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  1. He’s most likely going to get general court martialed and get a dismissal, costing him all VA benefits.
  2. “Thanks for your service. Here’s your DD-214.”
  3. While I agree with you, it’s due to one governmental branch not having authority over another. One could argue that the SCOTUS would also be exempt from Biden’s mandate.
  4. With a Dem as POTUS? Even if he was charged with anything, Biden would pardon him.
  5. On the enlisted side if you get a General Under Honorable discharge during your first enlistment, you lose your G.I. Bill. Now sure how that would play out for officers?
  6. That’s because one has to be realistic with their wants based on their ability. I know plenty of MAF pilots who wanted to fly U-2s, however their performances on check rides in their FEFs didn’t support their aviation desires.
  7. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/treatment-tests-and-therapies/recovering-from-surgery--intensive-care
  8. So, you didn’t read the opinion, yet claim it “it’s doesn’t matter” because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Suggest you go look up what stare decisis means. The only thing that’s weak is the subjective blabbering you posted stating it’s wrong because it doesn’t support your narrative/opinion.
  9. Just curious what right(s) is being trampled that hasn’t already been decided via case law (e.g., Jacobson v. Massachusetts)?
  10. Buddy of mine at Macdill had his neck surgery cancelled twice due to lack of available ICU’s in Florida due to COVID patients.
  11. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/08/united-airlines-staff-granted-religious-exemptions-to-vaccine-mandate-will-be-put-on-unpaid-leave.html
  12. He’s a C-5/KC-135 guy. He sucked at flying both. My favorite story was his wife getting drunk one night and posting on the Squadron Facebook page what a small dick he had and how he couldn’t give her kids. It was deleted within a few minutes. When he was the ARS Sq/CC he was punishing people for frat and I informed some friends of mine in his Sq how his wife was an Airman when he met her as an Lt. Rules for thee, not for me.
  13. Friend of mine is a reserve boom (-135s now -46) and flies for a regional as a pilot. It was a ton of money and hard work, but he loves it.
  14. He’s one of the worst pilots and FGOs I’ve ever been stationed with/flown with.
  15. Any truth in this? https://americascivilwarrising.org/27-u-s-air-force-pilots-resign-over-covid-19-vaccination-mandate-marines-not-far-behind/
  16. Regardless of whomever represents him if he does go to a court martial best believe they’re telling him right now to STFU and stop making social media posts and statements.
  17. If there’s legal proceedings happening, he cannot be compelled to talk to a mental health provider (only show up to his appointment). Any of their notes can be subpoenaed by the government and if he goes to a court martial will make the military judge conduct an in camera review to see if parts are releasable. If he doesn’t say anything, those records don’t exist.
  18. He was fired for the Minot Buff flying nukes incident. Robert Gates mentions it in his book “Duty.”
  19. This dude is viewing “Q Drops” on 8Chan as he posts.
  20. Sounds like AFSOC has AMC Managerialship problems. “Rules for thee, not for me.”
  21. I was stationed at Altus when the -17 FTU Sq/CC crushed a -135 ice shield with a SOC student. The instructor boom was Q-3d and the -135 FTU Sq/CC said he’d pull the Q-3 of the safety report came back and exonerated the instructor boom. The safety report came back and said the instructor boom wasn’t at fault, it was the -17 Sq/CC’s fault for climbing into the tanker during the breakaway. The -135 FTU Sq/CC went to remove the Q-3 and the OG/CC, a -17 driver, told him that he would put a Q-3 Form 8 with his name on it if the original one was removed. How do I know? I was in Stan Eval at the time and begrudgingly typed up the original Q-3 for the -135 Sq/CC to sign, fully knowing this was political bullshit. Nothing surprises me about the idiots that run the MAF.
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