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  1. They still doing these...? https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1330125/retired-air-force-pilots-welcomed-back-on-active-duty/ https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/940896/vlpad-adds-multiple-career-fields-vacancies/
  2. A Bait and Bleed strategy has been and is being used against us for at least two decades; It will continue. However, we "swatted" and squished a nuisance - onlookers will take note that the irritation is working and likely double-down on their subversive strategy to bleed us into weakness (i.e. loss of global influence/power/quality-of-life/way-of-life). Its a slow, progressively weakening strategy meant to engage on level below significant threat to the engagors self-preservation. A new political line was drawn, a new standard set inferring what is significant. What will the new response be to that line? Keeping in-line with their strategy and weaker position most likely more subversive actions?
  3. https://www.sipapu.ski/active-military-ski-free/ North of Santa Fe
  4. Checks with how I read that legal'ese, outside their "window-of-opportunity"
  5. Wonder if 5 year-buckets are because some O-4(S) two boards ago were 8APZ... 100% promotion "opportunity" (98% in reality was it?) had some interesting effects.
  6. ...however that "gap" is not even close to gone, nor will it ever completely close... ...AFSOC seems always to be hiring FWIW... $0.02. It can be alot of MSN. Choose wisely...
  7. Stray thought: Was she in the "co-pilot" car seat? ... wingman dont let wingman drive drunk and all that jazz. That was probably asked by Zoo leadership already...if yes, had to be at least a verbal Wonder how each MAJCOM would treat that these days, opinions anyone?
  8. Good record, sorry man. With what info you provided, I question the #12/71 O4s and #2/8 I/APZ...makes me think BPZ took the DPs from the Wing and not you. The WG/CC gambled. Look around to your 1&2BPZ competitors if you want to know, but know the past is unchanging. There are paths forward towards what you want, just make sure in pursuit of them to keep your options open as much as possible.
  9. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/299 Became Law, law has details....page 9 and 10 for fees... Excerpt pg. 9 attached...law has other details with which VA must comply.
  10. Exactly....will these on-loan positions be valued in the new system? Or will only core events for the functional areas be valued towards promotion by only that functional area? Aka outisde the tribe penalty...
  11. It depends greatly upon ole' radiator wings being administratively used as leader-in-general/of anything "badge" and recognized, valued outisde a cockpit, in functional area promotion boards. In short, more Ops functional board quotas than support or other functional areas. In this doesn't happen, how many ops O5s by manning document posirions are needed in squadrons/groups/wings....not many, thus Ops promotion rates will drop. Support functional areas will have this fairness debate, it's in their interests. This new system could be the rise of 'support' I wholeheartedly presume A1 hasn't had this conversation in great enough detail. Case example/food for thought: Pilot put in charge of MX or LRS or other support area, not their functional promotion category...in which promotion pool will they compete? What functional area gets the quota? It'll probably be granted now based upon manning documents for which A1 is responsible.
  12. Looks like a tight ELP, thought we didn't teach those patterns anymore! ...ha But seriously, was said AC a previous FAIP? (T-6 ya, ya...)
  13. UPT production numbers aren't where they publically stated they should be, but they've risen slightly. Don't think the former is the cause (read: luck), maybe just slightly retention influenced however UAV production #s on the other hand seem to have spiked upwards. To AFPC a pilot is a pilot is a UAV pilot is a # on a spreadsheet
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