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  1. Everyone has circumstances, variables, excuses, whatever, but in the end normally have had a choice. Definitely don’t want to be on the bad side of a setup no doubt regarding law enforcement, etc. Don’t recall anyone specifically pointing the finger as homicide, but beating someone brutally or even just a few times should have its consequences. You can do your best to redeem yourself curing cancer or just being an upstanding citizen but to think you should be privileged to be on equal ground to those who maintained the path for all opportunities is just ludicrous. Correct about self defense if you dare to live in one of those states in a foolish state of mind. I don’t live in those areas like many others so there’s no run, skip crawl away, grovel and it’s not like we want anything to happen regardless. It may not bode well for myself or others (targets if you will), but if possible we would all like to have a fighting chance. Everyone has choices and we all must live with those choices. If rightfully convicted, guilty, etc. that’s on you. *Case in point - Running interview boards for UPT and a candidate mentioned they had a DUI only when asked. They did have a “good story” and they were 16 at the time. Person was 25 or so and we discussed the matter not to condemn them quickly for an early mistake. Great candidate in person, on paper and many recommendations from state officials/influential contacts. Afterwards we always do a deep dive into driving records and other contacts. Turns out his second DUI was within the past year. Case closed despite pressure from above to hire, but initially we were hoping the lesson was learned the first time. One case of many that requires your due diligence. Definitely agree there are quite a few who shouldn’t be on the flight deck, but there will always be a FedEx Spearman, Malaysian flt, German Wings, etc., so it is better to weed out those with a track record or proven history of instability, bad judgement, etc. if at all possible. Proven is the focal point.
  2. Concur, there are limits, standards, requirements, etc. even if there were no standup citizens/candidates. Boils down to judgment. Lack of significant judgment on the ground should never find itself with significant judgment required in the air or any other career requiring confidence especially regarding public trust. Now I wonder how many school bus drivers are legitimate felons. We are not talking shoplifting, etc., well maybe current $900 max shoplifting does apply? Willful harm to others physically, mentally without just cause should never be tolerated. Self defense sure, pure offense leave it on the field. One should have some elements of restraint or moral compass.
  3. Thank You for your service and I wish I had the drunken excuse. Wouldn’t be hard to remedy that and could you imagine what I might post if I were. Fortunately I have a breathalyzer attached to this equipment. Hope your new gig is treating you great!
  4. I see your point and yes it would have been great to capitalize on this situation and I wish the best to those who are able to to it. No worries here as I should have been more spot on with there have been a few discussions with folks who view the military training as a free ticket to success with no idea what sacrifices are made to include your family unit. This includes the mil leave rants that go on. There have been some shenanigans, but for the most part it works out. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong regarding the seniority as it’s well above and beyond my pay grade. If it came to fruition or not it’s probably not something to squawk about either way. Agree with the legality issues that would inevitably ensue.
  5. Just me - Don’t care what they think as it’s more of a reward than a labeled privilege. It’s been a “privilege” to serve, serve others especially before serving yourself, hence service before self. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice for those who have been granted the freedom to serve themselves throughout their entire life and nothing more. I as most on here have served or continue to serve and now make no mistake I serve myself just below the highest authority like any civilian for the most part does. Not even in the same food group as apple’s to oranges. If you take your oath seriously it’s above and beyond what most can comprehend. Once again, personally don’t care what they think and have come across a few uneducated in life aspects. If ever challenged in any capacity just roll with it and state, “like you I enjoy the freedom provided to serve my SELF, my family, etc at no real cost.” A bit strong or blunt, but it gets the point across. Do not succumb to “privilege.” *Not to hold up in a court law by any means as it is in reference to what others may “think” so it’s emotional based only. Company and Unions will do what they do it is what it is.
  6. Just know there are plenty of haters out there and SocialD is correct to spread the word. Granted, there are those above who will never make the move over so it won’t mean anything, but it does decrease options. These are the self-righteous who oppress those below. Had one in our squadron and as I live and breath he was originally with NWA now Delta an airline pilot for decades. Imagine that, like crabs in a bucket how sad.
  7. No Doubt other competitors will follow suit or their stupid. Never seen before opportunities within the aviation industry whether your military trained or otherwise as all minimums, requirements and other hurdles have dropped or disappeared. Back in the day you were lucky to get a call from your five career paths of choice and you went with the first that called. Have never seen a time where a pilot can choose a location/domicile first and then the airline that supports it as well as having received three calls within a couple of months or weeks. Crazy times, best of times and hopefully the economy maintains this 2nd hiring wave within a decade. Seeing some rumblings within the cargo sector and we will have a better vision after peak/1st or 2nd Qtr 2023. Easiest time to be hired in known history and may it continue. Keep data mining and choose wisely regarding your priorities and family needs!
  8. Delta’s no dummy. Secure some talent well prior to other outfits having an opportunity. It may provide some greater loyalty in its own form of rewards program to the hired soon to be retired or a backup to those who may have other plans of action for which they intend to pursue at a later date to test the waters closer to retirement. Land another opportunity towards the end so be it; otherwise, if nothing arises heck it’s Delta top notch! Very clever move as we’ve seen folks depart the fix prior to or in training whether hired at the Majors, FedEx/UPS, Southwest, etc. when the career destination of choice came knocking.
  9. Very good point on the evil that may lie in wait and entrap you. Very appropriate as post 666.
  10. Man, the pax MMA arena is rough. I like “boxes” no doubt. Definitely a funny cascade of events. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised by any means.
  11. The cargo side will reveal a lot more after peak is over. Perhaps a quarter or maybe two will paint a much cleaner picture and perhaps some stabilization to be hopeful once companies get their ducks aligned properly. Saw lower lines for the most part depending on base at my outfit of course. Spectator sport as a line flyer as it’s way above anyones pay grade on any forum. Always good to prepare for whatever.
  12. Went with my neighbor to purchase one and I myself “accidentally” walked out with a shotgun I had been searching for over a year. He bought the Taurus to fit in the glove compartment for his Mach 1 and enjoys shooting it. May have been the GX3 but probably the same. Only issue is the slide release has minimal capture/tough to release. Not a long term review and there might be other issues don’t know. Will get better with time but there will be mods probably like I did to my Glock garbage slide release. Although not my primary, much easy to capture.
  13. Definitely could be part of the negotiation thang, but they aren’t quite as parallel as folks think on how they focus their business practices. UPS focus better not bigger and very strong optimizer in place. Purple cost cutting and heading this way perhaps. Their optimizer is not as bad but probably headed that way. Ground game seriously needs help. Our buy out will probably incur an optimizer of some sort blah! Only time will tell.
  14. JeremiahWeed fantastic insider information on FedEx commuting possibilities. I would commute to MEM as Memphis definitely ain’t for everyone. I can actually drive to MEM and it’s one of our bases now for just a couple of years is a guess, but I choose to fly elsewhere. Crazy times. *Need a Singapore fix that would be nice. Going to have to hunt for that one next year. HuggyU2, I nearly fell off my couch with the “little Billy” CINC, but as you said that’s their future. Father wasn’t even military and we moved numerous times to include High School overseas. Tough, but what an eye opener that was plus fluent in Japanese and better for it. International is my game as the bug started early at a very young age, it’s not for everyone but don’t knock it til you tried it. Everyone is different no doubt and after nearly a quarter century of service moving here and there our favorite locations including where most of our families reside (former shangri las) have turned to crapola as well. No outfit serves our priorities (not big city folk any longer) so commuting is a must, but thankfully no worries no headaches in our case. Definitely envy those who have the blessing of both but sometimes it’s just not in the cards for some.
  15. As brabus mentioned, hopefully this will be incorporated into future contracts for the majors, etc. which as a first hand user of this benefit I can attest to the stress free/no responsibility to get to work if flights are full, canceled, maintenance canceled, delayed, you’re unable to secure a flight deck seat due to company crew priority or some other seniority/first come first serve/bumped by Capt Crusader, etc. Not all cargo is created equal. Those at Purple/Brown can be more specific/correct me, but FedEx/UPS have trips that include commute on the front, back or both but not all trips are covered. Seniority drives the ability to guarantee this commuting for the most part is what great friends at both places tell me. Both have a travel bank type deal as well, but some of it seems restrictive due to company rules, etc. You can watch the turmoil on APC if bored. I just remember a Delta Capt friend decades ago telling me that getting to work was half the pressure of the job. Easier with current tech today, but still shenanigans/pressure involved and overbooking is back like Godzilla. Main reason I went to Atlas as I could care less about maneuvering for work or where I lived. Not selling it, decent contract and it has its merits depending on your priorities, but nothing like Purple/Brown, Big 3, etc. in other areas no doubt. If your dream home/area happens to be in/near base for an airline that is an amazing opportunity/consideration for ease of life. I do like racking up the miles, although it hasn’t been as good with current conditions. Easier to pickup extra $ trips living in domicile if that’s your gig as well.
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