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  1. Honestly it sounds like we agree on what I think are the 2 biggest issues. Voter ID laws won’t be controversial at all if low income people can qualify for gov subsidized IDs. And I also agree about Election Day at the very least having mandatory X amount of hours to go vote. as far as mail in voting, until said Election Day rules are established than I think it’s something that should be available to those that can’t take off work. For the same day voting registration, just saying that people shouldn’t be lazy isn’t really an argument against it. Assuming proper accountability is done of who is registered where and there has been an ID check, then who cares if it’s same day registration? My whole opinion on it is that our main goal should be to have as many people vote as possible (of eligible voters)
  2. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/voting-restrictions-by-state/ I think this article gives some good examples. To sum it up, our voter turnout is not great (somewhere around 60%). Sure some of that is people who don’t care but some of it is due to many states making it inconvenient to vote. Same day Voter registration, mail in ballots, early voting should all be options for legal voters. Not everyone has the option of showing up on Election Day. I think both sides can compromise here if state IDs were just made free. I’d be all for voter ID in that case. If you’re going to require something for a basic right, shouldn’t have to pay for it. I know it’s a very small cost to all of us here, but none of my business to tell poor people what they can or can’t afford.
  3. If anything we need to make voting less restrictive. Whether someone “provides input” into the system in your opinion or not, they are still effected by that system and as an American should have a vote. Especially since the reason they may be unemployed could be due to shortcomings of said system. echo what captain morgan said, campaign finance reform is a far more important issue to tackle
  4. Because it says "Humans Will Go Extinct if We Don’t Fix Climate Change by 2023" not "Humans Will Go Extinct by 2023 if We Don’t Fix Climate Change" Yes it's definitely a clickbait title but its quite obvious (maybe not to some) what the article is saying.
  5. The mean moderators are suppressing my free speech but if anyone protests something I don’t agree with they should be shot! - just one instance of hypocrisy in your many delusional takes. You must be a nightmare of a person to have in a Sq
  6. I'm glad you bring up rate of crime, since it shows just how equally prevalent (if not more so) violent crime is in areas that vote red. Interesting enough, your own source you cite ( Nashville, TN Is Among the Most Dangerous US Metro Areas ) lists dozens of republican run cities with far higher rates than Nashville. Sure Memphis is #1, but I lost count of the GOP run cities on that list not to mention Anchorage with a violent crime rate almost double that of Nashville. Not even trying to blame it on Republicans, just pointing out that correlating crime rates to the political party that runs the city is a fallacy and a pointless argument.
  7. People like you are exactly the reason we need pride month. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, it’s not a choice, and they are not pedos. nevermind the fact that your “18x more likely” stat is completely made up, I’m sure you’re not as outspoken against pedos within the church- which is far more prevalent. and I’d match that $100 on you most definitely having gay porn on your computer.
  8. And just as many witnesses said the man was no threat and just rambling nonsense. My rank shouldn’t even matter, what a stupid thing to even bring up. Your opinion doesn’t matter anymore than mine just because you and everyone in this echo chamber are older
  9. Stupid tweet bro, no one was attacked (except the homeless man) or sexually assaulted 🤷‍♂️
  10. If he verbally threatened the man I could maybe understand, but that never happened either. So yeah, you can’t just choke someone out because you feel uncomfortable, It’s a dangerous precedent. I can see arguing manslaughter vs murder, but him calling it self defense is a joke
  11. Holy shit you can’t just choke someone out for 15 minutes just because they’re being loud and obnoxious. Dude is anything but a hero claiming self defense when multiple eyewitness say he was never hit
  12. Looking for information on how to get a waiver to not be in the dorms for UPT if anyone can help, specifically what office I should reach out to at my base and what my chances of getting approved may be as a Captain. Thanks!
  13. Dang, I’m hoping if my assignment is gunna take another 2 months to come through that it’s not also a May RNLTD 😅
  14. I don’t think they notify us. My interpretation was that if we’re accepting the slot we don’t have to do anything and we’ll just have to wait for our MFS/IFT/PCS stuff. Also don’t think there’s a limit per squadron. Looking at the PSDM there’s some people from the same that got picked up. Hopefully assignments come out soon!
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