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  1. Warrants are appointed to W-1 by the Service Secretary of their branch (minus the USAF). The President can do this via a commission, however that’s not common. Once they’re promoted to W-2, they are commissioned by the president. They take the same oath of office as commissioned officers.
  2. Friend of mine does it with him and his ex flying for United. Grandparents help out a lot.
  3. The SCOTUS just blocked federal vaccine mandate for large businesses. https://apnews.com/article/eb5899ae1fe5b62b6f4d51f54a3cd375 SCOTUS Opinion https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/21a244_hgci.pdf
  4. She checks two diversity boxes, of course she’s a golden child.
  5. "Below is the public work contact information for the military personnel involved in this issue" That is not their personal phone number, that's their duty phone number (as stated in the memo). https://freebeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Air-Force-anonymous-memo.pdf
  6. That’s because the Air Force gives people Stockholm syndrome. Completely leaving the military is an option made by people everyday, and a lot of us turn out happier and better than when we were in. I also know people flying for the majors at 100% VA disability. If 100% permanent and total (P&T), you can get VA’s CHAMPVA healthcare insurance, which functions much like Tricare for retirees. You cannot be eligible for CHAMPVA if you’re eligible for Tricare for retirees. https://vaclaimsinsider.com/champva-insurance-good-or-bad/
  7. Are you in a CRW/CRG? If you're going to austere locations, isn't that what they're for?
  8. Yeah, however a majority of those EPR’s close out at the squadron, since they’re for junior enlisted. Unlike even the most junior CGO OPR that goes up to at least the group level.
  9. Very textbook definition of how it works. However, there’s the “unintended consequences” of doing it by doing it by the book. Dunno if you remember in the mid 2000’s when education was masked to the promotion boards for officers? The CSAF at the time said if the USAF wanted an officer to get a masters, they’d be sent to school. Well, your education was never masked to your senior rater. A lot of those senior raters used someone having a masters, or not, as a factor when giving a DP/P. I knew a lot of good folks follow that followed the CSAF guidance and got screwed. No one is truly safe from the stuff mentioned in this thread until they have that magical DD-214.
  10. Proving that level of UCI is almost impossible. If it the choice was truly the Sq/CC's, then why do the Gp/CC and/or Wg/CC need to know? Because they want to make sure the Sq/CC made the "right" choice, per their expectations. If not, then said Sq/CC's OPR/PRF may be adjusted accordingly. Commanders talk a big game about "doing the right thing" and all that filler, but when it comes down to it they are going to take the path of least resistance and threat to their career and potential promotions.
  11. They're just going to pay for your ATP, Airline Apps, Prep course, etc.
  12. Fantastic movie. For me it's in the Top 5 of Marvel movies.
  13. He's an FGO, that normally comes from the Wing King (maybe Gp/CC).
  14. Friend of mine did a Phoenix program with her before she took over command and said the same. Sounds like she was a perfect fit to command in AMC. I firmly believe the only reason why she was fired is due to her poor leadership going viral, which forced senior leader’s hands due to optics. Had it not gone viral, she’d be in command today. Good riddance.
  15. Hey homie, I received a General Discharge and kept my G.I. Bill. The VA does their own credible service determination when you have multiple enlistments. I’m glad you know how to Google.
  16. I don’t know how it works for officers but if enlisted are not within their first enlistment, they’ll retain their G.I. Bill.
  17. Honorable = Normal General Under Honorable Conditions = You had honorable service, but you fucked up in a severe way (e.g., guilty at a courts martial with no punitive discharge given). Other Than Honorable Discharge = Normally only given at a administrative discharge board where discharge is given, which for officers is known as a Board of Inquiry. Dismissal (officer version of a dishonorable) = Only given at a General Court Martial Note: Officers don’t receive Bad Conduct Discharges. For VA benefit purposes, the entire period of service is determined by the VA. For example, I got court martialed in 2017. My enlistment during that court martial started in 2013. I joined in 2001 and had multiple enlistments before then of “honorable” service before 2013. The VA gave me all benefits because of my multiple honorable enlistments due to my General Under Honorable discharge. I don’t know how they would do that with officers with periods of ADSCs? The only show stopper with VA benefits is getting a dismissal, which would prevent you from getting any VA benefits. The VA does their own determination of character of service if you were to get a General Under Honorable or in some extreme cases, an Other Than Honorable discharge. Two boom operator Chief friends of mine are retiring in the next few months and they got Art 15s as TSgts. My brother has one as well and he made TSgt pretty early. As an officer if they don’t kick you out after one, you’re probably not going to go anywhere, career wise, and they’re just waiting for you to separate on your own.
  18. Whoops https://www.ellsworth.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2855647/ellsworth-command-chief-removed/fbclid/IwAR3FpIt4UTGLo-dbCXsUcoUE-diWvNK_mLuPj1WPZ4gu8YSLu6m8LwDE3uM/
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