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  1. I'm happy that TAMU took Jimbo Fischer from us! Happy to be in the top 20 again with Norvell leading FSU to an 8-3 season after such a terrible few years. I see top 10 next year.
  2. Threat missiles have come a long way in the past few years... You're not putting me in that thing.
  3. Echo all of the above. As a 2ndLt - 1stLt, the list of vehicles I had owned - 1999 Corvette - 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R - 1981 Suzuki S-60 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee - 2011 Ducati 1098 - 2003 Dodge Viper Save your money, buy something used, keep it for a long while. Buy a house, then later you can splurge. An FD RX-7 is going to require at least $30k and a lot of maintenance to keep it running. Definitely better options.
  4. I've never been more impressed than rolling up to take our PFT and seeing a few young Marines in the squadron smoking a heater after the pullups and situps, prior to the run, then knocking out a sub 18:00 three mile, following it up with another heater and a Monster. Where do we find such men?
  5. Hahaha. That's funny. I've attempted legitimate conversations to discuss issues but end up getting yelled at, by friends even, because many of those on the left are driven by their emotions and feelings on issues, not actual facts. Look at any attempt for a conservative spokesperson to speak at a college campus - Liberals/leftists start yelling, screaming, and completely shut down any ability to have a discussion.
  6. At least in downtown San Diego the cops have been forcing the homeless / addicts to take their tents down during the day...
  7. I have considered that, but in the past shied away because I like the security of knowing I "soon" will have one home paid off should anything devastating happen. That's probably not the savvy financial answer I should have provided but it has been my reasoning. Perhaps continue to pay down the home until it's nearly zero, then cash-out refinance to purchase a new property?
  8. Thank you - But let us not forget I did ask a bunch of military pilots for financial advice! 🍻 Unless you were being sarcastic... Hard to tell on here.
  9. My current DTI is 22%. Real estate is our only debt. We pay everything else with AMEX and pay it off every month. I don't. It's financed. I could pay the notes on both my SC and CA homes if the AirBnB and both tenants at Beaufort went to 0% occupancy. Yes. If that would allow me to purchase an additional property or two. No. I owe $120k on SC and $1.2m on CA. Only have roughly SC available immediately. Valid concerns but I also don't want to ignore the fact that rents seem to be consistently rising and 1/4 to 1/3 of single family homes are now being purchased by large investment companies.
  10. Well the past 48 hours ruined my near future plans. I was late to the game in investing - Didn't really start until I left active duty in 2018 (spent all my money on cars and motorcycles up until then) and after simply contributed to get the max match from Boeing and now LM. Fortunately I (by pure luck) timed the market well with real-estate and bought a commercial/residential unit in SC in 2012 when I got to my first gun squadron that has increased in value 2.5x in 10 years and has a tenant upstairs and downstairs that both combined end up paying over double my mortgage. In 2020 I then moved to CA and and bought a home at 1.75% (after a refi) which has increased by $800k in two years, that has a pool house which we AirBnB that each month pays the entire mortgage. Now a couple questions for those in the room: 1) I had been paying and extra $2,000/mo towards the principal on my SC property which would have it paid off in five years, 15 years after purchase. I recently stopped that because we had been planning to buy another investment property (STR) in the Julian area of CA. I made a competitive offer - Full ask with no seller assistance and got beat by three cash offers all over asking (this was two weeks ago.) Should I start throwing that $2,000/mo back towards paying off my SC home so that I can turn that into pure income once it's paid off or put that money elsewhere? I don't think I can make competitive offers against cash now that mortgage rates are 6.5%. 2) I've been doing 8% to get my 4% match, tomorrow I'm over the $147,000 social security contribution limit - Do I put the excess $260/wk back into my 401k? Or is there somewhere better? 3) Any idea of up and coming housing markets? All the research I'm seeing state that the best time to get into another real estate investment probably won't be until Spring/Summer 2023 when sellers finally capitulate to the market and not what their neighbors got six months ago. I'd prefer to invest in something nearby, but it seems SoCal is impossible for anyone with not big backers at this point...
  11. All, I came across a really great property yesterday in an area that we have quietly been eyeing for some time. I didn't anticipate it garnering so much attention and was caught off guard when the sellers agent stated that they would be accepting offers through Monday. After talking with the wife I knew we wanted to give it a shot so I messaged Jon from Trident Home Loans around 2pm PST. He told me to call him and we spoke at length running rough numbers over the phone while we drove home. Just over 12 hours later, with one of his guys working the process at 3am PST on a Sunday, I had the pre approval letter to provide to our realtor along with our upcoming offer. Second time I've worked with Jon and can't recommend him highly enough.
  12. A Rhino variant would have made the most sense certainly. Simple transition for the legacy Hornet pilots and maintain the relationship with the Navy.
  13. Hey! I wanted to paint a star on my jet as much as any other dude! But thank you, you made my point more eloquently than I did. I'm not arguing with you - You're right. But we are rapidly leaving the 4th generation fighter game and we still have to support our Marines on the ground. So we make due with what we have.
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