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  1. How is Michigan not getting punished for not playing anyone?
  2. We have a thing called "modal confusion" where a student gets behind the jet and doesn't realize what mode they are in - 1 or 4. Has resulted in a few close calls. One should never be "in the hover" in IMC though.
  3. Pirate rules. You fall behind, you get left behind.
  4. "Go be free Fat Amy." "Legend has it, she's still out there soaring, somewhere."
  5. Valid. Initially I didn't care for the NIL and a 12 team playoff, but I think in the end it'll make the sport a lot more exciting, with more parity, and will open up NC opportunities for more than just 6-8 teams every year.
  6. FSU was pretty dominant for nearly 15 years with Bobby Bowden. Granted we didn't win 6 or 7 championships like Saban has, but we played for that many.
  7. Yeah, you can't just recruit kids to keep them from playing elsewhere anymore.
  8. Ouch. My neighbor bought his $1.8m home in 2018, which is now around $3.0m but he did interest only, for the first 7 or 10 years, at which point the rate becomes variable when he has to pay interest/principal. I'm scared for him. I'd never be able to afford my home at current rates.
  9. I feel like we're seeing what happened to FSU in the early 2000's happening to Alabama. Of course they're Alabama, so that might not be true... But I can definitely see some parallels between Bowden and Saban.
  10. Our AirBnB has no current bookings for the month but netted $6k last month. My wife is annoyed since that's one of her forms of income. Fortunately it's just our pool house in the back yard so we don't need that income but it's certainly looking like the past couple years won't continue into the future. I hope those that FOMO'd into the STR business in the past year or two aren't f***ed, but it's looking that way if one bought one or more homes just for STRs. They're going to have to transition to long term rent or sell and walk away with any potential equity they have.
  11. It took us a half to iron out the kinks, but once we did we looked strong. After Clemson getting destroyed by Duke last night, we'll be favored in every game from here on out. I don't like that we've got a target on our back from every team we'll play, but I'll take this over any season since 2014.
  12. Decades of data isn't important? I was thinking earlier when speaking to my wife, Big Pharma may have won this one with regards to profits, but I think the skepticism that they have caused for a large portion of the population may cause them to lose in the long run unless aided by the government and CDC with regards to mandatory vaccinations for children to attend public school. For my daughter, five years old now born in 2018, I never questioned any of the vaccinations because I received all of mine and had no issues. I even thought those against vaccines were completely off base. During and post covid due to the forced vaccinations I started doing research, including The Real Anthony Fauci, which I highly recommend. I have a two month old son and am questioning some of the thought here by the official recommendations. For myself, born in 1984, I required DTP, OPV, MMR, and Td. That is four vaccines. Look at someone born in 2018 it is now 15 different vaccinations and 72 doses. The first, HepB is given at birth and was designed for homosexual men who were having intercourse to prevent the spread of the virus. Why does a newborn need that? Answer - In 1986 a law was passed giving vaccine manufacturers legal immunity. Don't you think that to be odd?
  13. Pretty sure somewhere over the course of this discussion you said you would punish any military member who didn't get the vaccine with the full authority given by the UCMJ if you were a commander. That's about as close as one can get to what you said.
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