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  1. Update... after hooking two and getting on cap, flew every day this week and got good’s on all the rides. So off cap and feeling good before my solo. Appreciate all the help on here, I think something worth mentioning is being able to consistently fly was a huge plus. great community, you rock!
  2. You weirdly nailed the talking/trim pieces, I do talk when I fly. I’ll stop doing that and use my minimal brain bits on something useful. The responses make me feel better about it, I’ve been pretty devastated that I’m not picking it up faster.
  3. Currently at Vance about halfway through T-6s and recently hooked two flights in a row resulting in being put on flying CAP (commanders awareness program). Getting off altitude from poor trim and being task saturated in the pattern drove the unsats. I’m just hoping to hear some stories from guys that got their wings after struggling during UPT and what actions did you take to improve? I spend hours chair flying every day, but something just hasn’t clicked yet.
  4. Some gouge for those selected, I was picked up on last years board for UPT and am sitting at Columbus still waiting to start. All the bases are backed up, so expect to chill on casual for a few months.
  5. Thanks my dudes, great info/advice all around. I'm not around any aircrew in my current job and this forum has been a gold mine.
  6. That’s good to hear, I was just surprised when their advice was to go for T-1s because if I went 38s as a Capt I’d end up in a bomber or E-3...
  7. I’m an active duty Capt who managed to escape the MSG and about to start UPT at Columbus. I heard some gouge (from two Lt FAIPs) about late rated guys who end up tracking T-38s rarely end up in a fighter. Do they not like sending older folks to fighters (I’m 29)? Is there some truth here or is it just anecdotal Lt rumor? P.S I’m still very much a free agent on what I’d like to fly, I’m not a fighters or bust dude just after information
  8. Ya it’s a very different process... you have to already be a commissioned officer to apply to this board. All the paperwork that goes with it can be found on mypers.
  9. Theres at least 3 62Es at IFT right now heading to UPT
  10. AFPC told me last year they weren’t asking career fields for release, if you were accepted you were going... only caveat I think was AFIT/similar program commitments. My career field doesn’t release folks to do anything (there’s about 190 of us in the AF) and I was selected, sitting at IFT right now. But who the knows, there’s never any black/white in the AF... all rules/policies are elastic
  11. Reading old posts, the consensus seemed to be the AD route was the most competitive... I'm not sure that's still true, the number of folks accepted has increased from 14 a few years ago to around 90ish i think this year. But having gone from enlisted, to non-rated O, to UPT select as a new Capt, I'll say it's a long road and you'll be behind your peers and making rank past O-5 will be a challenge. I don't mind and have 0 desire to make O-6 or higher, I just want to fly and do cool shit... but for some people that might cause some butt hurt. My advise would be to get a UPT slot out of the gate if able, but there are roads to wings if you can at least get commissioned.
  12. This board is for active duty Officers only. If you aren't already in, this doesnt apply to you.
  13. I think it depends on what kind of ADSC you have... If it's an ADSC from a commissioning source/PCS/other basic shit then it's no issue... If you have an ADSC from getting your Masters (AFIT/etc) or something along those lines, you may have to pursue a waiver. I was on station for < 1 year when I applied and was accepted w/o a waiver.
  14. That’s wild... luckily I made some bros in the nearby reserve unit, they opened up their equipment warehouse and hooked me up with all the gear I needed and their recent upt grads talked me through some questions I had.
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