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  1. Ask the Tanker PEO and PM...the lifecycle pressure is still there guaranteed https://www.wpafb.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2135438/tanker-peo-highlights-guiding-principles-and-tips-for-success/
  2. But the women take showers and wash their dirndls for sure...pic to prove
  3. Ultimately one successful landing of a fatbodied tanker on dirt by a UPT 2.5 co-pilot (or robot substitute per AMC dreams)
  4. A SFS/CC might recommend saying, 'I lack understanding of a great many things!'
  5. https://www.oregonaero.com/accessories/softseat-portable-cushions
  6. As in age? Or…should expect two sets of @CaptainMorgandemands!? 🤔 not sure where this is going
  7. When the authorities are collecting genetic markers/specimens from him - nope. Must have something with which to compare said official specimen obtained from the minor.
  8. Aka economic depression, -10% GDP...already 10% there and jobless rate hasn't even taken a significant hit yet, there is a reason billionaires are buying farmland
  9. 'Insert appropriate meme here'
  10. There is a reason the 1st Amendment basically encourages discourse in all non-violent forms...its this - keep the discussion open and going, also your natural inclination; its a means to address grievances (literally written). The moment someone censors the political discourse unjustly, unnecessarily the whole should/can-reasonably-address-grievances-thing falls apart. Thus, politics via other means as a last resort. We are on this cusp of too much censorship. And in some ways, already past the edge. To me, this is what makes the unsealing of documents so interesting, revealing the reasoning and justification behind action and/or inaction when action is warranted.
  11. Is that TS/SCI?....asking for a friend...(/s)
  12. @BTLFlyer @Seriously Not likely, reference SASC markup of NDAA23...which proposes an extension of existing quantities, save for the AIR FORCE RATED OFFICER RETENTION DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM...up to $50k/yr only for AD in the SASC markup for NDAA FY23 "(d) AUTHORITIES RELATING TO TITLE 37 CONSOLI- 18 DATED SPECIAL PAY, INCENTIVE PAY, AND BONUS AU- 19 THORITIES.—The following sections of title 37, United 20 States Code, are amended by striking ‘‘December 31, 21 2022’’ and inserting ‘‘December 31, 2023’’ // // (3) Section 334(i), relating to special aviation 2 incentive pay and bonus authorities for officers."
  13. They could put them to good use... "CAP claimed its first U-boat kill on July 11, 1942, when Captain Johnny Haggins and Major Wynant Farr, flying a Grumman G-44 Widgeon armed with two depth charges, bombed a sub they had been shadowing for three hours, just as it came up to periscope depth." ..."reported 173 U-boat positions and dropped 82 bombs on 57 of those subs." https://www.historynet.com/civil-air-patrols-combat-pilots/
  14. Perhaps 2.5 grads can fix MyEval then?...maybe they learned that?
  15. Hmmm, she has her stars...maybe we shouldn't lighten-up!? Maybe she's quite the criminal authority.
  16. FTFY... So 4+ yr contract in exchange for <$50k/yr and/or Base of Pref...with a contract rider that of +1yr even IF THEY CANNOT DELIVER BoP...which AF for enlisted assignments said was less than 50% chance of fill. Now, I know that's enlisted assignments, but it's still AFPC we're talking about. And, the functionals will hate having their hands-tied on PCS flexibility, but they might get manpower in exchange. ...and the biggest kicker...does the money stack!?!?!? Seems NO (didn't read section 334(c) of title 37, United States Code)
  17. Sssh, RG just... Also...everyone knows money comes from birthday cards!
  18. I presume him... https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/572404/mike-minihan/ ...or could be wrong and it's this...
  19. New monetary theory is based off of most trusted financial, therefore governmental, system...who wins the game of trust is anyone's guess...but my money would be the most open, accessible, and largest financial system/economy. Options, and not just typical trading options, are the true king. Flexibility and portability can't be underestimated.
  20. They were also asked to reclass ASFCs or Comission into needs of Mother Blue. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-enlisted-drone-pilot/
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