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  1. What other crypto are you in? I did a bit of research after speaking to a buddy and recently through $5,000 into 5 different coins with the thought being I won't miss the money, and if something big happens, then great.
  2. So I work for said company and other than an email about celebrating LGBTQalkdhfadsf+ month I haven't heard of any woke policies or courses being implemented. But I'm just a lowly CIP so who knows.
  3. "Give me a ping Vasili. One ping only."
  4. Far too slippery of a slope to even venture down, yet here we are. Does following an account constitute restricted actions? A like? A share? Who is to determine if something is a joke? Oh, but nuance and context no longer matter... At least the fighter pilot meme pages on IG are having a field day... For now. From the Army cartoon recruiting commercial advertising a woman who grew up with "two moms" who "marched for justice" to this... The leadership at the top has forgotten the reason we f***ing exist. Pathetic.
  5. The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Our country is so f*cking screwed. https://t.co/x4fgguISoR" / Twitter Versus... Russian Military Recruitment Video on Vimeo
  6. Thanks Jon. I'm hesitant to touch my primary residence as I just refinanced at 1.75% so it looks like I'll have to work some other angles.
  7. Jon, I know this is a VA loan discussion but I'm considering using the equity in my Beaufort 2nd home that you helped refinance 2 years ago to open up my VA loan to purchase my home in CA, to purchase another property in California as an investment opportunity. Do you guys deal in HELOC, home equity, or cash-out refinance loans? The property is roughly worth about $410,000 and I owe about $131,000 and am looking to get about $250,000 for the new purchase. Is this something that is even possible?
  8. Why be honest when you know almost all media will refuse to hold you accountable for any lies?
  9. Virginia Dept. of Ed moves to end accelerated math classes for 'equity': 'Not an exaggeration' - Washington Times Virginia looking to completely remove all accelerated math classes until 11th grade. Curious how this is going to effect women and minorities in STEM... This is starting to become the second version of Orwell's 1984.
  10. Norfolk fires police lieutenant who donated to accused vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse (yahoo.com)
  11. The Courier was great.
  12. 100% disagree. Let's just say .25% of people who caught covid died, so 25 out of 10,000 which I think is much higher than the actual fatality rate. Most of those are older people and people who have health issues, many of which were self-caused due to a variety of reasons. So you feel it would be better to have .24%, or 24 out of 10,000 to have adverse reactions to a vaccine they very likely don't even need, potentially causing harm to those young, healthy adults and children?
  13. Kind of within the same realm - Are these real estate prices here to stay? We sold our home in Virginia last June for $464k, Zillow now has it valued at $515k. The people who bought the home of the people who bought ours (crazy story) purchased that home for $306k and just listed it at $380k. Our home in San Diego was valued by Redfin and Zillow at 12.5% higher than what we purchased it for nine months ago. This was verified with an actual appraisal to lock in a 1.75% refinance (1.4 points). What the hell is going on? Is it just inflation due to excess cash in circulation? I don't
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