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  1. Sometimes it's nice to hear from the passengers... ...like when they say "Nice landing" or the hot chick in first class says "here's my number." But the rest of the time - yeah, sit down, put your seat belt on, and STFU. Nobody cares what you think.
  2. Sent you a PM, but if this is related to your other thread, look elsewhere. The T-38ADAIR side of the 301FS has been defunded by AFRC. The F-22 side is not hiring and is treading water until the unit converts to the F-35 at Tyndall or the F-22s move to Langley.
  3. Screaming racism at everything waters down actual racism. Just like the morons who were "so offended" by calling this the Wuhan Flu or China Virus when it originated in the Wuhan Lab. Don't worry though, the actual Chinese country (who are actually racist and committing genocide) aren't weak enough to be offended. Continue being offended for them, though. They appreciate it. Doubt you'll get any special treatment though when they further expand their interests at our expense.
  4. Ah yes, report to the nearest reeducation camp for training. I understand the nuance. It’s the people screaming “RACISM” against a threat country that seem to be struggling here. Including yourself.
  5. “I’m Asian. It’s fucking racist.” How does you being Asian allow you to change the definition of race or racism?
  6. Fine. Chinese isn't a race, but it is an ethnicity. So it's not a racist slur, but an ethnic slur. Not really any better in my book. China is a country.
  7. Possibly. China is a threat country that unleashed this virus onto the world. Have you ever heard a WWII vet talk about Japan or Germany? Or a Vietnam vet talk about the VC? There is a difference between “of Chinese descent in the US” and the country. I would absolutely give anyone a pass for the country. Fuck China.
  8. It’s gone so I can’t go back and look, but IIRC it was directed at China, not “Asian persuasion,” since it was in the context of the Wuhan Virus. I could be wrong, though. I think we throw around “racist” far too much.
  9. Yup. At AA it's min average line value.
  10. I had the Pfizer Vaccine and O+. Don't think I had COVID (unless it was when I was sick for 48 hrs in Jan 2020). First shot was aching joints, mild fever 12 hours later. Second shot was sore arm with no other symptoms.
  11. According to Pawnman, that's not good enough. He should've gone straight to jail.
  12. That's a lot of speculative nonsense. A "random 2A advocate" wouldn't be in that situation, but I will refer you to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. You don't think Mosby put much effort into Freddie Gray? She was building her entire platform on making examples out of them. He told the kid to put his hands up and the kid reached into his waistband in response. Would you rather him wait to find out it's a real gun and get shot?
  13. And speaking of "same level of accountability" when's the last time a pilot or crew faced criminal charges (in the US) for a Class A mishap that was pilot error?
  14. Your definition of accountability seems to be punishing people even when the use of force is justified and they're cleared of wrongdoing. Tamir Rice was a horrible situation. Someone called 911 reporting a person with a gun waving it around in the park. They did say it's "probably fake" but it would be unreasonable for law enforcement to assume that (and if it's probably fake, why call 911?). The officers made some serious tactical errors in their approach (pulling up right in front with no cover at all). When Rice reached into his waistband to pull out the gun, they shot him. How were they supposed to know it was a toy? The city of Cleveland settled a $6M lawsuit and the officer was fired. A grand jury declined to indict them. What else do you want? Take the emotion out of it. Do you want them to go to jail "just because"? The Kelly Thomas case went to trial and they were found not guilty. Not by a "thin blue line" but a jury of their peers. Take that up with the courts. Finally, Freddie Gray. He was arrested after fleeing on foot in an area of known criminal activity for a switchblade knife that was illegal in Baltimore. While in custody, he broke his neck in the van and hit his head. Six officers were suspended. All were acquitted or charges dropped. The Obama DOJ (under Lynch) investigated and eventually declined to pursue it. Again, what would you like? Execute them in the streets to assuage your FEELINGS? No one is saying these deaths were justified or right, but to say there was no accountability is wrong. Each example you cited involved criminal charges and trials for the officers.
  15. The "thin blue line thing" isn't a liberal conspiracy, but its meaning has been twisted by the anti-law enforcement crowd. Are you implying that you cannot legitimately use force on unarmed people?
  16. The fact that you think there is no "debrief and accountability culture" in law enforcement only further proves your ignorance. Sign up. Show them how it's done.
  17. Swell. You're actually making my point. As pilots (maybe you're a fucking nav, in which case, disregard. No one cares about your opinion anyway), we know not to speculate on mishaps until the facts come out and an SIB has time to do an investigation. That helicopter crash may not have been pilot error, but the media will still run with their first speculative headlines and "perception becomes reality" despite the facts. You can do better than quoting comedians to try to prove your point.
  18. First, he failed to comply. So, you're right, whether it was because he was high or not is irrelevant. He reached down despite being told not to. What IS relevant is that he was illegally carrying a firearm, which throws the whole "he was a good guy with a concealed carry permit exercising his rights" argument out the window. He was not legally exercising his 2A rights. He was also endangering a child in the process. This is a bit of a fallacy. There are even fewer aviation crashes per year as a percentage of flight hours, should we therefore not have boldface and emergency procedures because the risk is small? Of course not. Every officer should approach every interaction as if it could become a lethal encounter, because it absolutely can. Complacency kills. On the other side, the "gross overstatement" is the "systemic racism" myth. With few exceptions, in nearly every case the media has latched onto, if the "victim" had A) been a law abiding citizen and/or B) complied with officer instructions and not resisted, that person would be alive today. This myth that police are going around indiscriminately killing minorities is what's getting good cops killed. Hesitation kills just as much as complacency. You are correct in that law enforcement assumes a higher level of risk. They should be paid more and given more training. They should also not be expected to be the world's mental health counselors and social workers, but that's another story altogether. Like any other profession (including/especially the military), law enforcement involves a huge cross section of individuals. Some are shitbags. The shitbags usually get run out, but sometimes they end up in leadership just like in the military. I agree that the bad make us all look bad, but the answer is not to make the job harder and run off more good people by removing protections that allow cops to do their jobs. And the answer is certainly not vilifying police with false narratives about racism and "he was a good boy who didn't do anything wrong" lies. In my experience, the majority of people who put on the badge (just like the military who put on the uniform) are good, honest, hardworking people who want to make a difference in their communities and accept the fact that they're doing it for shit pay and a growing sentiment that they're somehow the enemy. As I mentioned earlier, I recommend you see for yourself. Do a ride along. Take a citizens' academy. Or even join your local reserve division. It's easy to throw stones from the cheap seats, but unless you've done it, you're not really speaking from a knowledgeable position.
  19. That's like saying "otherwise legally driving" when your BAC is above the limit. It is a very important point. Castille's actions led to his own death. Had he been carrying legally, not endangering his child, and complied with officer instructions, he would be alive today. I can show you hundreds of examples of officers in this situation who hesitated and wound up dead or bleeding on the side of the road. Officer safety is a big deal. They have a right to go home after the end of the shift, and asking cops to sacrifice safety in the name of propping up criminals is ludicrous. There are millions of police interactions that happen daily that you never hear about because they are uneventful and usually positive. The 0.01% make the news (in the most slanted way possible for ratings and a narrative that NEVER gets corrected when the facts come out) and you want to make it even more dangerous for law enforcement as a result (i.e. - removing qualified immunity, which is idiotic). It's the same flawed logic as the "bAn AsSaULT rIfLeS" crowd after a psychopath shoots up a school with a handgun.
  20. Yup. But according to the peanut gallery, he's still guilty.
  21. He was not legally armed. It is illegal to carry a firearm while under influence of drugs. Castile said he had a weapon and then reached for it despite being told not to.
  22. He wouldn't have died had he not been struggling. He was complaining about not being able to breathe WELL before Chauvin was kneeling on the back of his neck (not his windpipe). Chauvin was also acting IAW department policy. The length of time could point to excessive force, but Floyd died because of Floyd's poor life choices. I don't think cops are perfect. I think you're caught up in the emotion and slurping the bullshit that the media is feeding you.
  23. Chauvin didn’t kill Floyd. A lethal dose of Fentanyl, Meth, alcohol, and pre-existing issues from COVID did. Good lord, dude. You just slurp up all the hysterical false narratives, don’t you?
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