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  1. FlightSafety just got approved for Skillbridge and that includes our sim IPs.
  2. I’ve heard that before. I know a few VA raters and they told me to never skip a C&P exam. It’s a subjective system, though the raters have to weigh the evidence, when all things are equal the benefit of the doubt goes to the veteran.
  3. One would still have to go through a C&P with a medical provider of the VAs and rated by the VA. No one gets a rating without VA oversight. Now if the C&P examiner pencil whips the exam or the rater doesn’t do their job, that’s on the VA.
  4. Raters for the VA aren’t medical providers. My friend is one and he’s an ANG -135 pilot.
  5. A pulmonary tech at the last VA I went to was a retired Army artillery soldier. He was denied tinnitus by the VA because they didn’t find it service connected.
  6. Beer in the PNW is better and I grew up in the Front Range area. Avery Brewery in Boulder is pretty great though.
  7. Do you mean the self-proclaimed "Democratic Socialists?" This idiot is the first Gen Z rep in the CO General Assembly. Besides being in his 20s and looking like he's 40, he's too buy replacing the US flag at his desk in the House with a Palestine one, sponsoring a "Chicano/Chicana" license plate (like CO needs any more license plates), and "an assault weapons ban." https://twitter.com/_timhernandez?lang=en To the citizens of Denver who are now pissed the mayor is cutting $180M in the city's budget to pay for migrants, you get what you vote for.
  8. They think it's acceptable when they live on their lesbian commune in Boulder, which still hasn't fully supported Denver with the migrant influx, while doing virtue signaling on social media. However, whenever the migrants start to appear in their neighborhoods while drinking their overpriced lattes or while shopping at their farmer's market, their NIMBYism comes out strong. The residence of Martha's Vinyard were more than happy to escort the migrants to the bus to take them out of their town as soon as their took their photo op showing them giving them a sandwich and coat.
  9. Things are going well for the idiots that run Denver. https://x.com/KyleClark/status/1773881376397316445?s=20
  10. It becomes your problem when they maliciously file fraud complaints against you to the VA IG and they start investigating you. It’s more common than you think.
  11. Here’s some good advice, keep your rating to yourself. There some veterans, usually former grunts from the Army and Marines, who assume one has to be a quadriplegic to have a high VA rating. This really goes for 100 P&T.
  12. Qantas doesn’t have WiFi on their international flights. But that hour flight from Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Brisbane? Yeah, it’ll have WiFi.
  13. It takes time to open that golden parachute and buy back those stocks.
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