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  1. 5 year buckets aren't yet instituted, ask AFPC/A1...as far as I know continuation and twice passed over are still "things"...my data is from this week
  2. You mean as in OSD vector infers sub 1 percentile? Tell you this much that hopefully already know: The realistic percentages that can actually fulfill those vectors do not match the actual capability/quantity of billets So, thresholds are typically inferred as <1%, 2-5%, 10%, 25-30% and...Wing Staff. There is a few conflicting slides/numbers floating around functionals' webpages. And your right, seems MAJCOMs infer different numbers
  3. Navy is and will be using AFSAS...or, uh, NAFSAS?! That'll make their stuff easier to see through your local AF/SE rep. https://www.whs.mil/News/News-Display/Article/2325542/three-tips-ease-move-to-new-incident-reporting-system-taking-effect-aug-31/
  4. You mean they're debating subtle numbers (promo board OOM) which are REAL feedback!? And delaying, thus not giving, useful feedback. No way, pfft! Patience is what Big Blue demands without saying, patience and trust. Which is exactly what people cautiously grant or no. Side question: if a person meets a supplemental promo board and gets picked up, what is their line number/OOM? And hence, what is their back pay?
  5. President Washington owned slaves (https://www.mountvernon.org/george-washington/slavery/ten-facts-about-washington-slavery/), should we not celebrate the 1st President because of this association? Should we rename D.C. and Washington State too? Many value and follow the Office of the President, should we abandon that too because of a historical association to the 1st President? Values change when the context changes. Understanding why, where, and when they change, via historic lessons, is seeking true wisdom and balance. Not celebrating history, those lessons of historic values and their changes, is ignoring wisdom and embracing bias.
  6. www.ktsm.com/news/military/pilot-successfully-ejected-during-f-16-crash-landing-at-holloman-afb/amp/
  7. Absolutely MWS affects career opportunities; however, as a rule of thumb, not absolute rule. Big MWS = more opportunities but more competition, and typically more relesability later in career for different options/paths. Smaller MWS = fewer competitors however not necessarily less opportunities, depends how far apart the asset is spread. Positions like staff, test, DETs, etc. vary in size, location, and impact. For both types of MWS, big amd small fleet: Look at mission, typical TDY locations (i.e. MSN/CC or DET/CC), etc. Opportunities abound in the next few years due to high attrition in the near past. Some briefs now say whomever, Officer-wise, is still in-service in mid-2020's will command whether they like to or not. Don't know if COVID change that on a macro level or not, but do know several (~10) who are staying in for lack of outside opportunities. FGOs will bloat the next few years for this reason surely, and Aircrew Retention TF/CC recently, publicly said this. LD/HD assets typically experience personnel burnout, attrition, and therefore little releasability when you want it. LD assets have people jump ship for better opportunities on the outside.
  8. PPM isn't normally allowed for Transocean PCS', requires a big waiver Mailing was HHG for me, USPS shipping receipt listed price and weight for reimbursement. That was 12 and 8 years ago
  9. ...can't imagine the runway which the 4 Horsemen could've form-landed ...near Edward's maybe? Oh yeah, ...A long time ago in an Air Force far, far away...dinosaur Herk pilots ruled the sky in 4 ship fingertip form
  10. ..."and weather forecaster"... Wonder if he knew his forecast was cloudy with chance of $h1tstorm?
  11. It came from thin air, and biased preference. Simple economics, think recruitee supply and demand. I know a guy who got a 4 yr AFROTC scholarship for a BA in Psychology, 2005 commission era. He DG'd 3 flying formal schools, so the system wasn't so abrasive to/of him. Seems an engineering degree isn't required to do well in flying courses. Perhaps pedigree is more important in later career, only time will tell ...or not. My $0.02 on the real reason and answer to your question - perception. Its predominantly perceived that doctors and engineers are capable, responsible, and accountable. Mother Blue wants the best she can get (the moment the board decides)[because most important AF decisions are boarded by a panel to mitigate bias], who wouldn't; so she accepts the best she can when she can, which in an ideal state, is the perceived best. Biases are strong, but time can prove them wrong; sometimes a career's worth of time. Othertimes a generation-long or even an inter-war period. It all depends. What is your context? Here's to moonshine and sunshine, and COVID for the opportunity! God rest those not so fortunate. Drink responsibly and to those at peace and those not, a 6' distance, if prudent. BTW - what do any of us really know? Philosophically speaking that is...
  12. They still doing these...? https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1330125/retired-air-force-pilots-welcomed-back-on-active-duty/ https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/940896/vlpad-adds-multiple-career-fields-vacancies/
  13. A Bait and Bleed strategy has been and is being used against us for at least two decades; It will continue. However, we "swatted" and squished a nuisance - onlookers will take note that the irritation is working and likely double-down on their subversive strategy to bleed us into weakness (i.e. loss of global influence/power/quality-of-life/way-of-life). Its a slow, progressively weakening strategy meant to engage on level below significant threat to the engagors self-preservation. A new political line was drawn, a new standard set inferring what is significant. What will the new response be to that line? Keeping in-line with their strategy and weaker position most likely more subversive actions?
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