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  1. Agree 100%, and of the options in the running I like AT-802 best (Scorpion should have been in the running but wasn’t). However there is a segment of our leadership class that believes no risk is ever worth it. This is the same leadership that recently lost a war, and cannot put 2 and 2 together. Caveat: I’m 0% involved in the decision; just offering an informed opinion.
  2. You’re overthinking it. These people are exactly as insane as they appear to be. Col Coyle actually believes that diversity (not unity) is strength. That the very diverse Afghan AF just met their end by the not-diverse Taliban has no impact on his mindlessly chanting LGBTQ+ dogma.
  3. Yes actually. People should have a say in how war is waged on their behalf. Would have been better off doing it that way than letting the egghead pretend-academics/pretend-warriors try the same thing harder for 2 decades while promoting themselves and laughing at common sense proposals.
  4. So this persons ID card would say “O-4” even if they pinned on O-5 before retiring? this is happening to one of our guys, I’ve never known anyone to care enough to ask!
  5. Hypothetical situation: someone is selected for O-5, but set to retire 1 May. Pin-on date works out as 1 Apr but they started terminal 1 Mar. Do they retire as an O-5? Not talking pay (high-3), talking rank only.
  6. People are allowed to have their own opinions, and you should be able to work and function within a society where people fundamentally disagree with you. Always amusing to watch liberals struggle grasping this fact: your opinions are no more valid than his. The law provides equal protection and nondiscrimination, and that is good. I agree with that. Beyond that, live and let live is what conservative say, but you guys (sorry, xe people) just can’t do it, can you? In your example above, you hope he does not lead any trans troops because he privately disagrees with the morality of the queer lifestyle. Do you also hope no trans commanders lead Muslim troops? Are gays incapable of leading Catholics? Ridiculous. I hope we can all lead and follow each other united by our love of America and dedication to the mission, and live and let live on personal items where we disagree. I don’t care if gay people put up pictures of their spouses or trans people tell me about the trans party they attended. Men have the right to call themselves women, but they do not have the right to compel my participation in their personal worldview, just as I do not have the right to impose my beliefs on them. People are allowed to have their own opinions in this country, as much as that irks you, and demanding ideological obedience with your opinions is fanaticism.
  7. The video subject is proper pronouns for trans and gender fluid menstruating people, I cannot believe you would be such a myopic sexist as to assume the video is about gays. You are old and trapped in the early 2000s structure of thinking about the queer experience. Get out of the way dinosaur, let a new generation spread their wings.. and you better get the terminology right; not their responsibility to make you feel good about your misgendering mistakes. In fact the term “misgender” is outdated, it presumes gender exists rather than being an imaginary social construct. /s For real though: be as crazy as you want to be, it’s a free country (for now). And I am free not to join your deluded make-believe world. I will call people he or she as applicable. The video is not about gay people, and it’s hilarious you assumed it was.
  8. Agreed. Consistent application of principals = legitimate rule of law.
  9. I don’t know anybody who thinks the climate does not change; the degree to which human behavior impacts the process and what behavior we should modify to create a deliberate changes without unintended consequences seems to be the point of contention. However my entire life I have been fed alarmist climate propaganda which failed to materialize. In 1991 my 6th grade science teacher taught that by 2010 ozone holes would make going to the beach impossible in the summertime. Thats just one example, and what my kids bring home now are equally dire and silly prophecies. From acid rain to ozone holes to global heating global cooling polar ice cap melting, etc. climate change activists would be more convincing if they embraced humility and acknowledged their many incorrect predictions…. and quit feeding junk science to children who cannot present a logical argument. Hyperbole feels good in the moment, but does long-term damage to credibility.
  10. My disposable income has decreased, along with everyone I know, due to inflation and rising gas prices.
  11. I roomed my my FE on our first deployment; he’d make a paste from Pepto-Bismol and crushed ambien, then brush it onto cigarettes and smoke them. I never tried it myself, but it did appear to create substantial effects.
  12. You’re trying really hard to ignore the obvious: Trump oversaw a great economy & Biden wrecked it. Regardless of personal feelings on either individual or administration, my simple statement is just clear as day to anyone living here the past 24 months.
  13. I don’t even think it’s important. The GWOT invalidated those schools and the officers they produced. None of their advanced education brought anything worthwhile to the GWOT. Our successes were tactical, and produced by guys & gals in the trenches flying the daily line figuring out a new way to expedite authorities, move stuff, pass gas, engage high speed cars, track squirters, etc. Guys like you. Making the only thing close to a win by pure grit & attrition. Whereas our numerous GWOT failures were produced (militarily at least, I’ll sidestep political finger-pointing) by inexperienced commanders overthinking relatively simple problems. Attendance at these prestigious schools and their prerequisite Exec/ADC jobs is a time demand incompatible with double digit line flying deployments. When these graduates finally showed up down range, it was always in a leadership position however their lack of operational experience and credibility resulted in leading without confidence or operational context; their knowledge of war was theoretical. They didn’t trust their captains to provide that experience, were crippled by a lack of confidence, did not understand how to intelligently take calculated risk, were fixated on irrelevancies while mischaracterizing captains who prioritize mission and ignored irrelevancies as undisciplined, and stuck to poor command decisions out of pride. You couldn’t talk to these people. They just wanted to make it to the end of their tour without anything happening. They despised initiative. The elite IDE/SDE schools and fellowships are no longer prestigious. They produced graduates who simply cannot win, and stifled those who could.
  14. Agreed. Civilian IPs in UPT are probably a fine idea that’ll work out. But it’s not happening because outside the box thinking on how to win; it’s happening because leadership has failed to make AD a place worth staying.
  15. https://www.dvidshub.net/news/421943/six-members-ny-air-guards-105th-airlift-wing-honored-valor-june-4
  16. Sounds like every deployment under GO1
  17. I thought TG:Maverick was great for a movie. Unrealistic and corny, yes, but who cares? Possibly the best Tom Cruise movie I’ve ever seen. It makes me sad that despite how many unbelievably awesome missions we’ve done, the Air Force is too retarded to have any good movies about our service.
  18. The rate was about 65%. I’m not sure why it happened; there were some clean kills with DEROG but many were solidly in the middle of YG packs. I’d need to know more about the command rates to determine if U-28s hit low or if AFSOC writ large fared poorly. You’re right so far as USAF career advancement matters, but I disagree those things do not matter. They matter to anyone who is an actual warrior, and we still have them around despite organizational efforts.
  19. Ken Alibek, a doctor involved in the Soviet bio-war program, would disagree with you. Here’s a link to his book. I also attended a lecture where he addressed this exact question. I’ll grant the term “weaponized” is in this context emotionally charged and ill-defined verbiage for biological agents. It’s unfair to characterize the utility of anthrax in weaponeering as a myth until someone actually shoots their shot and post-op analysis determines viability. Frankly that concept applies to all threats which lack extensive real-world observation: War gaming is restricted by assumptions which limit any certainty accompanying associated conclusions.
  20. It’s an interesting question. Are TDYs tied to career progression? Is career progression tied to promotion? What would happen to a WG/CC if he told a pregnant airmen that based on her choice to become pregnant she would be denied opportunities for career development and progression? Or what if only pilots who received elective eye surgery to forego wearing glasses could TDY, and therefore advance professionally? Where I’m going here is that a policy of pushing elective medical procedures by attaching career impacting consequences to the choice wouldn’t withstand first contact with legal in any other context. I copy a portion of society has gone COVID psycho, but it’s logically indefensible and unlikely to be sustained if pushed against. Just my guess, I’m not a WG/CC.
  21. There is a legal prohibition on military requiring boosters. The booster remains under an EUA unlike the FDA approved shots. There are some commanders trying to trick their people or pressure them into getting boosters because they have requirements to deploy into locations which require boosters (I think Kuwait is an example). But that places those commanders in an precarious position, and would not survive first contact with legal.
  22. Yeah I’m looking at this front page here trying to figure out how to start a thread. It is definitely super complicated. Instead of looking harder, I’m just going to start a new thread as a reply within whatever existing thread I happen to be reading. Makes perfect sense, go Air Force.
  23. I don’t know how it is in your community, but for us this change at UPT is accompanied by a decrease in training at the FTU and a decrease in hours requirements for MWS upgrades. And none of the tech works as advertised yet. In principle I think you’re right, I’m no Luddite. But all signs trend towards a decreasing organizational emphasis on competence. Good news is we still attract and hire great people, I’ve been super pleased with all of our younger teammates as they grapple through these challenges which are not their fault.
  24. Good question. I’m also curious how this would have played out had they never asked for permission ahead of time.
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