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    The Air Force MARS Phone Patch Net has been operational since the Vietnam War. Hundreds of patches daily were handled through the early 80’s when bases starting closing their MARS stations. Today the net is tasked to handle DoD patch requests in support of transports, tankers, bombers and other aircraft and ground units handling routine weather, ETA/Customs, maintenance, etc. calls as well as emergency support. Morale calls are still happily handled. For more information see the website below. In the fall of 2014 the Chiefs of AF & Army MARS approved joint operations with AF and AR MARS stations participating. Chief Air Force MARS has approved a re-designation of the legacy AFMARS Phone Patch Network (aka - PPN) to the nomenclature of “MARSRADIO”. For operational reasons, amongst others, to offer nomenclature continuity to DoD customers / users this change has been made. Effective this time / date, PPN ceases to exist as an operational entity and is replaced as MARSRADIO. MARSRADIO is recognized as a global service authorized by the DoD that supports HF phone patch request and equipment checks (voice and SELCAL) as a backup to other communication services. If there are any questions, need more information, please contact the network manager directly. Richard Duncan, AFN6P (N6P) afn6p@marsradioglobal.us http://marsradioglobal.us Note: Propagation has been very poor lately and calls may be missed due to that. If unable to reach on 13.927 MHz suggest try 7.6335 MHz. Both frequencies are monitored.
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    Having to use shooting down drones as the baseline for your community A/A needs speaks for itself.
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    Also, it could be that 99 Verbal score. How the f#ck does that happen? Weirdo.
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    Word. So here's another story for ya. So there I was as an attached flyer, watching the flt/cc give the cats the formal release spiel. Some shit went down in San Antone I wasn't privy to the weekend prior, and they got straight up Shawshank'd into "flight room CAP". Nobody goes anywhere without an alibi, and pack a lunch. So fast forward to the next day right around 1100ish and I'm about to brief my kid when I see the flt/cc go over to a couple of studs motioning and arguing with Prince S. on the center table: flt/cc: "Where you think you're going man?" Pr. S: "Uh, Silver Wings zzir" flt/cc: "No you're not, what did I tell all of you yesterday about bringing in lunch with ya?" Pr. S: "Oh yes zzir, but zzir, you see...I don't have a wife, so I don't have anybody to make me lunch...." The collective room: I had to bury my face to contain my laughing outburst. I'll never forget the pregnant pause from the flt/cc. Truly didn't see it coming. It was truly a #thuglife moment, and the sincerity and nonchalance with which he said that was Epic... and the day I realized this goddamn place had jumped the shark. Fast forward more years than I care to remember or admit to, and I feel like the Houston WTF reporter. 50% of my daily grind is spent on this ME nonsense, but somehow we're all tapped out of 38 domestic production up in here though, but DTS ain't gonna unfornicate itself either. And now this mickey mouse business about zero-to-hero? Holy Mary and Joseph on a donkey. Like the man said:
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    I have an 8-0 undefeated record in the octagon of reg-fu, and 7 of those one round KO matches were with finance, yet they keep insisting on a rematch
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    But look who is managing this. The same person who as seen us through all the other debacles so it’s no surprise it’s so messed up.
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    FYSA I’m older than you and got hired by a fighter squadron. ETPs for age/commissioned service are alive and well, until 35ish. Wish they’d just bring in the FWQ course again, or at least make this process easier.
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    Spot on. There's incredible deterrent value in readiness. Readiness starts very early, and it includes acquisition priorities.
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    Yeah, to be honest that 99 verbal freaks me out, too.
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    You're probably just an asshole and haven't figured it out yet. Seriously though, everyone at the interviews should have similar scores/resume. Even if you're a good fit, maybe someone was a better fit. Maybe they're hiring dudes from within the unit. Maybe they hired a dude who has been rushing the unit for a long time. You never know. Don't worry about it, just keep working towards it and if it works out great. If not, you're probably just an asshole...
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    I understand di1630's point, and it has merit. That said, it's still important to be prepared for the other things that could flare up outside of our current conflicts, regardless of how many years it has been since X happened or what our opinions are of the probability the NoDAKs will cross the line this Friday night, 5 min before curfew starts ("which one of you is least drunk?") Would it be nice if guys knew more 9-level shit about bombs or were slightly better at X (i.e. the stuff we're doing right now)...sure it would, but until I see continuous, rampant fuckery downrange (not just isolated fuckups) or we're starting to lose the war due to aircrew inability to perform, I think we're doing alright with balancing current war with preparedness for potential threats that exceed ISIS, Taliban, etc. Last point, if you seriously think we are investing way too much effort/money into "other/possible war" stuff, you are woefully uninformed about what's out there. We'd be fools to not do what we're doing right now, at least in a general sense (there are million things that could be done better, but the big picture approach/understanding and prioritization of the threat is not necessarily wrong).
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    Awesome - congrats! My only advice is to stay in constant contact with your unit when appropriate, and remain patient while they try to handle all of your paperwork on top of their own flying and day to day ops. If they ask for something, be prompt in getting something back to them. The less time that document is sitting open on their computer waiting for something, the better. They are busy, they may have other priorities day to day, and some of the signatures those handling your package will need will be from dudes that may be in and out of the squadron frequently, maybe only a few times a month. The more you can stay fresh in the minds of those handling your paperwork so that they can stay on top of it (without being over the top annoying about it) the better. AFRC will be very anal and probably have you redo a good amount of things, as well as submit some new forms and memos. This will likely include your squadron POC as a middle man - so stay organized! There were plenty of minute adjustments to paperowrk that I had already done 2-3 times. Also, you may find yourself sending a scan of your log book or pilots license for like the 10th time. Keep blank and filled out copies of forms both with you on a jump drive wherever you go, or on google drive on your phone. Also, there are some "scanning" apps for phones these days that are free and do almost an equivalent job to a computer scanner for when you're on the go and need to make a quick change to a document and re-submit. That way when you're in a hotel or something at your regional gig you can take care of biz. My buddy missed the last board because he couldn't get a few signatures at the squadron level, or because the ART handling things couldn't find where parts of his package were when he was trying to work on things for AFRC. Be ready to re-submit or serve up forms no matter how many times you've already done them. It wasn't necessarily their fault, but just an organizational hurdle.
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    The F-4 doesn’t need a gun.
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    HA! You should know better. The guys who account for 15% of pilot production will ALWAYS be the priority.
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    BTW Prince Saleem needs more cigarette breaks and 12 more 87 rides. He's on the 2 year UPT program. Also he won't make formal brief Monday because he's got some Tinder dates in Dallas on Sunday and he doesn't want to drive his Maserati back in the dark. He may make 3rd go if Allah wills it. As-salamu alaykamu vanilla face.
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    Pretty severe G forces associated with FNGs trying to not-crash the BUFF. EW passes out every time.
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    Since when has the AF cared about later?
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    Why the hell are they not at least pulling all the 16 drivers instructing in 38s, in droids back at least first? Don't FAIP any 38 studs to the 38 (or 6) but offer to capable and motivated heavy drivers, T-1 grads, a chance to qual and then instruct in the 38 (to include a chance to attend IFF if it is in the needs of the AF) with the understanding the devil will get his pound of flesh for this crossflow. Another idea that could work (also would be no fun for those having to do it) would be to shift work schedules, some dudes fly & work weekends and Monday/Tuesday are there weekends. Would boost your output, needs more manpower (mil and contract) but could be done with $$$ but keeps the aircraft and training maximized. And if you really wanted to get jiggy with it, look for a short / medium term lease option for a common fast jet trainer, L-39 or similar, and set up a 3 year program to produce some studs in another training program. Get 30 aircraft, set up 3 flights in one super det at a SW base (DM, Kirtland, etc...) and fly 7 days a week. Need about 50 ARC instructors, 3 year ADOS orders (no loss of ARC affiliation) and a great bonus (50K per year). No sim, extra flight hours, make it work. Not run thru a BCA and would cost some serious $$$ but would clear at least part of the problem. Probably about 500 mil for the whole program (over 3 years).
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    How to give the appearance of doing something while actually doing nothing and get granted "forgiveness" by the people you've pissed off: Step 1: Ban alcohol and going anywhere off base. Step 2: Local businesses, namely restaurants all over Okinawa suffer immensely and complain to local officials. Step 3: Local officials/Governor of Okinawa inform base that's it's cool to release the animals (us) back into genpop. Oh, and Step 4: Japan based aircrews request permissive to conduct airline interviews and rush guard units.
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    Our finance office said the raise was only for UAV pilots and ignored further requests to fix the issue. Good thing it’s out of their hands to solve it.
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    Here’s a good 3-Phase Dollar-Ride prank: Our dollar rider had been previously briefed by his bro’s and showed for the mission with his bags locked up (to prevent the inevitable addition of chains). So the rest of the crew decided to lull the young Lt into a false sense of security and he was left relatively alone, aside from the usual belittling of not using his man-voice when making radio calls. On the second to last leg of the mission, on the way out of the AOR into Ramstein, is when the crew struck. PH 1: Put young Lt in the seat while MP and IP go downstairs to lay the groundwork. The Lt had grown comfortable and left his bags unlocked so out went all of his clothes and extra flightsuits and in went all the pax pillows and blankets. He was left a camouflaged layer of 1 pair of PT shorts, his shave kit and a book. PH1 complete. PH 2: At Ramstein, after blocking-in and trying to get everything turned in as quickly as possible (there was drinking to be done), the unsuspecting target was told to go turn in the Secrets at AMCC while the MP and IP went to check in a Billeting. MP: “Lt. XX is a deep sleeper, so could I get an extra key for him?” Reception Clerk: “Here you go.” PH 2 complete. PH 3: Arriving at our building, the mark was told to be downstairs in 15 min for drinks. 30 seconds after getting into his room we hear the door slam open and his foot stomps in the hall. We all poke our head out to him ranting about his abundance of blankets. We all have a good laugh and tell him flight suits aren’t allowed at dinner. He had a good laugh and played along, wearing his PT shorts and flight boots. I was “late” to the rally point and conveniently left my watch in my room. The crew waited while I went upstairs. There I grabbed my extra flight suit, I’m 69” on a good day, and went to his room. I switched out the patches and threw back where he had it piled up. I then proceeded to strip his bed and only left him the thin, scratchy, comforter that is standard on all hotel beds. It was remade so that it wouldn’t be immediately noticeable. After a night of drinking, getting back to the room, he wanted to sleep, ignored the flight suit, pulled back his covers, and realized he had no sheets. Assuming that was the last of it, he went to bed. In the morning after alert trying to get dressed, he looked at his flight suit and wondered where the rest of it was. He comes stomping out and we all had another good laugh at his expense. We had a better laugh after telling him he couldn’t change until we landed back at home. His balls were numb by the time we landed 12 hrs later, but he suffered through his dollar ride initiation with honor.