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  1. Everyone will take closer note when the biggest pool of pilots by MAJCOM/core AFSC declines year over year 5-6%. The faster that pool declines into the red, the more attention and political support retention methods will get. Majority rules. Chalk it up to a psychological effect, or put in other words, damn the biggest group flopped from overage to major shortfall that fast (bureaucratically speaking)...!? Side note: an interesting development is the politcal language created to say we are deepening in this crisis to a point we can't produce our way out of it...in a big way "absorption" problems = too few IPs to train new recruits production rate needed IMHO. When they advertise unforeseen delays in training non-MX or WX related, it is real baaadddd. Why not spin that language! Don't waste a good crisis! Right, right? ...ugh
  2. I heard in the fall directly from AMC/A1KD that they hand picked the candidates to ensure their "records" would be competitive for future advancement (aka promotion), thus a few average Joe's who applied were denied entry. It was what, 8 who applied and 5 picked...forget. The reasoning was if they're not competitive now it wouldn't assure long term program success, put another way if these few don't promote the program will wither and die.
  3. HASC NDAA FY20 version just renews last year's offer...present "business case" does not appear to be max -performed yet thus no bureaucratic justification or urgency to change policy yet. However, as everyone knows, that's faulty logic considering the pilot exodus trend is accelerating not in govt's favor... https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-115hr5515rh/pdf/BILLS-115hr5515rh.pdf
  4. Swizzle


    Oh protect the passports for the kids now/in future...add to settlement desires If you like to OCONUS travel, get it in court order that kiddos can travel, must maintain valid US passport, who maintains them/ holds them, and where they're allowed to go (with appropriate notary parent sig's required of other parent)! DoS has required verbiage on their website for one-parent filing and notary parent signed travel permission
  5. Swizzle


    Ask lawyer about recording in-person and in-home. If possible, record 100% of your time around her JIC. Oh, move any guns to a responsible third party. http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/florida-recording-law
  6. Swizzle


    Friend recommends: https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/product-features/mobile-apps
  7. Swizzle


    https://www.myfloridalaw.com/divorce/adultery-and-divorce-in-florida/ Get her immediately served with a assets freeze order if prudent. http://www.collaborativefamilylawfl.com/divorce-in-florida-some-answers-to-difficult-questions-by-howard-raab-esq/
  8. I've heard they want to do that too before seperating the LAF into functional fields promotion categories. Which if they did that... How would the institutional job requirements (i.e. school instructors, Recruiters, etc.) be promoted? And against who? I believe they'd be short-changed and even worse off than before. If communities don't value institutional positions now, what would seperating them out do!?! Or would they fight over a promotion aggregate like an AF MLR notion?
  9. https://go.afa.org/e/285922/er-Aggressor-Light-Strike-aspx/4x39gf/487542834?h=GZSUrX7SY-Rq0dROig76ir2dc6ccJxfJRqaj7bUbQnQ “Strictly Trainer” T-X Now a Candidate for Lead-in Fighter, Aggressor, Light Strike"
  10. I corroborate his hearsay, its not the MLR nor for the MLR's function. Instead to gather empirical data of new vs old way of PRFs against two promotion boards. Senior leaders needs data before a decision to make PRFs much shorter...
  11. What's the longest rate lock available? And how much?
  12. The F-16 demo team was recently TDY to California training within the last 2 weeks...its in their Twitter feed
  13. Damn, right now it seems the AD guy that...
  14. This is the reality and perspective of a seasoned pilot and based in experiential-reality, what you're arguing against is leaders who are making an on-paper argument for new toys, technology refresh, and better performance (MX & Ops). How leaders from desks perceive and justify things is and will always be slightly, or majorly, disconnected from reality (because Execs/Aides dont fly as long or far as a turkey). However Execs/Aides can be good people...they just have a different admin-fight
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