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  1. The AvB AFI doesn't say anything about this issue that could affect 1 year takers this year. If this take-you-to-22 YAS service is a thing, talk about screwing over trust. Should've figured...
  2. Swizzle

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    I had 47 hours one year when farmed-out to a "fly-once-a-week" support job. Typically local training sorties were 4 hours. You do the math...
  3. Swizzle

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Lt Gen Grosso briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee that it's still with SECAF last week, the "quality review board" that is...ha, appearance counts for too much. The lawyers are probably making sure the 'QRB' is legal.
  4. Swizzle

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    http://www.af.mil/mobile/News/Article/1443863/air-force-vice-chief-of-staff-to-congress-help-us-win-any-fight-at-any-time/ Humans are more important than hardware. This SOF truth applies to the masses too. Just buying more planes and acquiring more flying hours to enable the AF's grow-out-of-this problem isn't going to work (as WE all know). How far, how big, will this retention problem get before they accept this SOF truth? What do y'all think? I wonder, what was the tipping point that significantly increased bonuses in the past? 38% take-rates? What will it be now? Will the 1-2 year bonus takers be the tipping point? Hundreds took short bonuses/commitments, will they be persuaded to stay by the AF's recent "fixes"?
  5. Swizzle

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    We're so fucked. Notice all #s are 2016... /Break, break/ Lt Gen Nowland told Congressional sub-committee the newly passed budget had $$$ for AD AF aviators; But I don't see it. He also said AF will target bonus $$ to IP/EPs. Lastly, that AF is coming back to Congress to ask for help to implement a new plan. Wonder what that'll be?!
  6. Swizzle

    New BAH rates are out.

    Montgomery, O-4: w/ dependent, $183 decrease w/o dep, $156 decrease Cannon AFB, O-4: w/ dep, $63 decrease w/o dep, $90 decrease
  7. Swizzle

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Check two other threads...we're already talking about this... Time to lock this down, then "File 13"
  8. Swizzle

    Test group to Skip the T6?

    The USAF needs pilots so badly; I was seeing MQT, local indoc, and combat cert' trainees getting a slap on the wrist and multiple attempts. Exactly opposite of what you think.
  9. Swizzle

    F-16 Students skip Phase III

    They've proposed using eye scanning/monitoring, like retna trackers, with T-6 partial task trainers to hopefully accelerate an instrument crosscheck. Iterative virtual reality training will probably be extensive in that syllabus, when it gets developed. They will have a T-6 flying portion. **they will probably have near constant oversight from AETC HQ Proposed/goal for new road to wings is 6 months. It's aggressive.
  10. Swizzle

    F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Yes, and it's real. PCS to Texas hill country. Probably a CSD of ~February 18'. Should be pretty neat, but could get intensive real quick or be plauged by setbacks. The program has AETC/CC backing (naturally). A good and smart dude is helping it work.
  11. Mardon Co. had my order in a six month backlog, when i called to get an update they stated it was because of some business difficulties and machines were down. I cancelled the order. I had used them for years...never again.
  12. Swizzle

    F-16 Students skip Phase III

    There is an AETC Det. My guess is they'll PCS studs after they bed down IPs and support equipment within 6 months. It's not the only test bed. The SECAF, CSAF and AETC/CC have publically mentioned this potential COA to fix the production side of the pilot problem (Aka decrease pilot training length). Change of AvB amount to business case analysis (NDAA FY18 mandated), changing pilot QoL through policy easing/protections, and increase of ACIP are meant to slow attrition. The =<1,000 pilot voluntary recall is meant to assist in fixing the absorption problem by keeping IPs in flying squadrons, not on staffs. Previously retired geezers coming back get staff work or schoolhouse flying. Best of luck USAF, you're going to need it. Luck (or lack thereof via previously self-inflicted policies) and timing (economy) are everything...you taught me that...it's still true now. Now bloom where you're planted! What kind of desert rose might we get!?
  13. ...perhaps via Post 9/11 benefits...all to more easily fund, grow, and build accredited flying academies nationwide....
  14. It wasn't posted this week. My guess is they'll wait to post it until end of calendar year since the FY17 NDAA AVB is offered until Dec 31st (excluding 1 & 2 yr options).
  15. Swizzle

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