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    It's the watered-down JP-8 they're selling...surprised the engines can achieve ignition
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    That is a weak deflection. The topic is government overreach and the violation of constitutional protections based on "emergency needs," not the wisdom or foolishness of being religious. We can see your opinion on the latter by your condescending posts, but you are using your opinion against religious groups to mask the issue of the government violating numerous civil rights in an inconsistent and (sometimes) non-medically relevant manner (banning socially-distanced activities or "gatherings" of people who already live together, etc).
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    If waiverable, it will also depend on why you washed out, from a unit’s perspective for hiring purposes. Maybe they don’t care if you washed out for formation, but they likely will care if you washed out for instrument flying.
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    Decent microbrew in Wichita
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    It’s been a long while since UPT, but there was a Capt type who washed out of T-38s who was in “Stars and Stripes” years ago who tried to get to the heavy side. I mean it was front page at the exchange on a rack. Turns out, no joy. I would think it’s definitely not an automatic assumption nor will it ever be based on what the criteria might have been to wash out. Either way, is this something new and if it is has it been going on for any substantial length of time? Never heard of it, but I haven’t heard a lot nor read the new/updated reg.
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    Well I’m not saying the 7 days a week of boozing and mountain biking was not fun at SOS...
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    Indeed. Primary tabs Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. https://lawandcrime.com/covid-19-pandemic/new-jersey-woman-kim-pagan-charged-for-organizing-protest-against-covid-19-stay-at-home-orders/ Even a state school grad can see this one doesn't pass the test...
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    Damn, hot chick didn't age well! Pissed off girlfriend isn't looking too shabby, though!
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    One of the best parties I ever attended was at PME. That was worthwhile.
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    I'm a TR who can't travel to my unit because I'm out of the local area. It'd be nice to have that option but until then I'll just continue to sit on my ass, drink beer, and grow a beard.
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    Apparently there’s some truth..? I’m a “well north of 2xAPZ” iron Maj that was surprised to see a “Definitely Promote!” At the end of line 2 and the DP box marked. From a 2-star SR to boot. Come onnnnnnnn 90+%! Ha
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    If a potential Harvard conflict of interest or lack of credibility is worrying you, I can find other sources on whether gathering in large groups indoors during a pandemic is a good idea. Want to take a guess at what they say? The mosque. Or church. Or synagogue. Hands down.. unless people at your local liquor store spontaneously break into song in close proximity to one another, dunk each other into pools of water, and then share the same snack with hundreds of their closest friends. If you want to talk about history, it is absolutely full of the church being at odds with science.. and ending up wrong. We certainly haven't evolved past government abuses, but apparently we've also not evolved past religions' blatant disregard for medical advice.
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    Voice to text disagrees!😬 spear taken.
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    No, I said they should be allowed to do that if they want to. On the condition it wouldn't affect other people. It's not religious bigotry. I'll say the same about the throngs of Florida beach goers yesterday, people who throw coronavirus parties, and anyone else who chooses to congregate in large groups during a pandemic. Doing things that increase your probability of death, or an inability to adapt (behaviors in this case) are the drivers of natural selection. I'm sorry that offends some people.
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    These horror stories of police arresting people on the beach or dragging people out of church are way overblown. The media is going to over-report anything that will get views and outrage--similar to how they wayyyyy over-report police shootings of minorities. Regardless, I think this 'gubment better not take my rights' argument is really alarmist and simplistic. The government doesn't want to be arresting solo beach goers just as much as said beach goers don't want to be arrested. And how is this any different from a mandatory hurricane evacuation order? The government tells people what they can and can't do all the time, and once the crisis passes, things return to normal. Acting like this is some kind of slippery slope to a 1984 dystopian hellscape is pretty ridiculous. I'd even argue that the current crisis gives police better justification to arrest people not following the rules than a hurricane does. If you disregard a mandatory evacuation at least the only person you're hurting is yourself. In a pandemic, someone's flagrant disregard of public health guidance endangers other people too. Do others have a constitutional right to not be infected by idiots who refuse to follow the rules? Full disclosure: If it wasn't possible for church goers to infect others, I'd be all for them voluntarily gathering in the largest groups possible. Disregarding public health guidance to worship your imaginary man in the sky is a beautiful example of both constitutional rights and natural selection.
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