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  1. Good post! I think that realistically explains what is going on. 53.3% fully vaccinated is close enough to 50/50 for me. Still difficult to attribute the other 46.7% of not fully vaccinated people to one thing or another. That's a significant data point. Keep in mind, we have had a significant amount of deaths and hospitalizations over this virus and we still have half the country not vaccinated. Bottom line - regardless of the facts, I think this boils down to our country doesn't trust our government.
  2. Care to explain? Respectfully, I think that is the same exact arguement.
  3. So, even if it's 100%, is your position that we should mandate vaccines on everyone for a 0.30% increase in survival rate?
  4. If this is true (you might be right, I'm not tracking this daily), then why does anyone care that some people are unvaccinated? @pawnmanstates that the vaccines are so good and you state that the unvaccinated are the minority, so why do we still have a problem? Again, nothing personal, just searching for the truth data.
  5. Maybe. If that's the case, it's a failure in leadership for our elected officials. I truly think we are actually in a position where half the country doesnt trust our government.
  6. So, real question: How do we explain the fact that half the country is for the virus and half the country is against it? This isn't a conspiracy theory where a small portion of the population holds a belief that the rest of the population doesn't accept. We are literally split almost 50/50.
  7. To be fair, I'm not spending anytime producing any studies that support my position. Bad on me. But I think, from what I've been tracking, all the studies and data are lagging reality and it appears that we really don't know wtf is going on.
  8. Just a few snips from those links. Having milder symptoms does not equal not getting infected. The second one adds one set of data in Kentucky to the study but still states that there isn't enough data to understand the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  9. So I'm enjoying a few cold ones on this holiday weekend but it appears all if those links reference one study that is outdated. Then your last reference, which is the most recent, shows that we've gone from a 91% chance of not getting reinfected to a 50-60% chance. Not exactly confidence building. Again, I'm not against vaccines and I don't judge the personal decision to get it or not. Just trying to find some truth in all this crap.
  10. So, my point above isn't to be political but to prove how divided our country is over this. It's odd to me that half the people in this country are for the vaccine and half are against it. That really speaks volumes regarding the trust our citizens have in our government.
  11. So, where are the studies? The problem with all these "studies" is there are too many unknowns outside the control of the study and it's very difficult to come to a logical conclusion based off the data presented. Last time the country was this divided over something we ended up with this...
  12. Have you recently gotten your MMR2 series (last 8-9 years)? Answering a question with a question, good tactic.
  13. What I don't understand is how I've traveled the US at least twice per month, never quarantined or forced to work from home, for the past 18 months during COVID, been exposed to it six times and had seven test (the first time I decided to get tested twice), have been sick twice during the same 18 months with something other than COVID (negative COVID test - thanks kids), my entire family has been tested four times and never had it, yet it's so dangerous to me that I must get the vaccine. Not being a jerk and I'm not an anti-vaxer, just difficult for someone with my experience to understand how this vaccine is going to protect me or protect anyone else from me.
  14. Not saying all your cash should be in the bank, just saying now isn't a bad time to have some opportunity cash sitting around.
  15. The other way to think about renting is that it will free up cash for other investments and opportunities if you have it. For example, say I sell my home and get $250k equity out of it. If I were PCS'ing and knew I'd only be in place for 2-3 years, I think I'd rent and use my equity for other opportunities based on most real estate markets right now, but that's a personal choice. Both the stock market and real estate markets are sky high. Who knows for how long but now would be a great time to rent and put that cash in the bank so you're ready to capitalize on a big dip in either market.
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