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  1. Anyone have SA on any upcoming B-1/B-52 Boards? Looking to go WSO specifically, thanks!
  2. I got a waiver for history of ADD meds after a psych eval by an AD doc, after having not taken meds for about 8 years. It was then subsequently taken away when I re-did my medical a few years later for reasons I still don't understand (and probably never will). Having gone through this process twice, my advice is make sure you have everything laid out, do NOT under any circumstances have him register with his schools' disability office and get extra accommodations on tests/exams. He needs to stop taking the Adderall as soon as humanly possible, otherwise DODMERB will flag him for long-term use and immediately DQ him and he'll never even make it to his FC1. On a personal note, if hes constantly using electronics like gaming and social media I would drastically reduce the amount he uses them, it stirs the pot for ADHD and gets the neurons firing too much. Have him go cold turkey for a week and you'll see the difference. If thats his dream he needs to be ready to make some sacrifices! Hope this helps!
  3. Greetings Baseops! I'll be participating as a vendor at the DM airshow this weekend showcasing some of my artwork so if anyone is on base Fri-Sun come stop by my booth and say hello! Hope to see some of you guys there!
  4. Thanks for the great feedback! And I'm pretty sure I would run out of lead and paper long before I could finish that.
  5. Hello again Baseops Users, I've added a few new prints and restocks to my Etsy shop focusing on high quality, technically accurate pencil drawings of modern fighters. I've also reinstated the special 20% discount code I offered over Christmas for Baseops members indefinitely. I'm planning on attending some airshows on the West Coast later this year (such as DM) so I hope to see some of you there. The coupon will apply in-person as well. Lots more prints coming this year including a Viper, Legacy Hornet, T-38, and even a BMW for you car people. https://www.etsy.com/shop/redwolfillustrations?coupon=BASEOPSDOTNET
  6. Its a good thing the show is happening, here in the blue states virtually all airshows have either been pushed back again (i.e. DM) or cancelled altogether
  7. B-1 is in the works, my goal is to make it to where I can add custom nose art to the prints I did this one of Sentimental Journey many years ago when I was still in school. Will definitely be doing more WWII stuff in the future, starting with a P-51 next year Thanks Stitch! Its a long and hard (sts) process requiring many months of work, but I believe they need to be technically accurate since any inaccuracies will stand out like a sore thumb to you guys who fly/maintain them
  8. So just want to get a gauge, what airframes would you guys be interested in seeing drawings of? Besides the 135 and U-2 obviously (those legends are mandatory 😎) Couple more:
  9. The old Boeing workhorse is definitely on the list! I'm guessing it will be around for awhile? Haven't seen this classic thrown around on here since the Rainman days
  10. Appreciate the feedback, I've gotten requests for all of those airframes in the past and planning on eventually doing each one. As of now I've got an Apache, Hornet, Viper, T-6, and P-51 planned for the short term. Admittedly I've neglected heavies over the years which I will try and make up for. I just added a few more prints to my Etsy page with over a dozen still in the works. Make sure to use the 20% off code if you order something! I'll try not to spam this thread with every print I do but heres a few more examples (last one was a commission for a change of command):
  11. Negative SoCal. I need to finish the Beale T-38 I started awhile back! (And eventually do a U-2)
  12. Greetings, MASSIVE 10-year thread bump, but it seems like the most appropriate and I didn't want to start a new thread for this. I'm an artist and just starting my side-hustle selling high quality art prints of military aircraft that I want to offer to Baseops members. While my shop is relatively new and I'm still adding more prints I have many available now and I'm doing a special discount for BODN users and military/veterans. Pencil drawings are great ways to help show off your storied career and make nice additions to your wall/office, and squadron bar! Follow the link below and get 20% off any print, just enter the code BASEOPSDOTNET under Coupons. I also have a few originals available if anyones interested. https://www.etsy.com/shop/redwolfillustrations (And yes the previous post was actually me on my first account)
  13. Hate to say it but this is often a mx issue not an ops one. I was offered rides on several occasions as a cadet but it took one of my buddies who was in AGE over a year before he finally got one for winning airman of the quarter (in an ACC T-38 no less). Its usually mx who drops the ball and doesn't submit for the rides, whereas cadets go straight to the ops side and typically get put in the front of the line whether they earned one or not.
  14. Pretty sure I saw that first model in a movie once..
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