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  1. You get softies as your Mrs. would say over a kid posting in the wrong thread? I bet if you weren't such an ED dick, you would see your narcissistic ways.
  2. You're the reason why god created the middle finger.
  3. What @$$ clowns down votes a kid asking questions? BODN didn't used to be this way. This is why it has fallen off the pilot map and become almost irrelevant. This place used to play a solid role. Now you have old guys just pissing on wannabe studs or the newbies.
  4. My boy was a functional at AFPC. He got fired after he didn't create a FB page. I was telling him I received a notification about the FB page my functional created. Definitely caused a flashback for him.... #1/10 FGOs/FB Creators
  5. Olivia Munn steps in for Wag after alleged dognapping https://pagesix.com/2019/06/14/olivia-munn-dispatched-by-dog-walking-app-wag-after-alleged-dognapping/ Where can I find a dog so I can receive a call from Olivia?
  6. Passenger guilty of performing sex act during flight from LA to SA https://www.ksat.com/news/local/passenger-guilty-for-performing-sex-act-during-flight-from-los-angeles-to-san-antonio-airport Officers interviewed Gonzalez’s wife, who was on the flight as well and admitted that she “played with it” during the flight, the affidavit stated.
  7. Maybe a Q&A on bullets and push lines from someone who has sat on a board. We need a section dedicated to it. Where solid information doesn't get lost in all the comments because they aren't allowed. Also, you must be a member for x number of months to unlock access. Army reprimands retired four-star general in alleged groping incident from 25 years ago https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/13/army-reprimands-retired-general-allegedly-groping-officers-wife/2909438002/
  8. Kill them with kindness. Just counseled a SNCO picked up for OTS. She got into it with a SFS NCO at the visitor center. An A1C had to break them up. I told the SNCO, how would you like working a shift having to deal with parents, trainees, enlisted, and officers for 12 hours? Put yourself in their shoes. Even if the other person was in the wrong, walk away. Don't let the situation escalate. They detained her butt. My boss told me the Gp/CC wants to be told about things in the blotter like this scenario. I was like WTF? Dude is a micromanager. Got it.
  9. If I wanted to listen to an @$$hole, I would plug my ears and fart.
  10. So it's my fault since 2005, BODN has fallen off the wagon? You must live in a cave. Failure to adapt aside from the emojis, likes, and dislikes. Other branches adapt on the fly, but BODN is a direct reflection of the AF of never changing a damn thing. You have dudes with 500+ liked comments running the show. Talking about alienating the younger guys/gals who do sign up and get crushed for one comment. Nobody intimidates me here. Takes an act of Congress to upload a gif. I think most users utilize their cell phones to post as well. Does this forum ever host anyone the younger generation would love to communicate with outside of the guy from Congress? It's the same stuff constantly repeated.
  11. One hell of a run on sentence. Take a deep breath next time cubicle warrior.
  12. I have a question for you. You think my life revolves around BODN and what you all have to say or think? Are we in high school or something? I'm not a millennial and your comments don't make me want my own safe space. Social media comments and those made in this forum by people I don't know at all do not matter to me. Nobody really cares at the end of the day about BODN. Site has fallen off since my pilot training days and never recovered.
  13. I think that was in 2017. I signed up for a 2 year bonus that year. It felt good almost being a free agent this year.
  14. How old are you? You do realize our Airmen aren't pilots and most of their jobs consist of staying inside the wire right? Unless said 18 year is in a highly specialized AFSC or is aircrew, they stay inside the wire and still receive holidays off as we launch combat sorties. Let me stop by Finance on Thanksgiving at Bagram. Oh wait, it's closed in combat? Thanks AF, I'll just login to MyPay from the WiFi signal in my B-hut. Aren't you the same guy who walked into the squadron sobbing because the Xfinity cable guy was making unannounced visits to your crib? I was told there was definitely some bedroom disruption of service going on, but it wasn't remotely cable related.
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