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    While I tend to agree, I can also see the flip side of the coin whereas the constant rotation of personnel causes equal issues... The better solution is actually having an end game to this ridiculous and endless "conflicts" we've been engaged in for the past 17+ years. At this point we are just throwing fuel on the flames and not actually working to a solution to put the fire out. I know that's grossly simplified, but until that happens, there will be no "fixing" the USAF or any other services...
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    It’s pumpkin spice brown. The key with the black boots was that the AFI never said they had to be shined do or polished. Shoes assumed the BDU rules applied to the flightsuit and harassed appropriately. It’s the same thing with the A2CU right now. Say “noted” and move on.
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    The black boots sucked. Sure it looked good at the time, and mine were totally comfortable, but they were a pain in the ass and everyone has this romanticized memory of them. 1. They required even a minimal amount of maintenance (except for the internet badasses who will claim they never did any boot maintenance--sureok) 2. They didn't stand up to even minor abuse of being on the flightline, and the leather would easily damage and gouge out 3. The wax on the boots got all over your shit when you packed them in your bags 4. The boots got fucking hot if you spent any time outside or standing around on a tarmac. 5. It was just another reason for chiefs and shoes to run around being an assholes to the vulnerable airmen and LTs who get separated from the herd 6. They looked like shit unless they were well maintained, which they almost never were 7. for fucks sake you had to wax them...what century is this? Yeah I had several pairs of comfortable black boots, but I've had comfortable sets of green boots. However none of them hold a flame to a nice pair or Lowa or Salomon boots. Shit keeps getting better, and everyone is pining for the good old days of shining black boots like they don't have anything better to do.
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    He says he's looking for a job, not a hobby.
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    If you haven’t already, find the first officer up the finance chain on your base. Stop arguing with airmen and NCOs.
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    Wow, one of the first years in a while that w/o dependents didn't get fucked...even got a bigger increase than w/dependents. Up 7% and 6% respectively. I know you're referencing AD, but to clarify for the ARC bros out there. Unless something has changed in the last 4 years, you're only grandfathered until the end of you're current order. Fairly certain if don't break your orders you're ok, but if you have a single day off orders, your lucky day...lower BAH rate!
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    Yeah! Get off his lawn!
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    Also valid, but he said he only wanted to work 20 hrs.
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    This sounds a lot like commander shit. Have you gotten him/her involved? After Hoss' advice of trying to work it out with an O in CPTS, that would be my next stop. If nothing else, telling your CC that you're going to be "red" for GTC payments for a while until this gets sorted out should help gain some traction but hopefully the motivation to help is beyond that.
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    How much you willing to fight the good fight? If you got the time/energy/documentation and they still refuse to pay because of reasons like “it’s just the system we use/that’s how it’s always been” I would politely let them know if they can’t provide documented proof of reasons not to pay you that you will be making a IG complaint, and actually follow though and make one.
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    To show my work 2016 149/313 2017 140/319 2018 117/308 Assume around 15% to 20% will be on the school/staff/command track. Not that they were bad aviators, but the MAF won't let them stay good. What's left over is the "experienced" grey beard types. With AMC being the piggy bank that gets robbed for the majority of AETC and UAV billets, we're about to go back to the days of 1 FGO per squadron.
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    Waiting for answers while deployed is torture y’all. My sleep hours are the standard work hours on the east coast, so I was waking up all night following the rumors on here. Still plenty of days before Christmas though, we’re almost there!
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    Does anyone have info on South Carolina? Do they hire off the street or usually from within?
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    Padre has all the juicy Intel lol. Padre, I'm starting to suspect you were on the board lol.
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    It is possible, but generally happens more out of necessity (i.e. base gets BRAC'd to RPAs and guys bail to find other fighter units), rather than "I've been flying the Eagle for 8 years, time to switch it up." Switching units absolutely happens, but for expectations management, most guys typically stay put (or come back to same unit after a NGB tour, etc.) It's a pro and a con of the guard (depending on how you look at it). I don't recommend your primary gameplan/expectation be hopping between airframes in the guard over your career (primary exception being if your unit transitions to another jet during your time there).
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    Add black undershirts and I’m game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Glad to hear the leather jacket isn’t getting killed but truth be told that Massif jacket is the most comfortable uniform jacket I’ve ever had.
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    I ever walk into a bar and these fire fighters & flyers are on site.....I'm rigging the bell and slapping the credit card down. Quote me. Very nice work. ATIS
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    Fellow Air National Guard Hopefuls who are of the elderly variety.... Attached is the newest NGB ETP Checklist. I couldnt upload the fill-able form, but this will allow you to see that the ETP checklist has been drastically cut back from the previous. My last conversation with my recruiter indicated that NGB has changed their accessions process and now requires ETPs to be complete before swearing in just like the reserves. They also indicated that Age Waivers are now to only take 30 Days as opposed to 6+ months. I received this information early September and my packet was pushed up at the end of the second week of September. I was told that my packet is now on the CC and CF desk and should be approved this week. Fingers crossed! Hope this helps! NGB ETP Checklist.pdf edit: ETP signed off today! (34 days in new policy)
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    Since we are throwing out random rumors, here is one. I personally saw the AFPC/CC today at Randolph in the DFAC and he told me he reads these posts and is delaying the release just to make you all sweat. 😉 Good luck to all of you! I was in the exact same position just over a year ago.
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    And black boots with the green bag!

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