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  1. The Altus CV did that around 2013-2014. He had a meeting with the AETC/CC and abruptly retired. Now he's a dipshit that flies for FedEx.
  2. https://www.8newsnow.com/investigators/las-vegas-area-air-force-commander-accused-of-child-sex-crimes/
  3. By "Loadmasters" I assume all Career Enlisted Aviators?
  4. It can, however it’s done by the hoist cable. Rumor is that it snapped and in the EP checklist it says that if the cable is longer than a certain length to not stow the boom. This is so the broken cable doesn’t beat the hell out of the empannage.
  5. Dunno about the -46, but the -135 boom pretty much doesn’t fly below 170 knots.
  6. By fly it down you mean not stow it due to a snapped hoist cable that’s too long to stow? Then yes, it’s the same procedure as in the -135.
  7. It’s almost like it’s in a emergency checklist to do that.
  8. If that was true (it’s not), then abstract interpretation of intent wouldn’t be argued constantly in criminal court. No, Snowden broke the law. However, using your logic he’s no better than a murderer. Thankfully, those who write U.S. Code disagree with said logic.
  9. Most people wouldn’t have a problem paying their student loans if the interest rates were locked in to 0-1%, not the 6-8% that GRAD Plus loans are.
  10. A large part of your theory is someone using some abstract interpretation of intent. I guess the next time you’re caught speeding the cop can just arrest you, and the DA charge you, for attempted murder since there was no reason for you to speed. You were also speeding in a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds and you could’ve killed someone had you hit them.
  11. What planet do you live on where someone intentionally ending someone's life and mishandling classified information are weighted the same in the eyes of federal law?
  12. This is also a reminder that if you get to 100% Permanent & Total (P&T) VA disabled, you can have all federal, not private, student loan debt forgiven.
  13. That’s a far cry from this. https://www.npr.org/2018/11/07/539109386/jeff-sessions-out-as-attorney-general-after-steady-drumbeat-of-criticism-from-tr
  14. Biden probably knew about the communication between Trump's lawyers and the National Archives, but like you said I don't believe the DOJ/FBI briefed Biden on the criminal investigation/warrant beforehand.
  15. Conjecture. The DOJ wants to possibly prosecute, they're going to take the most risk adverse path. It would be devastating to their case if they got approval of the sitting rival president's approval, which would be completely inappropriate to do so. Do I think that the AG reviewed the PC before they went to a magistrate to get a warrant? 1000%. Trump blurred the line with trying to influence members of the DOJ to do what he wanted. This is the basis on why he fired Preet Bharara as the SDNY USA, Preet refused to do what he wanted as a USA.
  16. The Biden Administration stated they learned of the seizure when it was in the media. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-09/biden-learned-of-trump-raid-from-media-reports-white-house-says I'm sure people will disagree, but they also don't have any proof other than conjecture to show otherwise.
  17. Didn’t know Matt Gaetz posted on here?
  18. The U.S. obviously charted through the industrial revolution using fossil fuels because advanced energy technology hadn't been invented yet. However, China, India, and South Africa (only country in the content with the capability) have nuclear reactors in their country already. Both China and India fully have a choice to invest more into solar, hydro, and nuclear to power their massively increasing population. They just don't fully want to right now.
  19. Until China stops using coal (read: never) and producing the most amount of green house gases, you’re right, climate change is here to stay.
  20. What kind of budget does your Sq have for that?
  21. Yeah, he should’ve just written a paragraph or conjecture that he’s trying to pass along as peer reviewed fact and used memes.
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