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  1. Concur. I'd take the high school quarterback with a 3.0 in international relations over the above for a fighter pilot. If you want a degree that pays for the cost of itself and then makes money, maybe get a degree that has some value in the commercial sector. We are a tiny minority of people who buck the trend of degrees and wages.
  2. You're right, maybe doing it early isn't the right answer now. Maybe get established, make your life stable and then start a family. People live longer now...? Non-useless - Math, actual sciences (not the social science degree I got because I knew I wanted to fly and only had to run fast, do lots of pullups, and have a degree for the Marine Corps), engineering...
  3. I don't know that it was the boomers that played a large role in millennials' attitudes, but rather millennials doing that to their children. If you have a chance pick up The Coddling of the American Mind. Phenomenal read that explains so many of our current societies' ills. Or just look listen to Rogan's interview with Greg Lukianoff.
  4. I saw the first video several days ago one morning. I typically watch YouTube from 0445-0515 while I drink coffee before I workout prior to showing up to work at 0645-0700. It was educational and entertaining. Unfortunately millennials think they are owed something which is probably perpetuated by the media and social media - You aren't owed shit. Work hard, be dedicated, and generally things work out. Spend your money on vacations, double venti coffees, and it doesn't. Nice. Most people I know "could" buy a home, they are just unwilling to relocate. I live in San Diego where the median home price is over $1m. The same people who complain about home prices, I drink with fairly often, and our individual tabs are greater than $200. Valid regarding wages and inflation - I just got a 3.5% raise when inflation is 8.6%. Sucks when for every $100k you make you are losing $4k just due to inflation. It is the responsibility of the individual to understand the technology if they want to benefit from it, not the government's responsibility to help people understand how it impacts them. We have forgotten the concept of "personal responsibility." Its unfortunate. Would you retire if you are crushing it? Human beings are inherently selfish. People now for some reason don't believe that and want to think that people are inherently "good" when they aren't. Sure, college costs have risen at a ridiculous rate. But many of those burdened by insane college loans pursued useless degrees AND used those loans to finance their living expenses for those four plus years. Millennials also have vastly different values than the baby boomers who wanted to start a family early and own property. Many millennials want freedom and to work as little as required in order to satisfy their expenses.
  5. So the boomer generation is the root cause problem that this country faces? Is that what you're saying? "The ultimate 'me' generation..." Wow. What are the millennials' issues? I'm one so I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  6. If you have an American flag, an Italian flag, an Irish flag, and a USAF symbol bumper sticker on your car/truck... You're a tool. And so are these people who have to advertise their "identities."
  7. DRG is currently trying to work a contract where they have civilians instructing in the F/A-18A-D at Miramar for FY23. Pay is suppose to be around $300k/yr. Similar to what they do with the F-15SA and QA, only you get to stay in the states but also lose out on the $450k/yr those dudes in the Middle East make.
  8. Heard from a Marine fighter pilot - "A no-go pill, a few beers, and a couple of smokes and you're in a whole other world."
  9. Is that a missile going into the right tailpipe?
  10. Concur with this. Go look up some of the threat missiles, CH-AA-10 specifically, and you'll see why having a missile truck with standoff is incredibly advantageous.
  11. Was the 1% attributed to the co-pilot who was praying to Allah during the mishap instead of trying to address the issue?
  12. That documentary didn't mention the incredible lack of experience or requirements for foreign pilots, did it? I watched it and remember them doing nothing but blame Boeing.
  13. You are in the other fighter's cockpit... Via the hours-long tape debriefs that record everything. You're just there after the flight.
  14. What are these downgrades and Q1, 2, and 3?
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