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  1. Wow, that’s a very fortunate outcome. Later on after the issue at hand, it seems another controller takes over which is common practice after such an event. Thanks for sharing both the flightradar24 and the audio.
  2. Ha, totally reminds me of British Airways Flight 268? LAX to LHX (London Heathrow) across the Atlantic. Compressor stalls or something shut one down and continued all the way across the big pond on three engines. Certified yes, dispatch said go ahead, ended up in Manchester I think. $$$ drove that decision making process. Can you believe saving some cash regarding fuel dumping, but really a $250K plus fine for European airlines new regulation delaying five hours or something might have been incurred. 2005 quite a awhile ago… *At least SmartWings had some concrete options. Not saying it’s smart!
  3. Good point. Besides JFK, ORD, LAX, MIA and many others - try overseas adding to the confusion to include language barriers. I guess some outfits/aircraft will not let the FO taxi like we do in the 74. Captains may have the authority, but I will not hesitate to stop a bad situation if it comes down to the wire. Staying alive to explain is better than the worst alternative.
  4. Just get the ride and you can be the Pied Piper of what you seek so I’m told. (Do not be the one from Germany)
  5. True, but with his bamboo eye socket spoon, wooden fork and paper straw spitballer complete with a “bullet button.”
  6. Good for your buddy! Before email life was simpler in a few ways. Wished I never had email when it first started out in the military so the bosses had to actually have the cojones to give me orders or directives in person vs shucking them out like a pez dispenser with no forethought. I know it’s been the norm for a long time, but those first few years were miserable coming back to work after a break and those who rarely worked passed the buck to those who did… Worst leader ever: “Didn’t you get my email…?” Douchebags!
  7. Guarantee it would sink rather than float, make your own assumptions. This would start a rash of new earthquake Tunnel Beach T-Shirts. Reminiscent of the “Menlo Beach” T-Shirts decades ago when I visited Menlo Park in the late eighties. Residents were sarcastically hopeful the “Big One” San Andreas fault line would hit and they would have beach front property with sky high value. *Desert Hot Springs, San Bernardino, Wrightwood, Palmdale, Gorman, Frazier Park, Daly City, Point Reyes Station and Bodega Bay might have some good investments if you choose the correct side of the fault line for the “Big One.” (Lived in San Bernardino many moons ago and doubt prices would go up much)
  8. Pretty sure we are all on board, especially when it comes to the getter dun know how this country has proven in the past. Definitely can surmount the issues of accomplishing this endeavor like most everything else, but timing is everything. Debt, debt, more debt what the heck it’s all credit with nothing to back it. Look at the past trillions spent and the latest FY 2023 Omnibus Bill. It is just that - another bill to pay and the narratives within do not support much of anything that is truly productive like dedicating a chunk to rail we are discussing. Currently mentality is NO WHERE NEAR any of the aforementioned “remember when we…” backbone we had during those times. Soft times, soft men or whatever… *Our cabinets are full of the self serving vs forward into the future types we need to support ideas on this thread and many other areas beyond. The cesspool is deep in the circle of so called trust we have elected. **I do like train travel, just not ours. I appreciate great service on board airlines, just not ours. We can’t even begin with baby steps such as great service… that’s just training for the most part and a focused minor investment in comfort/amenities crushed by bean counters; whereas, digging tunnels is actually heavy work, a true mental challenge of know how and commitment coupled with some peril to be sure. Nothing really truly rings out as “remember when” in the past two or three decades. What does that tell us? Remember when “Candy Crush” first came out? Heck, I don’t know never played it. Easily distracted by $ and shiny objects.
  9. Brabus mentioned the stacked lines aren’t the new normal and makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that the KCM (for me and every 5th person in line with me (ORD) has been tagging a lot of crew members for security checks. Never really complained before and you still just cut in front of the pre-check folks, but it ramped up 200, 300% in my case. Maybe it’s just me or the funny name. Germany laughs at me when the sniffer doohickey goes red from wiping my luggage. Definitely don’t use any of it at the range, but they rock their heads from side to side and mumble - Americans… Maybe its the hotel soap?
  10. Current environment trains won’t work just based on pricing (today) which is evident regarding the post above. In order for it to work you need to have infrastructure in place for nearly a decade with frequent scheduling practices that work and the kinks worked out. Normally everything gets cheaper with higher availability or access, etc. We don’t have any access comparably to some Asia or Europe within the good size states themselves. Rode 1st class from Eastern Spain to Madrid a couple of months ago (little over 3 hrs by car). Great seat, one decent meal, feel free to roam about with only one stop in between at well above 225km per hr or about 150mph and 80 mins later presto in Madrid easy leases. Beautiful ride easy going for 87 euro, but it would take a decade or more to get a few going right with this economy, leadership, you name it.. Doable, yes - but like the man said it ain’t happening, at least not anytime soon.
  11. Europeans have done a lot long before now and some high speed rail is actually dated and refurbishment is happening. Bullet train in Japan I rode on when I grew up there actually looked like a bullet compared to most any other high speed system of today. It has morphed over the decades. Bottom line as mentioned before by others, Europe and most of Asian countries are quite small. All of Japan fits in the state of Montana as we were taught during my high school days there (Japan). Now add the population to that state and that’s when the reality of a “system has to change” statement applies. Perspective is everything and one can only gain so much via the internet vs actually living it. Europe is full of “pocket cities” and the countries are once again Small in comparison. Average of 3 days to drive across the US, just see how far and how many countries you can pass thru in that timeframe. Watermelon to a bunch plums comparison.
  12. Oh no, pick away I undoubtedly deserve it hands down. Gave me chills when you mentioned the “D” word. I remember our crew being handed AC’s and off to the inflatables we went decades ago. I shuddered when we timed out many moons ago at the “D” on an Atlas run. Then we were driven down to “Doha the City” or whatever to a fantastic hotel - definitely no complaints there. Called my buds at the base to let them know I had 2 extra rooms attached come on down, they miserably replied: off base requests must be submitted 72hrs prior. A for effort, F for affect…
  13. Not all “airlines” are created equal whether it’s pay/soft pay, retirement, vacation, sick leave, medical, insurance, schedules, scheduling practices, training, bases, commutable or not easily commutable, equipment, first year pay or even indoc/probation practices whatever the differences may be to include unions. Some fit better than others and work you harder as well. Finding “work” that doesn’t feel like work and makes your priorities happen is fantastic although rarely attainable. All outfits have fleas and each can be argued better than the other by the beholder. Even the military is situation dependent. *Can’t say I have slept away from my bed 3 nights a month on avg, more like 12-15 nights avg for 9 maybe 10 months as I take 2-3 months off annually split up. Don’t live in base (live where we want) and that wouldn’t be helpful with our outfit unless it were ANC. Definitely enjoy 11-21 days off between trips never thinking about so called “work” while at home like I did while serving. I could work less but apparently I can be bought while it lasts. Rarely cookie cutter city hopping ground hog days if ever. Normally a one to two hop to a great hotel, restaurant, country, tour, etc. (barring the viral lock downs). Schedule changes Yup, but no one chasing us down or slipping notes under our doors or even using hotel staff for notifications (friend at other outfit mentioned it was happening, but I believe they put a stop to it?) Don’t get me wrong, being home is fantastic, but I do look forward to actual trips and having a good time abroad. Honestly, 8-10 days away doing our trips no one else’s would be perfect! (Caveat - Trips depend on your base and seniority) *Plenty of choices out there and do your homework. Find what works for you! Coming home early a few days before the Christmas debacle, flying Delta One from Spain, off for two weeks = Priceless!!! Although, being 6’ the leg room on the lie flat narrows too much and not enough shoulder width to truly lie flat on the 76, a350 was the same, but their was a cubicle sliding door. Still very grateful Widget delivered me home safe and on time. Best US crew I have had all year. (Seven Pacific/Atlantic trips on US carriers/3 Asian/European carriers) I normally travel on Asian/Arab/EU’s best, but flying on US property without a mask was always the answer.
  14. Good one. I heard it as Why is Covid better than SWA? Same answer… maybe this was too soon using “better” or just not acceptable overall. Your way much better in certain company or just better. Thx.
  15. Any flying seems optional at SWA. Too soon?
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