyback all of your AD time, could only buy the cheapest years early on....think 4x and DEFINED BENEFIT = monthly annuity rest of life vs worrying about having to manage a lifestyle on 401k withdrawals. Now what the hell is “dsg”?
  6. She gets exactly 50% of your mil ret based on number points you have/had when you divorce - whenever you start drawing it. Sometimes more, rarely less. 20 yrs has nothing to do with it and for the most part, neither does AD/ARC. When/if you buy your mil time towards FERS Civ time, that doesn’t eliminate your mil retirement..it has no bearing whatsoever. Only issue is when you choose to begin drawing it. Buying your mil time only increases your civ retirement, does nothing to your mil retirement. lots if variables in the above, however when maximized correctly, you can create quite the healthy/wealthy DEFINED BENEFIT RETIREMENT PLAN as a technician. I have many career airline buds who envy my retirement pension(s)x4 - granted they are all legacy big airline bros who got royally fckd by bankruptcies and mergers. BLUF: your current (possibly ex) wife is entitled to and will get 50% of your 19+ yrs (insert grade here) military retirement whenever you begin drawing it, whether now or age 60.
  7. Sounds like you have it all figured out? There never was a decision, your wife told you that all along...🤦‍♂️ AF has taken care of you and will continue to “bend over backwards to make life better” for you..so, no real need to elaborate on anything. I wish you well and best of luck. As for your $32k per year added for 5 “extra years” - I’d love to see that math. With many DAL buds getting $75k on up in “bonus”bucks, but we won’t digress so I won’t even go there. In all seriousness, I wish you well, the AF needs you. 🍺🍺
  8. CLASSIC You clearly aren’t going anywhere, just trying to get others to justify your decision - Stick around as long as you can on the govt teat until they no longer want you, and at that point, you’re done (on their terms). Good luck if that’s 2 yrs or so out and the hiring boom is subsiding. But hey, you can tell everyone who don’t care “I was a commander”. A few gems on here that will not fit your narrative but worth considering. I’ll add my own. 1 - Command is overrated these days 2 - If you are behind the curve on promotions and just “always wanted to make LtCol”, well - you’ll make it and good luck with final 2-3 yrs 3 - The AF doesn’t have you or your families best interest on their radar, they just kinda need you 4 - The AFR and ANG are the best options to open a wealth of opportunities for careers, promotions, and wealth building that you will never know. 05 just to join, 06 if you participate, 07 if you desire to be somebody... In closing - You seem to be risk adverse, so you will do fine right where you are. Best of Luck, the AF preys on the 15-18yr sanctuary dudes..🍺 Footnote: Not a whole lot of financial gain for service years after 20 (of which you can easily gain within AFR/ANG with minimal effort)
  9. “are there major differences between reserve select and reserve retired?” yes - age 60. Unless you have (7200) AD ret points, you no longer qualify for Tricare (Reserve) For Life until you reach age 60.
  10. Yes, your supreme leadership has won the worst of the worst status of all services year in and year out for decades. Lead on bro!
  11. Ask “Siri how old is the president?”
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    No I just read the headline 🤦‍♂️ Did I miss something positive? The bonuses to the banking group?
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    For all the sheeple out there - jus sayin~ https://www.expressnews.com/business/article/San-Antonio-s-USAA-Bank-hit-with-85-million-15648840.php
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