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  1. The great game is always full of twists, turns and backroom deals. You just never know what the final outcome will be. I want Ukraine to regain it's pre-2014 invasion borders, partly because it honors our word, mostly because it will remove Putin from power and relegate him to the pile of failed despots and will likely stop any Russian aggression for a century. If you play long-ball, Russia failing could lead to several more generations of relative peace in Europe.
  2. Yes, we signed and gave security assurances. We should not examine what happened using today's optic. Rather, we should consider the environmental conditions at the time. The FSU crumbled rapidly and there was great concern over what would happen to those nukes. Of course there was fear the Senate wouldn't ratify a treaty to defend a former FSU territory and new country...they had just declared their independence in 1991! Regardless, we gave our word we would provide security assurances and without put American boot on soil in front of Russian soldiers I think we have done just that. I don't believe there was ever concern over the codes and operational control. It was about physical control as the Soviet Union fell apart. As you know there were many efforts (some that never made the press), to get custody of the weapons (and nuclear cores), to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands i.e Iran, North Korea, the black market. Bottomline, much like Afghanistan if we fail to keep our word with Ukraine, why would anyone ever trust us again.
  3. The Great Power game, don't play checkers when others are playing chess. And? Possession is 9/10ths...The FSU was in disarray and the agreement took them out of play, a HUGE win.
  4. Behold lads and lasses, a legend is born with the best Selfie ever! Free beers for life my friend!
  5. Respect your opinion but I think you are wrong for a host of reasons. 1. While not a treaty, in 1994 we negotiated and signed the Budapest Agreement. We promised to provide security for Ukraine in exchange for them giving up the third largest nuclear weapons stockpile in the world. This agreement made the world safer for almost 30 years. Were you upset when we threw our promise to Afghanistan away and fled in the middle of the night? We gave our word and at some point if we want to be respected as a world leader we have to honor our word. 2. For pennies on the dollar of our annual DoD budget we have enabled Ukraine to bleed a near-peer Superpower and relegate them to chump status. Russia has taken STAGGERING losses. Putin's grand plan to rebuild the Soviet Union died on the battlefield of Ukraine. A lot of independent agencies have validated Russian losses. Russia started the war with 3,000 operational tanks, in just over a year over 1,000 have been destroyed and a further 500 captured. Half of their armor gone...HALF. The UK Defense ministry estimates Russia has lost 200,000 soldiers in the war with Ukraine, with 60-80,000 of those being KIA. I almost feel guilty for the average Russian soldier who was lied to by a despot dictator. My sympathy ended when they started murdering civilians. This conflict and our $113B investment has humbled Russia for generations to come. I can't stand this administration for breaking our word to the Afghans and running away during the night but I applaud them for holding the line against Russia. I think this also sends a strong message to China. Again, all of pennies on the dollar and no blood from American soldiers (minus people who volunteered to go fight).
  6. Supreme Court for first time casts doubt on Section 230, the legal shield for Big Tech
  7. Video/Audio of the shootdown and post mission post mission walk around. For those who were around during the No-Fly Zones it was a daily cat and mouse as the Iraqi's flew right up to and at times across the line at speed followed by a quick turn back. There were multiple efforts to place shooters in the right place at the right time with the ability to engage and kinematically get a missile into position to kill a high fast flyer. A bit of a delay and double take confirming clearance to fire resulted in a two mile shot, highest PK possible? Assuming the missile was pitbull right off the rail.
  8. Claw's story is interesting, two Mig-29's in one engagement. Below is a great interview with both Rico and Claw describing what happened. Rico gives great credit to Paco Geisler, a former Red Eagle and legend F-15 Patch in the community. Nordo killed a Mig-25 in a family model, it was also the the first AMRAAM kill.
  9. James Denton and Brent "Brandini" Brandon were flying an EF-111 proving electronic attack and support the opening sorties on night one of the Desert Storm air campaign. An Iraqi Mirage F-1EQ was attempting to counter the strike package and ended up being engaged by an F-15C. The Iraqi pilot defeated the Eagle's missile shot and as he completed his defense maneuver by chance he ended up on the six of the EF-111. The Mirage launched two R.550 Magic air-to-air missiles which Denton and Brandon were able to defeat. With the EF-111 skimming the desert the Mirage pilot became fixated and attempted to close for a guns kill. Late in the engagement Denton made a hard out of plane maneuver, the Mirage pilot completed fixated on the gun kill didn't recognize the maneuver in the dark and impacted the desert under the EF-111 as Denton pulled vertical. The aircraft 66-016 sits at the entrance to base housing at Cannon AFB, NM. Two days later Jose Rico Rodriguez were tasked to fly DCA in the western sector as the HVACAP. At the last minute he was retasked and scrambled and switched to OCA to support the exfil of a strike package. Rico and his flight lead were engaged by two Mig-29s with his wingman shooting down the lead Mig-29. Rico ended up merging with the second Mig-29 passing just 50' off his wing. A dog fight ensued with Rico ultimately maneuvering to a position where he was about to take an AIM-7 Sparrow shot. The Mig-29 flying at just 300' rolled inverted and attempted an unsuccessful Split S, he impacted the desert giving Rico the second maneuver kill of Desert Storm. Rico would go on the get a second kill in the same tail number (85-114) which is still active and serving at Kadena (although the Eagles are leaving Kadena, we will see where it ends up).
  10. TDS in full effect. Inflation still raging, the SPR at a new record low (see chart below), and our borders wide open with fentanyl flowing across at record levels killing 300 Americans a day. Can you imagine if an airliner crashed everyday and killed 300 Americans because the border was open, there would be outrage. Instead, liberals cheer and enable more illegal immigrants to sneak across our border carrying millions of pills.
  11. Medical experts, Intel experts, border experts....seems to be a recurring theme on one side of the aisle.
  12. Tell me you don't know AIM-9X without telling me you don't know AIM-9X.
  13. In your defense the FAIP MAFIA wasn't really established in your day. See below for Pic of Huggy completing BIP.
  14. I know people like Pelaton but I bought the Schwinn IC-4 and use my IPad with Zwift during the cold months. Backed off this winter due to a back injury from a crash years ago. If you are looking for a new whip check out Cobalt Bikes. The have a great series of bikes. The owner and designer is a retire USAF O-6 Patch from HH-60's...outstanding human being and has a veteran discount.
  15. Anyone else ride? Trying to ramp back up for a century on my birthday. My Litespeed with a great Shimano setup.
  16. Snapinsta.app_322720005_1539293819927025_677788738499884468_n.mp4
  17. Interesting that the NASA bird is up at 60,000' tonight running tracks over Minnesota.
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