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  1. TX ANG dude just got picked up for the Thunderbirds.
  2. Yes, very much yes. Laughlin has their own dock to store it as well. The lake is the best thing here during the summer.
  3. Just don't tell Spang, might hurt someone's feelings they're not invited.
  4. I think it's all unit driven. I interviewed with another crew chief from my unit who'd been there just as long, maybe even longer. He has tried the last 3 boards and still hasn't been picked up. At first I thought I had a leg up because they knew me and all that stuff, but really I think it all came down to the interview. They've hired 1 person in house in the last 6 that have been picked, but it's a different commander now as well.
  5. I was that crew chief, I can see that being incredibly frustrating, especially on your own dime. That being said, that's part of the process. It sucks, but from my point of view, I saw it as I was being interviewed for 4 years. When It came time for the board, you know they contacted every supervisor I had and asked how is this dude? Any shot of a slot could've been shot down right there. Not saying kick sand by any means, but as many have said on this website, keep pushing and sharpen your package and interview skills up and I honestly believe they see that.
  6. With the Biden administration freezing Trump's order, think spang is back on the menu for the Viper?
  7. Would probably roll with a suit and tie in that case. They will know your prior service from your package. But, my knowledge on IRR is abysmal. Just my .02
  8. You're on a solid track, just keep doing what you're doing. Be aware, applying to units at 20-21 years old may actually hurt you (Not saying don't apply). I've seen maturity get in the way at UPT from some of the younger guys, so some units may stray away from a young gun for a few years. Just don't be shocked if they don't hand out a fighter slot to a 20 year old even though your package was solid. But, with covid and the back up it takes so long to get there it may work out. Keep flying and as soon as you're able to shoot applications out, do it.
  9. Yes, attempt to plan visits, do anything to get your name out there. Also, some units will allow applying with 1 semester left. It allows some paperwork to begin if you get selected. Majority of it happens after the degree though.
  10. https://badgerair.org/ Donation page for Hawks family.
  11. I've known some crews that fly pretty often together, don't salute each other because they're friends. As for the wings, loadmasters and some other afsc's have very similar looking wings. 99.9% of the time they're not pilot wings upon closer inspection.
  12. If you're visiting a unit, I would definitely show up in uniform, even as a DSG.
  13. As a guy with a GED and a degree in basket weaving, in UPT currently with Guard fighter slot, it's very possible with those scores. Keep pushing with that attitude and you'll land a slot!
  14. Rushed / the VR is useless after the first few weeks of trans. This is just what I've been told by a few.
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