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    Following the O-4/O-5 results for my own learning. The O-5 LAF promotion board says it's "reported into OSD" as of today. Expected release date for both Maj and LtCol is now early-mid July.
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    Apparently it's "the sport of Kings," not "the sport of potential Kings."
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    You're maintaining it in the back stock at your local AAFES...just like every other Major... It's my preferred TTP
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    Don't screw the help Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    A shame. People around him have been saying for a long time (I first heard it when he was an O-6) that he was on his way to 4-stars, and that he was exactly what was needed.
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    Is that kind of your own damn Dutch Oven problem in the suit & helmet?
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    The technicians at Wright Patt told me it takes 6-8 weeks for it just to get to AETC and that they're backed up right now. That probably doesn't include the 900 other people it has to go through.
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    Took me 7 months from FC1 to OTS for your reference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's that Wiley's 180? RVs are awesome. I know the owner of this badass RV. He's not a Viper guy, just loves/appreciates what the military does and sees it as a tribute to the military. Great dude that built an immaculate RV-8, with a ridiculously awesome panel. That thing can fly full coupled ILS approaches and even has a freaking go-around button (only need to add power). What's crazy is that everything you see on there (patches/numbering/tail letters) was all hand painted...no stickers. You can't see it, but it even has the refuel door painted on the spine.
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    The withholding rate has nothing to do with what you actually pay in the end.
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    What is higher a Wg Quarterly or Wg Sijan?
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