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  1. Your gain: more promises of milk and honey in the future (i.e. free drinks tomorrow)...gov't issue M&H that is...think powdered milk, not Manas chow hall whole milk that every Bagram crew would hoard Meanwhile, the "outside" offers any milk you chose, all with the cream... BLAB: capped at $35k, AF looking to better $ and contract term lengths...in the future...all contingent upon when govt $$ is appropriated by congress
  2. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2022/january/06/delta-drops-degree-requirement-for-pilot-applicants Faster path to some cockpits now...
  3. ...what's strange about a mulligan (/s)? Anyone who plays AF golf tournaments knows of them! Now, combat mulligans are no laughing matter. Highly selective training pipelines perhaps too. Wonder how this plays out?
  4. In this training climate, it's a swing and a MIF! Regardless of a hit or RBI or goal!
  5. A.dditional/A.lternate -- C.ombat -- E.xperience, eh? Future downrange hypothetical story...So...this one deployment I was a forklift driver, next a copilot, another a bus driver, and latest 'rote my own IPR/Personelist/Finance/CE/secretary/Comm-troop/Aircraft CC...what could go wrong besides all those passwords/login deadlines/currencies on an epic collision course culminating in ____insert your fate here (i.e. futility testing more with less, repeatedly)___
  6. If neither can control it, why mandate things (i.e. isolation and inthat can hurt people's health/careers/lives? Why control people and instead let people control themselves if it makes little to no difference? Is not freer choice better than lessor, fewer choice(s)?
  7. Wonder if trying to get das boot from Mother Blue!? ...like Corporal Klinger, break-the-rules MASH style. *disclaimer: probably just having fun stirring the pot, because heard pilots are excessively abundant lately (/S)
  8. Have you seen/been to PME? Heard the good doctrine books? Remember to check your boxes! I half jest.
  9. poptr@popsleather.com Safak can help you out with your custom leather needs. His father custom made me a jacket in 1989, then in 2012 Safak made me a new, from scratch A2 with three different zipout liners. Still have both. He made me an awesome shotgun case too as well as shoulder holsters (CCW and over jacket) Send him all the dimensions, pictures, materials preference, colors, and custom pockets, etc...and you'll be amazed with what comes back.
  10. But did you see his Master's in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty, VA?!...the morality class (catholic centric maybe??) must've been online, and wonder what (and if) he discussed in it...intriguing twist
  11. Holistically, now that you bring it up, I mean getting to manned flight (i.e. eval successful and unsuccessful to pilot candidates) as well as unmanned, AI-piloted aviation successfully piloting. Pilots/piloting and pilot-duties (being manned and AI-piloted) are sinkholes of time and money. [Ask Mother Blue/ref 19 AF budget]. Researching how to best invest in these areas through a disertation/thesis topic upon how to save and wisely expend $/time WILL be of interest to those deep pockets and big spenders of aviation. Aka...a widely read topic vs dust collector in a virtual library.
  12. Follow the $$$...conversely lead the $$$! Research how and where and in what flying applications can pilots be eliminated with present day technology or a short leap forward in tech (just before the cutting edge, i.e. where to invest).
  13. He was, almost...from Cannon of all places. https://www.worldpokertour.com/player/derrick-rosenbarger/#playerTab1
  14. Swizzle

    Gun Talk

    I'm confused, so just placed this in two of my favorite threads...
  15. Watching this conversation-action makes for a snack bar trip...
  16. ...like those COVID19 pre-existing conditions or other-health-factors worsening COVID19's impact... https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html ...discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen, who will be the primary plaintiff? Any wagers on if a class action will be filed? A hearty 'you-were-right' 😒 is brewing 😏
  17. It is good that the AF consistently messes everything up, predictability is good...right? Otherwise we would all be anxious with uncertainty!!! And knowing the future is good, unlike current events...
  18. Trump tried... https://www.defenseone.com/policy/2020/07/unconventional-tactic-becomes-congresss-go-weapon-against-troop-withdrawal/166880/ Power of the purse kept Trump too from spending $$ on the withdrawal... https://theintercept.com/2020/07/02/house-democrats-working-with-liz-cheney-restrict-trumps-planned-withdrawal-of-troops-from-afghanistan-and-germany/
  19. What else could they have added, military coup? Riots? Seems a legit lvl. 4, puts other lvl 4 COVID-only advisories to shame. "The Travel Advisory for Afghanistan remains Level 4-Do Not Travel due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, armed conflict, and COVID-19."
  20. Drop on request vs. Self Initiated Elim, same right? Failing/washing out another matter, ref. rated aircrew is voluntary duty going in...presently...until draft
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