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  1. Syria strikes underway

    One step closer to STOPLOSS
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    My dad was a pilot but my Mom thought we would butt heads if he taught me to fly so she arranged for a close family friend who was a senior Pilot at Delta to be my first instructor. The guy was a legend who did many incredible things in his life and wrote books about his adventures )sailed a six foot boat across the Atlantic by himself.) I really looked up to him until the day after I soloed. I was in his hangar on his private flying ranch when he pulled me aside and said "you needed to get that military flying thing out of my system and get a real job." He went as far as to show me his paystub which was incomprehensible money to a kid in 1986. I was kind of taken aback, when I looked around the guy had several planes, cars motorcycle and boats, he obviously had a lot of money but he did not value military service. Oddly I ran into his years later when my hometown made a big deal about getting some medals in Afghanistan, he was all smiles and handshakes, "you done good kid!" I never looked at him the same. As for Huggy, how about as a dedicated American who served his country he also taught his children about service, sacrifice, and something more than the almighty dollar. As a senior officer I routinely met with folks who decided to get out. I never required a meeting if someone dropped their papers, most of the meetings were requested by folks I had mentored and decided to get out or through chance interactions. My first statement was ALWAYS "thank you for your service, what can I do to help with your next chapter." As Huggy noted, giving any period of your life to military service buys my everlasting gratitude, you have done more than 99% of the population and I am honored to shake your hand if it was 2 years or 28. In my humble opinion, Huggy is a fucking hero and though we are not close friends, I dare say his family has done just fine, in spite of his 28 years of service.
  3. Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Sarah Connor?
  4. The Next President is...

    Dripping with irony...
  5. Syria strikes underway

    Agree to disagree. There is a big difference between trike to destabilize his rule and strikes to reduce his ability to deliver chemical weapons. Even the strikes by Trump were limited to chemical weapons productions and storage. The entrenchment by the Russians since Obama walked away made it very difficult to strike the actual delivery mechanisms without harming Russian citizens. I presume the three sites that were hit last week were there when Obama was POTUS. It is often difficult to predict outcomes in the great game, but I personally believe the application of military power to enforce the declared red line would have limited the future employment of chemical weapons, the message sent more than empowered Aasad. Perhaps they would have increased barrel bomb attacks as a result, but we will never know, nor will a lot of dead women and children.
  6. Syria strikes underway

    The entire situation is of course a chocolate mess. Do we intervene in every situation around the world, most would agree no. Are we seen as world leaders and do our actions send a message, most would agree yes. I believe if Obama had thumped them when they crossed supposed Red Line and previously used WMD, the calculus for Aasad would have been different this time. I could be wrong. All of that being said, it is exceptionally difficult to see women and children being hit with chemical weapons.
  7. Syria strikes underway

    So you are saying Obama was taking Ryan's advice?
  8. Syria strikes underway

    Doubtful...Regardless, if the spineless messiah grown a pair and hit them when they crossed the "red line" there might be a lot less dead women and children.
  9. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This is what is wrong with the Air Force. UFB!!! TENN_ANG.mp4
  10. Syria strikes underway

  11. Syria strikes underway

  12. Syria strikes underway

    They even worked some JASSM-ER into the mix.
  13. Syria strikes underway

    British Tornados, B-1s, TLAMs...I’m sure there are a few Raptors in the mix.
  14. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Congrats and thank you for your service. Semper Fi.
  15. The Next President is...

    Lost in all of this is just how corrupt and partisan the FBI has become. The FBI just released the IG report on McCabe and it states he lied to numerous senior officials, he lied under oath to BENEFIT HIMSELF, and he was the source of a leak during the election. Comey's book excerpts are flowing and I could care less about the insults and hand size drama, but he admits he the following: He failed to tell Trump he knew Hillary paid for the Dossier, he decided to release the late breaking info on Hillary only after he noted she was ahead in the pools, and he released potentially classified information through a friend to drive the appointment of a special prosecutor. Bottomline, love or hate Trump, the top two "Leaders" of the FBI leaked information. Sickening.
  16. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The report worded it to say 1/3 of the entire population. Further 65% of eligibles have declined the bonus.
  17. VA Loans

    I wasn’t expecting the PAP Smear.
  18. VA Loans

    In the final stages of the process with Marty right now...great service but be prepared to provide a LOT of paperwork!
  19. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    The GAO is out with a new report sounding the alarm of the Fighter Pilot shortage across DoD. Fully 1/4 of all Fighter Pilot billets are now empty. There were some interesting gems in the report like how the Navy tried to normalize some of the shortages by EXTENDING deployments. Also, over the past four years over 1/3 of the USAF's Fighter Pilots have elected to leave the service.
  20. The Next President is...

    Except when the Legal Office made recommendations to me as a Commander they did so in private, not on the public stage after calling a news conference. Legal analysis like drafting a memo clearing Clinton before she was even interviewed... Do you actually believe any of this tripe?
  21. The Next President is...

    Odd, I seem to recall Comey saying Hillary should not be charged...
  22. The Next President is...

  23. The Next President is...

    Two issues here: 1. Sitting in on TS/SCI meetings without a clearance is troubling....HOWEVER, the President of the United States is the ULTIMATE declassification authority...IF he approves the adminstrivia is meaningless. Is it a bad optic, absolutely...illegal, nope. 2. Lying or emitting details on an SF-86 - 100% a crime that should be punished.