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  1. 💯 Miley and Austin disgrace the service and would resign if they had any honor. Petty incompetent political creatures.
  2. Pictures for humor only. The right message at every recruiting event, from inner city schools to MIT, should be "we want the best on our team and we believe some of the best are here right now. If you think that's you, come talk to me." The absurdity of DEI hiring is that it advantages the rich black girl from a private school in New York over the poor white dude from Appalachia with no parents who has been working since 12 and taught himself to read. Both examples are real people I know.
  3. Liberals are arguing there should be barriers to people based on physical traits they are born with in aviation jobs. They don’t think they are arguing this, but they are. They talk about opportunities and shattering glass ceilings, and similar emotional gibberish that sounds inspirational and forward thinking at first contact. However, because there are a finite number of jobs, any hiring advantage given to one group based on their immutable characteristics has deleterious impacts on those outside that group. A job in the majors is already highly competitive with far more qualified applicants than positions; ergo preference to one skin color/genitalia necessarily creates a higher barrier to those without the desired qualities. Flea/NS: is there any proof that race/gender based hiring increases aviation safety or efficiency? Is there any danger they could threaten aviation safety or efficiency? I’m sure you are both well meaning bros who want to answer “yes and no” respectively, but consider the question not from your altruistic motives but from the perspective of cold-hearted corporations driven solely by financial incentives.
  4. I can't believe you didn't turn around and get a prop kill. Great way to log one more air medal!
  5. There's lots of information available on the subject of excess deaths. So far no one has drawn a definitive conclusion on why it's happening. However the phenomenon seems confined to heavily vaccinated locations with other variables negligible, ergo logic dictates one of two possibilities most likely: 1. C19 vaccines are killing people. 2. C19 is still killing people in heavily vaccinated populations. Either way the "safe & effective" chant that NIH/CDC/DNC used to force vaccine mandates has been disproven, must immediately end, and consequences for those individuals must follow.
  6. J6 was a violent riot. Tucker's reporting says that as well. However Congress, the president, the vice president, and multiple news networks have been telling us it was an armed insurrection & worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. On a scale relative to those events, it's accurate to say "J6 wasn't that bad." It's also lazy to rely on the "both sides bad" comeback. I recall during the height of ISIS our MSM networks would cautiously report on a dozen children roasted alive by the Caliphate (or whatever latest barbarity) while reminding us that Christian extremists also exist and are bad. My reply then & now is "you're not wrong but GMAFB." there can be no unity or reconciliation in our country without accountability for shitty behavior on any side. On that I hope we agree and if focused on that these conversations can be more unifying and productive. If a J6 or BLM rioter is caught, throw them in jail. If Trump breaks the law, investigate & prosecute. If Biden has been taking Chinese bribe money through his crackhead son, investigate & prosecute. Unfortunately a politicized and unethical DOJ/FBI is only weighing in against one side on those above examples and that is clearly apparent now. I want one country under God with liberty and justice for all.
  7. Our speculation on on verbal jujitsu versus cowardly disorganization is irrelevant; the January 6 congressional committee should have investigated why the capitol police were unable to effectively protect the capital. Unfortunately, because of Democrats playing politics, the investigation was a complete sham. Indisputable. So instead Tucker Carlson has investigated, and say what you will about his motives, he is adding important facts and witnesses and video to the discussion. Everybody should be in favor of that, instead, Democrats are trying to censor him. Similarly, Republicans have started an investigation into Covid origins. Democrats did not do that for years and actively censored the public from knowing facts. I sense a theme here.
  8. This is J6 day two opening monologue; he fully acknowledges massive security failures at the capital. His point is that we do not have a good idea of what transpired because facts have been hidden and the congressional committee, which was highly partisan, selectively edited footage that has been released. Where is the “right wing minimizing and equivocating?” Journalists are supposed to uncover all aspects of a story allowing readers to make up their minds. Chuck Schumer is openly calling for this to be censored, which is outrageous.
  9. This characterization of Tucker Carlson‘s reporting is not how I interpreted his story. I’m curious how you reached this conclusion, and would like to hear your viewpoint. I have not followed the January 6 story very closely and have only seen wave top talking points from both sides. But I understood his report to be focused on using video evidence to undermine conclusions the January 6 congressional investigation reached, and show that for partisan reasons they misconstrued actual facts and misinformed the public. I did not see minimizing, or excuse making. Can you cite specifics? Jan 6 was definitely a riot and there was violence. Many of us watched these events live & there is no denying those things happened. And I didn’t see Tucker deny it in the report; if I missed it, please show me. However, he did point out that many things we thought were true were not true: the Capitol police literally escorted that crazy dude dressed like a buffalo through the building, he didn’t break in. There was definitely no armed insurrection, and the police officer was not beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. I heard January 6 committee members say that multiple police officers were killed, totally false. We’ve been told things that weren’t true. Personally, I’m just tired of being lied to. I did not feel lied to after listening to his reporting. Full disclosure: I thought the cops were insanely soft on those rioters. Had I been a cop on a barricade protecting the capital while legislators did their work, and a group of people had stormed my barricade, I would’ve been shooting fools 100%. Why on earth did the cops open the doors? Why on earth did the FBI have informants inciting the crowd? The highly partisan Jan 6 committee did not deliver objective reporting to our country. I’m not saying Tucker Carlson did, but your outright dismissal of his reporting is more shallow than I’m accustomed to from your posts.
  10. My MAJCOM A3 expressly forbid me from flying because I had "flown too much" during my career and "as an O6 select it's time to grow up." We have many great leaders, but also some terrible ones and folks should be wary of unpredictable outcomes once announcing intentions to leave. An early CJO is valuable security.
  11. I did indoc on personal leave, got a line number and waited a few months for SIMs before starting terminal. Not at Delta though, they're hard up about it. A big draw to early CJO is that some people will be less competitive immediately before separation due to loss of currency 12 months earlier. The AF has been known to fuck people getting out by taking them off the line.
  12. I noticed nobody was fired for letting a Chinese spy balloon examine those sites…
  13. Democrats upended our entire society, enabled the FBI to suppress free speech via tech companies thereby preventing actual doctors from informing the public of treatment options, went full totalitarian on forced injections and punished children who now suffer record heart attacks... without anything positive to show for it, do I have that right? I guess they did bludgeon Trump with their fake death counters to help get the China crony Biden "elected," and apparently C19 inadvertently escaped a Chinese bio weapons lab which Fauci helped fund. I'm sure some idiot will jump on here pointing out there's no proof Wuhan institute of virology was a bioweapons lab, because they naively believe the PLA have altruistic motives for tinkering with infectious diseases. There is no reconciliation without accountability. Fauci should be in prison along with several state governors. Will be interesting to see if we are capable of government accountability anymore.
  14. Trump has many problems, but our nation is worse off under Joe Biden than him. By all metrics I care about he was a better president than what we currently have. Our nation is more divided, poorer, less free, and less respected internationally now than when he was president.
  15. CH could you estimate the number of naked gunner hugs that transpired in your squadron during your tenure? Gunship aircrew have a well earned reputation for killing the enemy, being loud/fat, and surprising each other with cock during flight; just curious if you can elaborate.
  16. Who cares whose “narrative is being spread?” What does that even mean? I care about the public having access to true information in order to make informed decisions about how we are governed. Ergo, I’m primarily interested in accuracy. I understand Putin is bad and Russia is a malign international actor who illegally invaded a neighbor and I am happy to see their troops violently losing. But I also want to be free to ask questions and engage in discussion about what is best for my country and our interests. It would be nice to have those discussions without being labeled a “kremlin stooge” by fellow service members. Even if we did blow the pipeline (which I doubt but am openminded) I’m game to support if we had good reasons. But I hate being lied to by my political leadership and disparaged by fellow vets. And Bashi’s point bears repeating— many many “conspiracies” of the past 2 years turned out to be true. Just visit the COVID thread… what those cultists put us through us is unconscionable.
  17. There’s a LOT of grey space and wiggle room between those two bolded statements. I’m curious if you’ve ever been involved in this world or are only academically familiar, because DOD could absolutely have done this within existing legal carve outs.
  18. Agreed. Don’t heckle like a little baby bitch, cowboy up and throw a chair at somebody’s face.
  19. getting the Pfizer shot is more likely to harm people of our age group than COVID, according to Pfizer data.
  20. based on your comments, I think you would be disappointed, bored, and under-whelmed by the 146. If you’re set on mobility, go MC-J, a lot of cool things happening there and it’s where the command is focused right now. If you’re not set on mobility (and you shouldn’t be), gunships & Draco both enable opportunities to work with amazing people who will inspire constant improvement by providing specific feedback on your many deficiencies as a combat aviator. Happy to help via PM.
  21. Do Denmark, Norway, Austria, Estonia, Latvia also agree? Does Florida agree? it’s tough to say what views “most in her profession” share given the well documented government endorsed censorship. It looks to me like the C19 risk/reward decision matrix is far more nuanced than CDC has acknowledged. Which means we shouldn’t have mandated it.
  22. Do you think the rest of the medical institutions say the C19 vaccines are safe?
  23. We lost the last one, but GOs weren’t fired so the organization already forgot. To me the worst part of 1206s is lack of feedback. I spent hundreds of hours trying to get folks recognized and never received feedback on why they were or were not the chosen one. Our processes can’t work with shitty/toxic GOs running them, and we’ll never convince inspiring officers to stay unless we treat them better. Which we can’t do because we’re managed by shitty/toxic GOs…. The downward spiral is tragic.
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