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  1. Agree, in general, CRT and the like are inconsistent, self-contradictory, and destructive... so I wont waste enegry trying to steel-man them.
  2. This struck me as a funny viewing of the SJW type. I'd venture most champion different scoring criteria for the identities other than white male.
  3. Yep, and its difficult for people to really know where they are on the curve. I don’t think anyone has ever done more to amplify my generally skeptical attitude on any topic more than SoH’s emotive postings.... So much so that I’m skeptical of his authenticity.
  4. I did Brandman’s MAOL program and think it was solid. It will cost you some out of pocket and each class is a bit more challenging than other min-run options, but the 15 hrs credit is great. Good quality education IMO.
  5. You just described racial profiling. To be clear, are you condoning this?
  6. Unproven theory that large-scale, statistically signifcant, imprecise characterisations occur, yes. No conspiracy required. Systems do not require conscious coordination with ill intent to deliver poor results. They are often way more complicated than our monkey brains give them credit for. Unintended consequences and all. Sure, I acknowledge that pandemics are a particularly difficult situation for societies that value liberty. Which is a good point to emphasize, and often a root issue in disagreements: how highly do each of us value liberty vs security?
  7. Not really, I recommend you read up on the concept of Systems Thinking... ...Could not be more wrong; how people died/are harmed, whether directly from the disease or our reaction to it, makes all the difference when it comes to decision making and the effects of the disease.
  8. Suggestions on what to do to get them to step up their defence game?
  9. I've never had a strong opinion on it but I somewhat leaned to the probable futility of min wage raises... but I think you've convinced me. Worthy of noting for internet banter.
  10. True. Though you know, all of us age. I wouldn't argue against getting rid of age brackets anyway. Nice strawman. Me either. Reality is, its more difficult to make a team of folks when they operate under different standards based on their race/religion/gender/etc. I'm a proponent for singular standards across the board. Combat airpower tie in: Ive seen this end the service of guys who were otherwise high performers and, tighter teams perform better. My piece is said, again... we certainly do have bigger issues.
  11. Most people know how the test was designed. This does not support your argument that we have the "same" standard. We have different standards, literally generated by discriminating based on gender averages. As long as a woman can score an "excellent" for a run time that would end a man's career, we are damaging esprit de corp. But, sure, we have bigger problems.
  12. This might be the most asinine, political BS, mental-gymastics justification I have ever heard. But it could be the whiskey.
  13. I'm not an MC bro, but I will say: Don't overly water-down the negative effect of Cannon on families. You certainly will not have access to the exact same family stuff. Sure, it's survivable. Single? Have fun.
  14. Meh, he is regurgitating what others are throwing out. BREAK BREAK There has been a marked improvement in leadership in all levels of my chain of command over the past couple years. I am hopeful that eventually we will be in a much better place, but the Air Force is now suffering the consequences of epically poor decision making/culture of previous commands.
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