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  1. Because of the gun door limitation? I would have wanted to capture and exploit as much of the payload as possible and hit only the balloon, not that a fall from 60K was going to protect the payload but 20 pounds of WDU-17/B warnugget slinging 200 titanium rods probably made a mess of things. Stand by for Block 45 ultra high alt mod.
  2. China now threatening to retaliate because we shot down their balloon! China responded that it reserved the right to "take further actions" and "an obvious overreaction and a serious violation of international practice." In its statement Sunday, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that "China will resolutely uphold the relevant company's legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time reserving the right to take further actions in response."
  3. Given that the White House didn't reveal they found classified documents at the Penn center for months...I'd say there is trend. Also kind of odd we just found out there is another Chinese "Weather" balloon floating across South America.
  4. Go to 46:22 - 'More than half the women in my administration are women'
  5. Nothing to see here, just the Chinese thumbing their noses at our sovereign airspace.
  6. The FBI is now at Joe Biden's Rehoboth Beach home searching for classified.
  7. CBS news now reporting the FBI DID search the Penn Biden Center in November of 2022. Funny, that never made the news before the election, the White House mislead everyone and it is just now coming to light...
  8. Retired Air Force intelligence officer had 'hundreds' of classified documents in his Florida home including Top Secret briefs on the NSA's capabilities, feds say WTF? Former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators and now LtCol Intel types taking TS/SCI home...seriously what are these idiots thinking?
  9. Again, I am biased because I've known him for so long. IMHO he truly believes we are going to fight China (as do I), and when you look at the models, wargames, intel briefs, numbers...it is going to be UGLY. Under current circumstances the losses will be terrible on both sides and will cost us greatly in lives and treasure. Allowing the conversation about single pilot tanker ops was a move to set the conditions for change. I don't care if the union thinks it is a bad idea (it is), the situation is so dire we need to discuss every option, reexamine every tactic and find ways to flip the calculus back on the Chinese. Brother I hear what you are saying about admin and queep. A couple years retired and in reflection I am GLAD to be retired, I miss the squadron, the flying, and mostly I miss the people, but I always default to be overwhelmingly happy to be away from the queep and the caustic leaders we turn into GOs. That being said, as a component commander Mini is pushing the limits where he can (and a bit outside those lines). As the training and equip boss, CSAF sets the tone and makes the rules on queep and I've seen CQ do NOTHING other than continue the status quo (or make it worse...ie Advanced Degrees). I am willing to give Mini the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes. Did you read his memo? "COMMANDER’S INTENT. Go faster. Drive readiness, integration, and agility for ourselves and the Joint Force to deter, and if required, defeat China. This is the first of 8 monthly directives from me. You need to know I alone own the pen on these orders. My expectations are high, and these orders are not up for negotiation. Follow them. I will be tough, fair, and loving in my approach to secure victory. RISK. Run deliberately, not recklessly. You will be governed by the principle of calculated training risk, which you shall interpret to mean the avoidance of death, serious injury, and Class A damage to attain higher readiness, integration, and agility. If the Tactic, Technique, and Procedure you are developing increases AMC’s ability to fight and win inside the first island chain… move out. If you are comfortable in your approach to training, then you are not taking enough risk." Disagree, I would argue it is his DUTY to communicate his concerns, orders and intent to the forces he leads. As for attaching a specific date, the intel community and some think tanks have been signaling that for the past 12 months. There is a collision of specific events in 2025 (Chinese capes, Chinese population, Chinese economy, U.S. Presidential election and a few others), that have a lot of people believing there is a mark on the calendar. This "date" is driving a lot of decision making and if you step back you will see it...Sole Source Wedgetail to replace E-3, Bridge Tanker, Navy ship maintenance timelines, Navy Attack sub procurement and shipyard turn times. I pray to god I am wrong and we don't fight China, but if I am right I am thankful there are people like Mini willing to risk career and inspire change, outside the box thinking and find new ways to win what will be a terrible fight.
  10. Shut up Nav...I'd rather have the gas.
  11. And the Eyebrow raising has begun..."These comments are not representative of the department's view on China," a U.S. defense official said.
  12. Trump opens 2024 run, says he's 'more committed' than ever
  13. Like I said, Mini is serious about his concern...I hope they don't crucify him for this memo because he is right. Air Force general predicts war with China in 2025, tells officers to prep by firing 'a clip' at a target, and 'aim for the head' “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025," said Gen. Mike Minihan in a memo sent to the officers he commands and obtained by NBC News.
  14. @Prozac @Danger41 You both have excellent points and perspective and these are discussions that we NEED to be having if we want to defeat/deter China. FWIW, Mini is an old friend and we shared a beer at WEPTAC two weeks ago, two things that struck and impressed me: 1. While we were talking about old times and family a steady stream of captains and majors walked by and engaged him with ideas...they were not seeking career advice or face time, they were bringing genuine ideas on how to solve tough problems. He took the time and engaged with every single one of them. 2. At one point two captains engaged and brought a contractor along. They were brain-storming through a current tough tactical problem and had an idea that was actually very good and it combined some capes we already have. Mini immediately grasped what they were saying and said "put it together and bring me 467 of them." The captains and contractor actually seemed shocked, finally one of them blurted out "serious?" Mini immediately replied "I am trying to win a war here!" I know in the past we have had false hope in some of these GO's, and knowing Mini gives me some bias, but what I saw was a very senior leader genuinely interested in defeating China even if that meant changing the status quo. He was also setting the environment to bring as many ideas and inputs as possible into the conversation. So while things like single pilot tanker ops loading with cruise missiles may get a lot of eye rolls, I think that line of out of the box thinking and the willingness to foster it is what makes us better.
  15. Adapt is a word...right now the farmers are lashing out at everyone when they should look in the mirror. Some of the farmers tried to point the finger at Cannon AFB and their water usage given the Ogallala Aquifer is projected to be depleted in 10 years. Curry County New Mexico has a population of 48,000. Cannon has a bit over 12,000 Active Duty, GS/NAF employees plus dependents. The base itself uses less than a quarter of the red sliver...who is causing the issue? You are 100% correct, things are going to change, they must. In the graph below the red is public water for utilities.
  16. When I went through WIC every WUG had a SCIF in their Nellis Inn room. It was cleverly disguised as a small wooden cabinet with a lock.
  17. Hypocrisy, lunacy, Irony...maybe all three. You simply can't make this crap up. FBI Agent who led Trump-Russia probe arrested for providing assistance to Russian Oligarch and violating Russian sanctions!
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