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  1. Apollo Eight Astronaut and former USAF Fighter Pilot Bill Anders died in a crash of his T-34 yesterday. Anders flew on Apollo Eight Jim Lovell and Frank Borman and is credited with taking the infamous Earthrise picture below.
  2. The first time I shot the 20MM's...smoke came up the flight deck and wrapped around the HUD...Murica!
  3. I was bouncing around the channels this morning as the pundits on both sides gave their pitches. CNN had some clown talking about how good the economy is and one of the commentators pushed back saying "you must not buy your own groceries." Prices of consumer staples such as flour, sugar and butter have skyrocketed in price under Biden’s tenure, increasing 38.3%, 30.7% and 35.9%, respectively. I was at the commissary last weekend and went by the deli to pick a loaf of my favorite rustic Italian bread. I have not bought it in a while and I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw the price $9.99! On Jan 19, 2021 this loaf of bread was $6.49 at the Commissary...WTF...I didn't buy it. I have a great retirement, my job pays me FAR more than I am worth and I typically don't pay attention at the grocery store so this was a wow moment that showed me just how bad inflation is right now. Credit card debt crossed the $1.1T mark, an all time high. People are struggling to get by and it will be a major factor in the election.
  4. Damn ARG...got me all misty eyed and verklempt...I don't miss the AF but I do miss this.
  5. The marks will die in the Senate...and Biden would veto it...have to defend the clown show.
  6. The tripe above to distract you form the continued and consistent lawfare being waged by the left. Let's review: 1. The Biden DOJ #3 left to join the NY Attorney General's office (unheard of), and ended up giving the opening argument against trump. The rest of the trail I won't even get into...even MSNBC admits it will be overturned, but the DNC got the "convicted felon" sound bite they wanted for the election. 2. Today in the Hunter Biden trial the FBI presented the laptop as VERIFIED evidence meaning it WAS Hunter's laptop. Still waiting for a single one of the former Intelligence Officials to apologize and admit they were wrong....or for the big tech firms that suppressed the story to admit they were wrong....or the media...I know, it will never happen, just a wave of the hand. 3. The Attorney General testified today and defended all of his actions including trying to hold back the actual tapes of the Biden interview even though the transcripts are out. The official DOJ reason...the tapes could be used to make deep fakes. WTF? 50+ years of making political speeches, there is enough out there to make deep fakes...they are not even needed they way this demented idiot speaks these days. 4. Today Biden took executive action on the border...after claiming for years there was nothing he could do and he didn't have the power...oh and after reversing Trump's border order on day one in office. Anyone want to address testimony from Mayorkas saying our border is secure...nothing to see here. I would invite you all to read this idiotic executive order...it is a complete farce. Republicans are NOT perfect...but for F's sake Democrats are insane.
  7. Oh we are going outside the football program...cool - 67 reported cases of rape and sexual assault on UF campus
  8. Most of the sports sites track through 2016 I've seen other lists through 2022 and the SEC still leads in criminal activity...by a LONG shot!
  9. Funny thing...its a myth that has been created by the press (starting with Notre Dame Catholics vs Convicts), Miami actually comes in at #49! Not surprisingly 10 of top 15 are SEC schools...no wonder FSU wants to join the SEC, the Criminoles will fit right in. 1. Washington State 31 2. Florida 24 3. Georgia 22 3. Texas A&M 22 5. Oklahoma 21 6. Iowa State 20 6. Missouri 20 6. Ole Miss 20 6. West Virginia 20 10. Florida State 19 10. Tennessee 19 12. Alabama 18 12. Iowa 18 12. Kentucky 18 15. LSU 16 15. Marshall 16 15. Oregon State 16 15. Pittsburgh 16 19. Arkansas 14 19. Michigan 14 19. Oklahoma State 14 19. Purdue 14 23. Auburn 13 23. Colorado 13 26. Nebraska 12 26. Ohio State 12 28. East Carolina 11 28. Mississippi State 11 28. Oregon 11 28. Penn State 11 28. TCU 11 33. Syracuse 10 33. Texas 10 33. Central Michigan 10 33. Middle Tennessee 10 33. Western Kentucky 10 39. Arizona State 9 39. Cincinnati 9 39. Illinois 9 39. South Carolina 9 43. Arizona 8 43. Bowling Green 8 43. Colorado State 8 43. Georgia Southern 8 49. Baylor, Indiana, Louisville, Miami, Michigan State, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Northern Illinois 7
  10. Given that we are 83 days until the start of the 2024 College Football Season, time to kick the bear.
  11. He won't pay, he will likely be in jail for a long time. The tax payers of Okaloosa County on the other hand are going to pay millions.
  12. I thought you knew...Putin wanted the Crimea so he would have access their deep water port to the Black Sea in order to move grain for export. When Ukraine’s Kremlin-friendly president was ousted in 2014 by mass protests that Moscow called a U.S.-instigated coup, Putin responded by sending troops to overrun Crimea and calling a plebiscite on joining Russia, which the West dismissed as illegal. Then President Obama then capitulated when Putin threatened and gestured about nuclear weapons.
  13. Something snapped in you a while back dude, DON'T make it personal. There is not a ratified agreement to defend Ukraine, I previously shared the SIGNED agreement. You shared an internal memo of a conversation, which others dispute... Your memo also overlooks the fact that Putin Invaded Ukraine and took the Crimea in 2014.
  14. You shared a memo...where is the signed and ratified document? Your rules bro.
  15. 1. Because it is not true, you are actually spreading Russian disinformation. There were meetings and discussions but there was never anything singed and NATO leadership denies there was an agreement. Gorbachev FALSELY claimed there was an agreement and ultimately that lie was used by Putin (and now you), as a justification for war. 2. You cherry picking ideas AND timelines...was there a threat of Ukraine joining NATO in 2014 when Putin invaded Ukraine the first time? 3. As of today May 28,2024, Ukraine is NOT in NATO. In fact, the only discussions about adding them have come AFTER Russia invaded twice.
  16. So a promise has to be formalized in a treaty or it is ok to runaway in the middle of the night like Uncle Joe did?
  17. I did not ask if there was a need or if there was a purpose, it was a simple question. Your sort of answer is you think he would have possibly started a war with the west or attacked before they could join. I didn't ask if the U.S. historically keeps promises, I asked if YOU believe in promises made, promises kept. You tried to "generally" answer then quoted a speech. I suggest you review the Trilateral Statement, signed in January 1994, under which Ukraine agreed to transfer the nuclear warheads to Russia for elimination. In return, Ukraine received security assurances from the United States, Russia and Britain.
  18. Two questions: 1. If Ukraine was a member of NATO before this conflict started do you think Putin would have invaded? 2. Do you believe in promises made, promises kept?
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