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  1. jice

    BLUE: Episode 25 Pilot Pipeline

    Syllabus standardization... that’s the one where we sacrifice effectiveness in order to avoid a kid whining about not getting his jet of choice? We’re talking about guided sims in advance, not an entire UPT phase. If a kid going through USAFA ends up better prepared for UPT than somebody off the street, it sounds like USAFA did it’s job. Also sounds like a great start for rolling it out to all pre-commissioning sources. It all comes out in the wash. The OTS kid may be a 2,000 hr airline captain and aerobatic competitor. The ROTC kid is going to be able to talk to chicks and rock a road soda through the main gate. Ivan doesn’t care about perfect syllabus standardization.
  2. Any recent student life-admin experience with IFF at RND? Is on-base lodging directed? We’d like to unload our house ASAP, not have to board our dogs, and understand that current policy at Randolph doesn’t allow students to live in the pet-friendly TLFs.
  3. jice

    Stop over point

    You are missing something. You’re missing a great opportunity to hold at convenient points, crossing midnight 99 times per leg and making yourself entitled to 99x Guam per diem... as long as we’re making up rules.
  4. So to summarize ACC’s requirement to endorse EFB use over paper: EFBs are backed up with EFBs because EFBs can fail in ways that paper pubs cannot. Makes sense.
  5. jice

    Dual qualification

    Slide 1) the benefits are huge. Force quality, flexibility, retention. Slide 2) there is real risk. You may orphan children. Likely your exec's/sub cc's (only so much time in a day) Slides 3-5) 3x points on a spectrum from exposure only through fully quallified and pushing abilities. Slide 6) weak swimmer plan. Slide 9) lead.
  6. jice

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Is this a good buy? VID for homeland defense (their homeland, assuming some risk of intercepting a shooter) is out the window at .76 mach & the kinematics basically limit it to point defense... temporarily. Same effect less money: buy something cheap for attack and a patriot battery or two.
  7. jice

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    This is the crux of the issue. I've seen a lot of folks on this thread say that the CC can order a member to use a particular type of lodging, but what is the legal basis here?
  8. jice

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Holy sphincter, Batman. I reached for the ring just watching that video. Lucky for the cameraman that the pilot was only issued two hands.
  9. jice

    Improving Red Flag - N

    If we are going to have IPOE DLOs for recce/PED players then we should provide reasonable time for IPOE. 1/2 hour prior to the vul for collect that we call IPOE is insufficient. Happy to work/fly a full day on the Saturday/Sunday prior to each week for pattern of life development (yes this requires $), and to get collect that (should) have been conducted years in advance. The "all the information required has been provided" game renders ISR contributions largely OBE when the sensors on our tac assets push. Good for demonstrating that ISR has a long way to go WRT integration? Yes, absolutely. Good for the warfighter's understanding of what ISR provides prior to night 1? Not at all. Good for exercising ISR processes and skills? Not under the current construct. A small investment here would pay huge dividends if we're serious about replacing the white card with real recce capes.
  10. jice

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Ye of little faith.
  11. jice

    Not So Stealthy Son of A-10

    Looks like they may have a potential buyer. http://www.janes.com/article/51099/carter-to-offer-scorpion-to-india-under-joint-development-plan
  12. jice

    The Tragedy of the American Military

    Is it really even a benefit? The argument that sustaining the current state of the industry to preserve jobs is a requirement should sound familiar: we did it with the banks and automotive industries in the very recent history, but with the important difference that the addition of government money required significant restructuring. The beautiful thing about the free market is that we (in theory) do not need to redirect efforts in order to replace failures. That's why we have generous bankruptcy policies. To prop up obvious failures is theoretically the least benneficial for those who depend on the industry and only serves to retard progress. Ever wondered why soviet cars never seemed to change much yet still become more expensive and less available? If our defense industry is churning out the weapons equivalent of the moskvitch, we've got a problem.
  13. jice

    Torture! (Here we go)

    We've had a lot of talk here about whether we are justified in our actions based on our ideas of justice for the individuals involved or the groups they represent. Those who make the eye for an eye argument are justified in their approach; it is natural to want to harm those who have harmed us. We're military members and all believe in violence as a solution. However, are the policy implications here really about justice for these individuals at all? Should we be asking whether this is helping us achieve our political goals in regions from which these people were taken? It does seem like in extreme cases (the Scalia hypothetical) harsh treatment must be justified if it achieves the desired result. The benefits of not having a mushroom cloud over LA are far outweighed by any possible impact to credibility and perceptions of legitimacy based on the way that information was obtained. However, at some point there must be a point of diminishing returns. If our aim is to stabilize a population/region/way of thinking and establish both political structures and mindsets favorable to the long-term goals of the United States, does the impact to our ability to project soft power become so counterproductive as to negate any benefit that we may gain in short-term intelligence? "Hi, we're from (country X); we're here to help, and we haven't been in the news this week for torturing your relatives. Here's a new soccer stadium (or economy for that matter), now here's what we'd like from you" might be more dangerous in the long term than what we are preventing with short-term intelligence gathering. Let's hope we've got some pretty smart folks making the decisions; I'll be the first to admit I wouldn't have any idea how to determine the exchange rate in these transactions.
  14. jice

    Is Command becoming that undesirable?

    This might be a ridiculous question, but what are the actual incentives for command? If an officer (with retirement secured) were standing at the fork in the road looking at getting out at considerable financial gain or staying in with the option of command, what would homo economicus do? If the answer is that the rational model would get out, spend time with the kids and buy nice toys, does this mean we are attempting to select for patriotism/internal motivation to serve alone? If this is the case, how do we discriminate between an individual calling to service and an individual calling to power?