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  1. Watching 30 year old Bo Nix’s 12 year college career come to an end with a loss was great* *if they don’t go to a bowl
  2. It’s going to be rough on the Cowboys since they can’t beat a team above .500.
  3. Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and I are alumni of the same school (Go Pokes!)
  4. If FSU loses without Travis, it exposes the frauds they are. With the exception of the first week of that beating of LSU, they've played unranked nobodies. That's hard for the committee when the OSU/UM game loser had a tougher schedule/conference. If FSU barely beats or loses UF this week I believe the committee will rank the loser of the OSU/UM will still rank higher than FSU.
  5. What check(s) did he hook you on?
  6. https://news.yahoo.com/us-air-force-may-remove-171141507.html
  7. If this goes go a general court martial, I’m curious if he’ll pick a bench trial with only a judge, or they’ll have to find a panel of three and four stars?
  8. As 19 AF/CC, he would’ve probably crushed any rated officer instructor for anything like that with a student. ”Rules for thee, not for me.”
  9. While he was the Vice at Seymour, I ran into him at at the BX while I was TDY there as a contractor and said “Ratner and I have a message for you,” then gave him the finger and told him to fuck off. He got red faced and stormed away.
  10. https://x.com/collinrugg/status/1717694800793633108?s=46&t=ctjFB6W6EEwuK5d_y4et5g
  11. What is the conviction rate of someone charged with an Art 120 offense and actually found guilty of said Article 120 offense? Not someone charged with a 120 and found guilty of Article 92 because during the “investigation” OSI found out the accused didn’t register a gun living on base 6-9 assignments ago. The latter seems to be the conviction stat padding SVC/SARC’s like to do.
  12. Did the country stay together when Nixon resigned before he was impeached? There is a process to run the country if the president either leaves office abruptly or is removed. Do you think as many people are going to start overrunning the Capitol again when they’ve seen a lot of those that did during 1/6 prosecuted and thrown in federal prison? Are you the only one that feels that way on here, of course not, this place is an echo chamber of certain political stances. But this is also forum of people saying how Biden was going to be 25 Amendement’d so Harris could take over and this was some master DNC plan to do so. I don’t like Trump because he only cares about Trump. He doesn’t care about the DNC or RNC, he cares about retaining the power and the “unique” abilities that comes with being POTUS (like not being federal indicted while in office and if it were to happen, pardoning himself and his cronies). It’s easy to believe that the election was rigged when your own advisors and attorneys are telling you that you lost and you just disregard them and surround yourself with your echo chamber. His policies being better are subjective, as always. https://www.cato.org/commentary/grading-trumps-economic-policies It will be up to the RNC to see if they support Trump as a nominee or not. The best thing for them to do is cut ties, like most of them have, with Trump and let him rot. How’s that Speaker election going for Jim Jordan with his fellow Republicans, losing votes every time he was up for a vote? It’s people like Jordan, who refuse to acknowledge that the election wasn’t stolen, that the RNC needs to rid themselves of and press. Unfortunately, DeSantis isn’t doing so hot, so it will be very interesting the next year.
  13. My response that you’re stupid is I have asked you various questions on why he wouldn’t be held to justice in state court for violating state laws and you haven’t answered at all, which I’m not shocked. Whether the country would survive is irrelevant, since there is a system in place to have the country ran if the president is removed from office. Again, an armada of legal challenges would happen and would force the SCOTUS to either hold that yes, or no, a president could be tried, convicted, and imprison for violating state laws while a sitting president. This would also have the 25th Amendment possibly come into play and be exercised if the president is confined and no longer to execute the office. I agree that the elites are rarely charged held to justice for their crimes, however there’s a very good chance Trump will be going to prison in New York, Georgia, and/or federal. A huge reason why he’s running for president again is so he can pardon himself and cronies and get rid of all the federal punitive landscape that he’s currently caught in.
  14. That’s fine you disagree, but neither I, nor you, are the people charged with interpreting the Constitution. Your posts about these topics are usually a textbook example of Dunning-Kruger effect. I didn’t say every other president has been squeaky clean, but you knew that, you’re just being stupid. I said that presidents normally don’t go around violating state laws while they’re sitting in office, which is why this is now some uncharted legal landscape the courts are entering in. Trump was still the lame duck president when his alleged criminal actions occurred in Georgia (Dec 2020). Are you to say that since he was technically president at the time the allegedly conduct happened that Georgia wouldn’t be able to prosecute him since he was, at the time, the president? https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/23909543-23sc188947-criminal-indictment I’m curious why you don’t think a president, who cannot pardon himself or others from state law violations, couldn’t be charged with violating state law? Are military personnel, who usually aren’t residents of the states they’re stationed in, immune from violating laws of the state they’re stationed in? Even if they aren’t residents of said states? Does the military have the authority to just immunize military personnel from state law violations because they’re essentially federal employees?
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