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  1. Very interested in this. I’m not an expert, and from the cheap seats it is definitely striking that the standard in court as I understand Graham (not an expert or lawyer) is narrowly constrained to the moment force was used. There seems to be lots of room for failures leading up to that moment, which is troubling when we’re talking about American citizens. What do you recommend I read? What insight would you be willing to share? I’m not willing to go as far as to say that an officer must be right IN FACT when using deadly force, else face murder charges, but as [I understand] it st
  2. The crossflow game is a bit like trying to get out of a speeding ticket... your request/argument starts the conversation, but in the end doesn’t matter much Luck, timing, and having folks who want to see you get there (luck). In that order.
  3. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Past performance is no guarantee of future results; read your prospectus carefully.
  4. That’s from the SASC report; important context but not the actual law. The report goes on to say something to the effect of ‘don’t forget about the guard!’ in the section you quoted. Elsewhere in the SASC report, the committee expresses concerns over the rapid acquisition model and AFSOC/SOCOM’s ability to support. In the NDAA itself (section somewhere between 130 and 150?), there’s a prohibition on the USAF from procuring Armed Overwatch through 2023 and SOCOM through 2021. So, money where the mouth is = $0 this year A bit difficult to determine the intent and long ga
  5. I mean, there was that whole deal from 1861-1865.
  6. Ha! Dude, that’s totally fair. Revision: I just thought we were classier dickheads.
  7. Yeah bros, I just thought we were better than that. Copy your rights to be dickheads. Still makes you dickheads. Call me a Pu$$y all you want and fùck you too.
  8. I met somebody who looked like that at a party once. Turns out that person was an accomplished economist who redesigned the banking system of Monaco to accommodate crypto-currency. 8/10 would hang out with again, but I’m not interesting enough to get the invite. Millionaire many times over. Their partner also looked like that... and was a total mess. Is there more context here? Is BO.net a place we go now to make fun of people for how they look and the t-shirts they wear? That’s some high-school lunch room bullsh1t. I think most here would be happy to engage in a discussion of “black
  9. You’re right. There is absolutely a lack of knowledge about the long term effects of a COVID-19 vaccine. There is also the same lack of knowledge about COVID-19. The risks are not the same, not equal, and not currently knowable. I’m sure those who developed the vaccine could tell you why [they’re reasonably sure] the vaccine is safe. Would you trade 4 years of economic ruin and decreased life expectancy to call them on it?
  10. Ah yes, the old “if you recognize the impending dumpster fire we’ll pay you to leave” trick. Sun Tzu and Clausewitz were both huge advocates. Check and mate.
  11. [Last post from me in this derail, I really do appreciate the contrasting view and recognize that it’s an unpalatable and unpopular view]: We don’t have to actively threaten now with a massive buildup; a long term presence is the threat. Well aware that the current posture doesn’t provide options in a peer threat war. But! When we leave, Beijing will be there ($50 says Xi or his successor shows up for a high profile visit within 24 months after the last US troops are out) and they’ll have zero concerns about immediate instability. They will be looking 50 years down the [belt and] roa
  12. (Funny you should say that; lots of folks saying the Chinese play go while we play chess). The Chinese know we’re all more familiar with chess than go. They’re playing a very different game. I’d say that if it forces the adversary to consider a wholly different axis than the one they’ve been absolutely dominating (the Western Pacific) that it isn’t a waste. They are clearly facing East WRT the US, currently and aspirationally. No (though we’ve likely all already played that game before). I’m saying that ceding influence and control in the ‘Stans forces us to look at Chi
  13. I think anybody who grew up playing Go would disagree.
  14. I understand the sentiment, but is having an enduring presence in an “unconquerable” land that borders China in the West worth (some) blood and treasure? Maybe even some embarrassment in negotiations?
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