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  1. Swizzle

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Link? I don't see it posted on www.afpc.af.mil Or do you mean on RAW?
  2. I'll read it that way to, but feel it'll soon change to favor Uncle Sugar. Side note: wonder if they could force in someone whose DIEMS wasn't initially eligible to enroll in the first place who had a break in service!? Can a DIEMS be reset?
  3. Unless you read the fine, Gov't accountant, print! "Members who have a DIEMS of December 31, 2017 or earlier are generally NOT subject to the automatic enrollment and reenrollment provisions of Public Law 114-92, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 even if they elect (opt in) to be covered by BRS. However, when an opt-in member separates and then reenters service, that member will be automatically enrolled." There goes a favorable COA, poof gone....
  4. Some porches have posted take rates on Portal slides...ouch. Haven't seen take rates on RAW all year...hmmm. Depressingly, NDAA FY19 locked in max AVB of $35K by just stating:overwrite 2018 with 2019 in regards to bonus pays authorization...also ouch. 333(i) of title 37, United States Code, is amended by striking ‘‘December 31, 2018’’ and inserting ‘‘December 31, 2019’’. (d) AUTHORITIES RELATING TO TITLE 37 CONSOLIDATED SPECIALPAY, INCENTIVE PAY, AND BONUS AUTHORITIES.—The following sec-tions of title 37, United States Code, are amended by striking ‘‘December 31, 2018’’ and inserting ‘‘December 31, 2019’ But apparently 365s will be 180s now! And flight pay is up! 😐 ....and the ticker trends yet again downward (literally there are less of us, past 2k now by my calculations, even Navs are down, but wait ABM & RPA increased!)
  5. Swizzle

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Humidity does decrease air density, perhaps it's a problem somewhere there or about that in the T-6 OBOGS
  6. Swizzle

    What is right with the Air Force

    Just like a personal credit card, every transaction is coded behind the scenes by Citibank and paired/labelled to a category (ex. Dining, fine dining, entertainment, club, ___-merchandise). Ever seen a USAA spending breakdown? Automatically Citibank flags certain codes (certain establishments) and categories and can provide the report to Finance at some level for manual screening. From there...who knows and who knows IF it gets screened/caught. I know for sure certain establishment's vendor codes throw a HUGE visible red flag, categories not so much accuracy. Some savvy business aren't labelled by credit card companies by what they actually do!
  7. Swizzle

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    Read the SECAF MOI to the promotion board on MyPers... Being an AFPAK hand doesn't mean automatic BPZ promotion, maybe, supposedly, just kinda it means take it into consideration.
  8. Swizzle

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Full tilt GTA comes to life!! But seriously, violent video games caused him to do it (/S)
  9. Swizzle

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    8 of 13 stayed in AD of my YG in my neck of the woods..the prior and post year groups..lost near 95% to Sep
  10. Swizzle

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1595836/innovative-1st-rs-training-provides-rq-4-student-pilots-valuable-flying-experie/ Big Blue gives out innovation $, in turn RPA drivers buy in-cockpit flight time...who knew they'd want to do such a thing, and gasp that's its having benefits back to Big Blue. Why wasn't this done earlier? Like 10 years ago? Fund and approve more Aeroclubs! Especially near RPA drivers!
  11. “We can’t afford to lose our treasure [due to aircraft mishaps], and our treasure is our Airmen, first, and our aircraft and weapons systems our nation relies upon.” - Gen David Goldfein, Chief of Staff, US Air Force A bit reminiscent of a famous Lord of the Rings quote's meaning....
  12. Me either...but the promotion rates say it all, especially the APZ rate this O4 board
  13. Swizzle

    Space Force

    2nd claim...from a classic...and 5% because it's not sleep-'apnis' and it might be 'Space-Burn-pit' related which has unknown side effects and needs further review and a registry...