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  1. Want to bet a bottle? I'll take any chance to gamble 🥰
  2. Would be a smart tactic to let JD pick up the attack role while Trump softens & focuses on uniting. TBD. Momentum seems to favor the R ticket; I'm curious to see developments with the D ticket between now & their Aug convention.
  3. Not a huge Walsh fan, but he knocked this one out of the park. Worth 21 minutes of your time, but his logic solidifies at 11:20 if you want to skip forward. Basically, it's not possible for Democrats to reconcile Trump being an "existential threat to democracy" with the post-assassination platitudes of "all political violence must always be condemned."
  4. I thought the same thing, unless you're a trained sniper with the right equipment headshots are inadvisable. speaking of head shots, the shooter is looking good here. Appears to be an entry wound above left eye and exit behind right ear. Well done to USSS team who shacked this one.
  5. Yep, that happened. I can't see the date on my tiny screen but I remember it as being maybe 16 years ago? it's funny to remember blues Monday; what a waste of time and effort that did not accomplish its objective of professionalizing the force, but certainly unified the troops in contempt for senior leadership. Having now retired and looking back I'm amazed at how seemingly smart people can climb the ranks to become senior officers and just do and say and think the dumbest possible shit.
  6. I saw that testimony. Dude should have been fired on the spot and banned from any future government job and run out of town chased by an angry mob. Instead he's laughing about this video while you continue to pay his salary. This exemplifies Trump's enduring appeal to voters. There really is a deep state of unaccountable bureaucrats & it's infuriating. We have no mechanism to deal with these people so a dude who will fire them at any cost becomes very attractive despite his many glaring flaws; his candidacy becomes more attractive as these bureaucrats use lawfare attempting to prevent him from running. The left can't grasp DJTs appeal because they aren't angered by testimony like this, they don't get why many of us don't like him but will absolutely support him. He is our only tool to crush asshole tyrants like this dude.
  7. This is worth 2 minutes of your time. POTUS has Parkinson’s according to this expert (BTW, are we still “trusting the experts? lol). Maybe Fauci (who thinks Biden is fit to remain POTUS for another term) can get 51 doctors to sign a letter stating as much.
  8. Even if those guys had armed overwatch, there was a political calculation to not arm the overwatch on that AO at that time. If US troops or citizens are on the ground with ISR overhead, that ISR should ALWAYS be armed. How many times do we have to learn the same lesson? A deliberate decision to take hellfires off an MQ9 or other assets when that aircraft is headed to support a ground team is criminal command malfeasance in my opinion. If a politician orders it, GOs should resign in protest but the ugly truth is that many GOs issue those restrictions without ever asking to launch aircraft armed.
  9. Good things POTUS level emergencies only occur between 1000-2000 M-F 😂 Clown world bro
  10. No, as I said, pure speculation from me. But I’m right, lol!
  11. There's an entire industry behind that answer, and I'm speculating (but I'm right, lol). The technology of what is possible for such items can fit through legal loopholes. "Just a bug" doesn't do it credit, but every weird idea and tech we used during GWOT has been improved and incorporated into FBI arsenal. Does it make sense they were searching his wife's underwear drawer, or does it make more sense they tore his place apart looking for documents (whose location was known) as pretense for leaving monitoring devices? Consider what the FBI has already done to Trump: spied on his campaign (and lied about it), colluded with the Clinton campaign to promote the fake Russian dossier, entrapped and ruined his close advisors (Flynn among others), etc. And that was before he fired Comey and they stepped it up. Yes, my statement is unsupported speculation but logical and fits the pattern.
  12. You have TDS if you think the 34 felonies have substance. I’m not being rude, but you’ve challenged us to look into it. I have. Totally unprecedented- from an obviously conflicted judge to ambiguous charging criteria to witnesses testimony silenced to the gag order on a POTUS candidate to the misdemeanor elevated to felonies… it’s total third world garbage bro. Don’t even get me started on the other cases and especially the DA on his FL house. Anyone with experience knows the team left a stay behind device; it’s probably the reason for the raid. break break Let’s move past that since we won’t agree & that argument would be boring. Instead can you please expand on this intriguing quote above? Because there’s space here for common cause; I think we all feel trapped into less than ideal candidates so what does “revolt over these being our choices” mean? Serious question: what would the first step be? With no revolt over C19 I wonder if we’ve lost the ability to revolt. I feel trapped by a representative government that doesn’t represent me (although I’ll definitely be voting Trump) and this unspoken sentiment seems common.
  13. Good article, thanks for posting. Fauci should be in prison. It wouldn't fix much now, but it would start turning the government towards accountability.
  14. Shack. I am philosophically sympathetic and enjoy libertarian discussions as a thought experiment or conversation starter; however as a movement they’ve proven incapable of operationalizing anything. They can’t compromise, can’t organize, and will unfortunately remain politically irrelevant.
  15. I notice all the defenders of C19 policies from a few years ago have gone silent. Anyone getting the new boosters? Anyone still think schools should’ve been closed longer & masks on airplanes “saved lives?” Anyone still glad we censored actual scientists & allowed malicious actors like Fauci to drive the narrative? I don’t want to shame fellow posters here. Moving forward I just want us to acknowledge that we shouldn’t reflexively trust the government, we should value and preserve freedom, and we must demand accountability from these people. And in the future, when an event happens and all media is synchronized that we have no time to think or debate and must immediately implement highly restrictive measures for safety, and the experts will tell us when we’re allowed freedom again… when that event inevitably happens: they’re lying. Resist.
  16. https://www.rand.org/pubs/commentary/2024/06/us-escalation-in-ukraine-needs-a-plan.html?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email Good (and short) opinion piece analyzing US strategy in UKR given recent increased authorities allowing US weaponry used against deep targets within RUS. TLDR: Reactive, escalatory towards an ill-defined objective and overall immature. It speaks to my primary issue with our involvement there, namely that our pol/mil leadership is simply too retarded to win & our dumb meddling will make things worse for UKR and us.
  17. No, we need to see cuts before anything else. Too much scar tissue from decades of unaccountable runaway federal spending; compromise is impossible unless faith is restored. Let me see actual big ticket cuts, agencies dissolved, etc. before asking for another penny in taxes. Or say “we have to raise taxes to afford funding the UKR war” and let people vote on it.
  18. People who think we should pay more taxes, nothing is stopping them from paying more right now. Go ahead and pony up guys, the government will take your extra money!
  19. Well I'm definitely not voting for you. We absolutely do NOT need to raise taxes on working individuals (i'm open to the discussion of raising or restructuring capital gains tax). you're not wrong that entitlement spending, although problematic, is also a sacred cow and politicians are unlikely to be elected if they cut entitlement spending. but how about we cut some government agencies in half or completely before we discuss raising my already 30% taxes even higher? We really need a new headquarters for the FBI after they've proven themselves totally feckless? Does the ATF need to exist? How about the NEA? What about the park service, could we just cut the entire thing? Or here's an idea germane to this thread, what if we stopped funding unaffordable foreign wars that only make the world worse? until we start trimming some of the excessive government fat raising taxes should be off the table.
  20. What is the legend of 73 Easting, and what is Leo?
  21. Is there a law or norm the democrats won't break to stop their political opponents? This sham trial is outrageous.
  22. Ridiculous, no one would ever let goats roam around a helo in flight. except the Afghan Air Force…. But they promised me it was just the once.
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