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  1. Can you support this claim? I'm onboard that its clear there is a few week delay in full reporting. I haven't seen convincing evidence of underreporting. Closest I've seen is comparion of C-19 deaths vs excess deaths, which was a weak argument given the numerous other causes of death that could reasonably spike due to individual and organizational covid fear responses. (ex delaying care for critical conditions, deaths of despair).
  2. Yes, though that is not how it was originally sold, nor is it how it works with all vaccines/viruses. and it begs the question... Which presents more evolutionary pressure to a virus: partially inhospitable immune systems or unprepared ones? I don't know, it probably depends on particular variables, and there is some evidence partially effective vaccines may encourage mutations. There is a line of argument out there that the unvaccinated are causing the mutations, but the opposite may be more true here. It will probably be a while yet before we know.
  3. Indeed. Neither does the F-15 listed in her bio. To move the thread back on topic... I can't help but wonder if the admin is partially relieved for Hurricane Ida to distract from Afghanistan. I imagine we will see a huge national relief response with lots of media coverage. Good for the folks dealing with yet another hit, but I hope we still see some accountability on the the Afghanistan debacle.
  4. Its okay man. Heavy background folks turned TPS grads still don't typically call themselves "fighter pilots", if that makes you feel better.
  5. Being pedantic here... I agree. Science doesn't push anything really, people do. Science is a method and a body of evidence. A lot of people sure did claim the moniker of "science" in their political BS though. I actually really appreciate the study and wish I had seen it sooner in all this. I think the mitigation/suppression framing should have been part of the discussion all along, with empirically based analysis informing our inherently values-based public policy... out in the open... with leaders being particular about the science and the values informing their decisions... the humility to admit the huge data quality limitations... and the courage to defend values outside of simplistic "if it saves one life" first-order-effect focused demagoguery.
  6. Yeah, probably... also... 14 days to flatten the curve?
  7. Basic tool in assessing validity of a website: check what else is posted. That site is full of obviously bogus BS.
  8. You make a great point about the limitations of our knowledge. Humility is key. Foundational to one's world view is the question how the government should proceed in a low-information scenario. I default towards individual freedom, a lot of people don't, or they overstate the certainty of their position to seize moral authority they really shouldn't. FWIW, Im vaccinated, but I don't support making it mandatory right now.
  9. There is a significant difference between this statement and the witch-hunt you have supported. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motte-and-bailey_fallacy Congratulations on APZ!
  10. Would you mind expanding on your perspective here? What did you see behind the curtain? I appreciate your insight, feel free to PM.
  11. Yep, and it requires little-to-no additional training for airdrop qualified crews. I can see very little reason not to have this as a hip-pocket cape.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/01/wuhan-coronavirus-lab-leak-covid-virus-origins-china "Because if the hypothesis is right, it will soon start to dawn on people that our mistake was not insufficient reverence for scientists, or inadequate respect for expertise, or not enough censorship on Facebook. It was a failure to think critically about all of the above, to understand that there is no such thing as absolute expertise."
  13. It's posted in the Woke thread, but it is just as appropriate here... and the ACIP thread.
  14. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/05/15/space-force-co-who-got-holiday-call-trump-fired-over-comments-decrying-marxism-military.html
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